Video: Tomomi Nishikubo Hits Creative Trials Lines on a Japan Road Trip

Apr 24, 2021
by rasoulution  

Tomomi Nishikubo, together with Ayato and Kiyoto, two Japanese trials riders, headed off on a road trip. They drove towards the Gunma prefecture, central Japan to hit some gaps around the city and enjoy nature.

bigquotesI was on a road trip with Ayato and Kiyoto, two trials rider from Japan. We were around the Gunma prefecture. Fortunately, it was the perfect time to see the cherry blossom, so we cruised around the city to enjoy its beauty and ride trials in some cool spots. After riding, we camped at a nice spot on the riverside. We cooked rice and beef. It was the perfect dinner for me. Tomomi Nishikubo



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 Amazing riding. So smooth. Hugh was really good too!
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 More of these please. These guys rock. Loving the street and trials videos lately.
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 Awesome, would love to see more of the Japanese bike scene
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 japan seriously underrated on the MTB scene.
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 It really is. The riding there is incredible and they have a strong tight-knit but low key scene. I was lucky enough to be introduced to downhill riding there on a school trip. As someone who had only ever done XC riding, it was an adrenaline rush when the lift lasted like 20 minutes.
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 No matter what language you speak, we all laugh the same when someone eats dirt .
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 So good i love watching this guy and a 4 stair set stoppie fabios gotta step it up now lol
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 As Pilgz would say; "Dreams"
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 Well that made my Saturday morning Thx guys
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 Awesome! That one guy has incredible style. This video made me want to ride my bike.
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 Props to the dude that's absolutely destroying it with a suspension fork and running shoes
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 So sick!
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 Does anyone know why some trials bikes have seats while others don’t?
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 No seat is a competition style trials bike, where you want the most space to move around and the least weight. In that style of riding, your feet rarely leave the pedals. Street trials includes more BMX inspired tricks where the seat gives you control over the bike when you take hands and feet off. It also makes it a bit easier to move from spot to spot because you can sit and coast
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 That video was rad. I also love his van!
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 WOOOOHOOO!!!! Super fun video and awesome riding! RideOn!
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 That reverse nose manual down the stairset ramp... eek
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 Thx Guys, loved it!
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 Thnx, nice
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 That's sick

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