Video: Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labour

May 8, 2020
by sullbikes  
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When you build it, you send it. Helmet, shovel, e-bike. Just another tool in my arsenal to make the most of the trails. When you shovel dirt for 8 hours a day you gain a new appreciation for the time and effort it takes to build a trail. It also leaves you with little energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There’s no better reward for a grueling uphill climb than a sweet descent, but what if that climb was a breeze? Getting the best of both worlds with an e-bike means less time climbing and more time riding down the sickest trails. Whoever said you can’t send it with a motor attached?

A massive thanks to NOBL wheels for making this project happen and for setting me up with some burly wheels. The NOBL TR41s with DT240s are aimed at e-bikes and handle great on rowdy trails. Stay safe out there!

*video was shot before COVID-19 measures came into place.

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 Did you just push an e-bike uphill?
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 Ya, but that trail was pretty sick
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 Ex pro XC and all around good guy gets the itch to send some gaps. Goes and builds a trail. Throws a no hander on a 35ft gap. NBD. You’ve changed Sull!
Good work dude! Those jumps are bonkers.
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 Epic article Reed! You must be identifying as a postman these days because your fing sending it! Stoked on your dedication to building.
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 Bikes are cool because they don’t have motors...……..Naa bikes are cool cos they can go fast as fook down up and across things and places that are away from the norms of life. They allow us to get airborne, to pop, to roll, slide and slash in the dirt. Bikes give us inspiration to shape nature and look at things differently. All bikes are cool man.
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 I know they’re controversial round here but ebikes like like an absolute blast to thrash around a forest on
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 Congrats on the edit man! Stoked to have been a part of some of your builds, it has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated
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 Sweet trail sull and sweet riding! There aint nothin better than a well shot eddy on a fresh trail ridden by its builder. Thanks for sharing
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 Pinkbike peanut gallery coming in strong. Despite the ebike, I think it was a rad edit.
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 Sending it !
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 Well jealous of people able to dig right now, normally if I can't ride I'll make a new trail, no such luck in this lockdown.
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 Sick vid Sull!
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 Nice Sull!
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 Anyone know the name of the tune?
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 Baby C'mon - Jet Trash
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 @maxmcculloch: cheers bud ????
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 I watch the vid & listen to music and
Only see Jord Tron
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 The “NEW normal”........
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 Thank you! Sick Vid, riding. build!!!..Glad you're on an e-bike!!!..wouldn't be caught dead on those powerless, relics..
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 The Sierra club cant wait to show this video as a reason to ban mountain bikes!!!
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