Video: Remy Metailler's Favourite GoPro Moments from 2020

Dec 11, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

All my favourite moment of 2020 spent on a bike. Thanks to all my friends and trail builders for the great times on the trails! In no particular order, I selected some of the best clips from my Trail Preview series and some other GoPro clips on some of the craziest features around. Hopefully, I'll have time to film some more before the new year. Enjoy!

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Photo by Alexandre Chappelier

GoPro Best Of on Youtube Photo by the frenchliner


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 lesson from this video: 2020 was a gnarly year
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 Remy's on-board videos are the only ones that I watch in their entirety and without getting bored. His videos are so beautiful and interesting and the trails sublime. M'y best wishes for 2021.
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 Anyone else catch themselves saying 'open your line' to themselves as they cranked the downhills? I did today during the downhill sections on our fatbike ride, sure helps open up options on corner exit (no more early apex for me).
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 It takes a special level of skill to think in the middle of a gnarly line "hey, you know what, now seems like a good time to do a plug for my sponsors"
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 it must be realy fun/crazy to ride alongside Yoann...
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 "I find the double drop option easier". Must be Remy Metailler
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 I'll be watching this sporadically throughout the day. Happy Friday.
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 30 minutes well spent.
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 Thanks for all the vids! no nice to see some of the places I have ridden, yet can't ride this year...bye bye 2020
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 Dayum, that drop at 10:14 ????
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 Didn't mean to put the question marks.
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 @barbarosza, no hate at all. Just wanted to point out that there are riders out there (not me by any stretch of the imagination) that are riding just as crazy or even crazier lines who don't promote themselves in any way.

I actually don't aspire to be in front of a camera making videos for people to watch. I'm content just riding my bike without it being a job.
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 Remy is the best rider of all time.
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 No doubt he's an awesome rider but keep in mind there are lots of riders who keep a low profile who are just as skilled, if not more so. .
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 There are guys you’ll never hear about that hit lots of this stuff.
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 @royalsrule: @kwl1 : you guys are both correct.However dont forget that Remy is making a living out of being a video hero.Which is totaly fine and most of us keyboard-heros wish we had that opportunity.
In the meantime we could pass the hate comments and just be thankfull someone like him exists to entertain us and make us dream even more in front of our screens.
@royalsrule,@kwl1 - and I upvoted your comments.
And if we think we re better and are able to make better content the market is free.

So good Remy.

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