Video: Celebrating New Bike Day With a Morzine Shred

Aug 6, 2019
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Nothing beats new bike day. The expectation, the waiting, checking tracking numbers, the ding of the doorbell. Getting that box opened up and moving quick smart to grab your favourite components, bolt them on and go shred your local. Everyone loves new bike day, torque it up, grab your helmet and let the games begin.

2019 Transition Patrol Carbon MTB Beds Edition

At MTB Beds we are fortunate enough to live, ride and work all over Europe, from the steeps of Le Pleney, to the Bike Parks of Super Morzine and Morgins and the back country adventures to be had beyond the lift system. We have been using the Transition Patrol and Sentinel platforms as hire bikes and for guiding duties in Finale Ligure and in the Aosta Valley for 2019 and the bikes rip.

Transition have had their angles dialled for some time now. If you know you know! SBG (Speed Balanced Geometry), means a slack head tube angle, paired with a reduced offset fork helps weight distribution while keeping the ride fun, not stretched out and awkward. The faster you shred these bikes, the more comfortable they get, without sacrificing that nimble feel you need when the trail gets tight.

Patrol or Sentinel

bigquotesWheel size is about how you ride, or how you want to ride, or how you think you want to ride. I've never been into 29er's, the tyres buzz my pants and I can't get them to go around corners without getting off and walking. But I guess that's just me. Although swapping out 27.5 for big wheels did cross my mind with Transition, the Sentinel is as close as I've come to owning a 29er, the angles make sense and I felt my weight centred, I remember making it round a few corners too. But I couldn't have one as my only bike so Patrol it is, the bike feels right.Benson

Benson swinging off the back in his signature style

Benson's Patrol is built with Deity Components Copperhead stem and 30mm rise Speedway bars, both 35mm. Bars cut down to 766mm. Deity Waypoint grips for the gloveless feel. Fox provide the Suspension, Vault pedals from DMR, Rimpact inserts and onboard tools from One Up Components, kept fresh by the boys at Peaty's Products.

bigquotes'm not fussy about much on the bike, except a high front end for the steeps, bar height and width, thin grips, brakes that work all the time and don't fade or wander. I struggle with tyres I'm not familiar with so I stick with Maxxis. Fast rebound front and back feels right and above all, stuff that I don't have to worry about breaking and is easy to replace if it does, so far so good with the Patrol, after a standard sag setup and a few dial turns it's been fire and forget.Benson

Flying high on the steep and rough trails of Pleney in Morzine

Living and working in so many awesome locations means these bikes get a lot more riding hours than most, on some of the worlds most testing terrain. This year we choose not to offer downhill bikes within our rental fleet, with both Rich (on a Sentinel) and Benson at MTB Beds hanging up or even selling their personal downhill bikes, at least for now. Maybe part of a trend in the industry? More and more clients arrive with an enduro bike, our data has 60:40 in favour of the little bikes over the course of a Morzine summer season!

Bike beers and fun trails, what's not to love?

Regardless of setups and wheel sizes, new bike day is the best feeling ever, go shred, crack a beer!

Stay #onepedalahead

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  • + 9
 Seems like it was a smooth Transition from the Sentinel to the Patrol...
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 Stayed with these boys in Finale this year, rad lads the lot of them! Would recommend! #gottheyogamatsyet?
  • + 3
 Patrol....and Priest! Yes
  • + 2
 I'm mystified why he pierced the beer can? Big Grin
  • + 8
 Wiki - Shotgunning is a means of consuming a beverage, commonly beer, very quickly by punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole, and pulling the tab to open the top. The beer quickly drains, and is quickly consumed.
  • + 2
 Long live the wolf howl!! So good
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 Good, better, Patrol. This bike is the best and i own one! Lucky. As good as it gets.
  • + 1
 Not as good as your Kona Benson Smile
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 Kona's gone bro! Left it in '98, thanks for helping keep it alive back then though Wink

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