Video: Ethan Nell & Reed Boggs Send Desert Lines in Utah

Dec 12, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA day in the Utah Desert with Reed Boggs. Quick Kong lap and some jumps. Ethan Nell


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 Not a bad lifestyle I gotta say... love these videos but can't help feel a little jealous!
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 Kong is a beast but I can’t help but wonder if over the years it’s gotten less technical with all the erosion from riding and such. Can’t complain about those perfect winter/fall days in the desert though!
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 Same question. Although erosion and over-use would probably make it MORE technical (in a bad way).
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 I rode kong back during Rampage 2 and it definitely looks very eroded in this video, but no less fun because lots of features have been built up.
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 No idea what it was like before, but over thanksgiving I watched two of my friends hit it on 150mm looked COMMITTING...I think peoples skills over the last 20 years have greatly friends are pretty sick riders though...
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 2021: Spectate Rampage and hit the dunes seen on Matt's Off Road Recovery channel.
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 we go there every year for rampage and spring break. luckily ive never met Matt!
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 @owlie: Can't believe the insufficient vehicles people try to drive out there and where they try to drive them!
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 I enjoyed this video. It didn't try to take the whole super-serious/epic angle but instead was a more 'riding with friends' feels
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 30 push-up!!! Good for me I can't make it anymore. So I can't die on Kong. lol
Would love to be 30 years younger to ride it, though... Awesome area.
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 how old are you that you cant do 30 pushups?
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 @owlie: 55. I just made 20, exhausted... I don't exercise, I just ride my bikes. Cool
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 Man they are hauling down kong, you know it's savage when it looks crazy on go-pro
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 Great riding, great soundtrack. Killer edit.

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