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Rode in Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. view ridelog
Aug 14, 2019 at 18:10
Aug 14, 2019
quotes 1 Gear Harder
21.6 km - 01:44 - 5 achievements
Rode in Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. view ridelog
Aug 11, 2019 at 17:30
Aug 11, 2019
quotes Yawkey Sunday Spli
16.5 km - 01:38 - 5 achievements
CycleKrieg davidarthur's article
Aug 2, 2019 at 8:25
Aug 2, 2019
Review: Hope's Race Evo E4 Disc Brakes are Beautifully Made, with Lovely Modulation
@Minikeum: Maybe Hope, not TRP. I run TRP brakes on my bikes. With the TRPs, you want more stopping power, you just squeeze harder. There is linear connection to lever movement and amount of power going to the rotors. For the those used to the "no brake"/"all the brake" style of brakes (Shimano Saint/Zee) it can feel weird at first as you seem to have less braking power for the muscle memory of the index finger. But once you get used to the ramp up, you won't go back. TRP is great too because they use Shimano pads.
Rode in Hillside City Park. view ridelog
Jul 27, 2019 at 15:30
Jul 27, 2019
quotes Hillside Sampler
8.9 km - 01:08 - 1 achievements
Rode in Elm Creek Park. view ridelog
Jul 27, 2019 at 13:30
Jul 27, 2019
quotes Elm Creek Elementary
18.9 km - 01:44 - 3 achievements - 1 badges
CycleKrieg mikelevy's article
Jul 26, 2019 at 6:00
Jul 26, 2019
Review: Shimano's All-New XT 4-Piston Brakes
@Primoz: Newer TRP Trail hydros are the answer. The only downside I can think of is TRP's the lack of true "integrated" clamp mechanisms. Unless you a bazillion levers on the bar, its not as much as problem as it sounds like on paper. Even with my small Trump hands, I have no issues with Sram shifters and TRP brakes side-by-side on the bar. I run TRP on all bikes (including cable Spyres on my road/gravel bike). They use standard Shimano pads, the newer ones are easy to bleed and they have modulation for days.
Rode in Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. view ridelog
Jul 20, 2019 at 16:15
Jul 20, 2019
quotes Oremaggedon 1/2 Lap Plus
28.9 km - 03:25 - 10 achievements - 3 badges
CycleKrieg torypowers's article
Jul 19, 2019 at 20:28
Jul 19, 2019
Destination Showcase: Detroit Lakes & Cuyuna, Minnesota
@xfire7: No need to rethink as the Crew does not get state money. That money was awarded to the MN DNR, Parks & Trails Division, by the legislature, thru bonding. The Crew ≠ MN DNR. - Page 9, paragraph 1. This is the EAW for the proposed trail expansion that bonding money is paying for. This document was written by the MN DNR. Being a state recreational area, the funding has to come thru the state by statute. The State does not award the money to the Crew who then awards it to the MN DNR. The state awards it to the MN DNR directly. The relationship between the Crew and MN DNR is pretty easy to understand. Its similar to the relationship that MORC has with its many land holders. The difference between those land holders and the MN DNR is that the MN DNR imposes more requirements on us as we are dealing with state land. (See previous comments about trail conditions and parking passes.) Just as Dakota County Parks green lighting a certain amount of funds for Lebanon Hills mountain bike trails doesn't mean MORC gets that money, the state allocating funds for the CCSRA doesn't mean the Crew gets that money.
CycleKrieg torypowers's article
Jul 19, 2019 at 10:53
Jul 19, 2019
Destination Showcase: Detroit Lakes & Cuyuna, Minnesota
@xfire7: Not being arrogant, just explaining. As you haven't asked why things are the way they are before commenting, it requires a response with an explanation. Just to make this clear xfire7, we haven't received a dime from the state. The Crew ≠ MN DNR. The Crew takes care of trails on MN DNR land and receives no money from the state. All our money comes from member dollars and events. Being on MN DNR land also means The Crew has to follow MN DNR rules and decisions. As an example, you and laudenbach12 complained about the parking fee. That is standard for all MN DNR parks and recreation areas in the state, yet we, the Crew, had no say on when that was enforced locally or the messaging behind it. laudenbach12 also complained about the lack of MORC forum trail updates. Again, as explained, that was a request of the MN DNR, which we followed. You or laudenbach12 may not like those answers, but explaining them is not telling users off. We have 3 methods to see trail updates: our website, our trail conditions Twitter feed or Facebook. We do not require anyone to sign up to a service to view information about Cuyuna as users can view our trail conditions via our website. See: As to the frequency of our trail updates, as ReXTless stated, which I also stated, our trails dry so quickly that if you watch the weather, you know if the trails are opened or closed. Again, we currently do at least 2 weekly updates on predicted weather and trail conditions. Should a large storm or other issues happen, we do immediate updates. How many updates should we do if the trails are open (on average) within an hour or two of a rain event? Its very lightly raining right now, but by the time you read this, it will have stopped raining and the trails will be dry. Do you then want 3 updates (rain start, rain stop, dry) for that one event? That's part of the problem. Cuyuna isn't like other trail systems where a rain will close them for a day or two and daily updates would make sense. We are in the process of getting our website updated. However, being a volunteer organization, we have to find a person that can do it locally or get the funds to hire someone. That has been a wee bit harder than it should be, honestly. But the new version of the site will automatically show our Facebook news into the site so users will not have to sign up to a service to view information, just like out trail conditions. If you and laudenbach12 disagree with the management of the Crew, great, it can be changed (well, except those parts dictated by the MN DNR). One could volunteer to do trail updates more often if they desired, maybe volunteer to update the website or even join the board and change the management policies around those items. We don't want things to be "our way or the highway". We wished more users of the Cuyuna trails would become involved in the Crew to add more knowledge, ideas and energy to the mix. Because one of us is not smarter than all of us.
CycleKrieg torypowers's article
Jul 18, 2019 at 8:32
Jul 18, 2019
Destination Showcase: Detroit Lakes & Cuyuna, Minnesota
@Three6ty: Trailfork's DEM is iffy, quite frankly. A full 25 miles is closer to 2200' vertical feet. One of the things about the Oremageddon is that we do maximize the climbing. In the first 12 miles there are 4 big climbs: Overlook Road, Mucker, Sandhog, Hopper & Crusher.
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