Video: The Neethlings - A Story of Two Brothers

May 5, 2015
by UR Team  
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Andrew Neethling and Jonty Neethling started mountain biking at a young age, and after racing World Cup DH together for several years they found their own path on the Polygon UR team.

photo Dave Trumpore

photo Dave Trumpore

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 I've always been a Needles fan, i just wish his results would improve cuz he's a fast rider. At sea otter this year there was a super drunk guy yelling at the slalom start line - he was drinking Rum and Coke Life (the diet green bottle). Needles screams at him (with Kerr in the other lane): "STFU! you can say whatever you want after this gate drops but we cant hear that isht. Are you getting that loud on Coke LIFE?" true story
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 Coke life? I didn't even know that was a thing, i bet their favorite beer is bud light lime.
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 Isn't there a clamato bud lite also?
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 Needles is a class act. Keeping it in the family is pretty cool. Best of luck to both of them this season.
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 Andrew has to be the fastest and most unluckiest DH'er there is. He's had so much rotten bad luck - whether a mechanical, flat, crash, etc... He's right up in the hunt then bam! I'm always rooting for the guy to fly down without any mishap. He's got what it takes.
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 I think Mick is definitely in contention for fastest and unluckiest guy on the circuit. Everytime he wins or gets close, life slaps the shit out of him, and he starts again. Those are my favourite kind of riders. Screw the guys that have been at the top since juniors, the real heroes are those who have been close to the top but never quite there, and keep getting back up.
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 Dont forget hill dude, mean madafaja strugglin through injury still kicks ass
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 Peaty is the king for this reason
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 Jonty rips!
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 Neethling is an Ambadassador.
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 During this past summer I got to meet needles and like lacykemp said classact . I predict needles on a couple of WC podiums this year !!!
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 You look at Neething brothers, then Mullaly brothers, then your brother is listening to One Direction.
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 Always been a Needles fan! Best of luck to him and his brother this year
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 All respect to South Africa MTB scene. Nice country, trails and riders outside North America/Europe.
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 Good luck Andrew top bloke hope you have a good season,
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 Needles is such a stylish rider and been killing it for so long. Good luck to him this year
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 I was lucky enough to meet and greet both of them at their tent at Crankworx Rotorua. Super professional and friendly.
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 Great story. Jonty shreds! I'm looking forward to more Neethling Bros productions.
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 Andrew's brother has style on the bike. Didnt expect that. Here's to a great season for the whole Hutch-UR team.
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 This reminds me of my Brother and I. We made a "team" of sorts, and are always trying to match each others abilities and try big jumps and drops. I hope they do great this year!
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 thumbs up..
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