Video: Four Mountain Bikers Start A Band with Cam McCaul & Friends

Dec 12, 2023 at 14:47
by Cam McCaul  

Words: Cam McCaul

Some things are just better with friends. Sure, you can go for a trail ride solo and have fun, but you’ll have more fun hooting and hollering down the trail with a pack of like-minded knuckleheads who are all sharing the experience in unison. You play off of what you see from the rider in front of you, the rider behind you follows suit, and this brings the trail to life. When everything is clicking just right, you’re truly “riding together” because the choices each rider makes impact the other riders in the train. Side-hit improvs, wild saves, and unexpected mistakes all become memorable moments to reminisce over at the bottom.

 Count us in Dujai
Josh Venti and Dusty Wygle on trail

You can sit in your room playing instruments alone and have a good time. You can even use the magic of multi-track recording to create your own songs all by yourself… but knowing that a solo trail ride is fun and a group ride is better, I’ve always wanted to know what it would feel like to play music with other humans. To expand on that, I’ve also wanted to know what it would feel like to play music with those other humans in front of an audience of (other) other humans.

 Do the drums need to come up a bit
Cam contemplating in Studio 80d

At a certain point you gotta do something about the things you “can’t wait to do someday,” but things like this can’t be forced. The stars have to align.. then you have to recognize when they do, and give it a whirl.

Space Mesa toy-hauler campground stage
Toyhauler? or mobile stage..? Photo // Trevor Lyden at TDS Enduro

Space Mesa now has a song on streaming platforms called, “One Head Too Many” and we’ve played a couple live shows. What heck!? This video is kind of a BTS look at that whole process.

streaming now
Space Mesa "One Head Too Many"

This has been a blast to make. Thanks to Dusty, Josh, and Doug for being rad humans to ride bikes and make music with. Can’t wait to do more.

Beatin em up
Doug Jambor hitting things

after 25 minutes of tuning
Dusty done tuning

Josh laughing as usual

Doug Jambor: Drums, crashing, filming, editing, riding
Josh Venti: Bass, trail-building, riding, laughing
Dusty Wygle: Guitar, riding, tuning
Cam McCaul: Guitar, vocals, riding, typing

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 This by far the most fun project I have ever been a part of! A dream project combining all my favorite things. Thanks for watching and listening everyone!

Who wants to book us for a gig?
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 If you gentlemen want to venture to South Dakota some time I can get you quite a few gigs and even during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!! Plus we have some great riding and @CamMcCaul is one of the raddest guys I have ever got to hang out with. Wish you boys the best and hope you have a blast doing it!!!!!!
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 First of all, good job guys.

How about a cover of " The Chain " of Fleetwood Mac "? Not only does it " relate " to bicycles but it also has one of the sickest bass lines in my opinion.
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 Cover: Supernought
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 Somehow I hâve the espectations on bassplayer to be Tim from Rage Against The Machine, with his trek Y guitar...
Feel a little dissapointed...
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 Start a band! And if you enjoy content like a PB tech editor stumbling through a halfhearted explanation of cornering or suspension with high school physics, i predict you will love reading passioned defenses of Two-Rocks, Carol Annes, Dumbles, RCA blackplates and directional signal cable couched in 1950s electronic theory on The Gear Page. Why limit yourself to mtb
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 Cam's guitar, the Yamaha Revstar is inspired on the 70's era Yamaha motorcycles, a very cool concept!!!
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 Queue the e-bike haters in 3..2..1....
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 Forget e-bikes. These new e-guitars replacing acoustic ones (also known as "guitars") are going to be the death of the music industry. Mark my words.
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 Insert textbook Cam McCaul laugh here.
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 That was cool to watch. Livin' the good life.
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 got a good beer sponsor, next is a good weed sponsor?
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 Good work boys!!
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 Bad ass!
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 I love a delicious Bass!
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 Such a rad idea!

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