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Winner Announced: Yeti & Fox Custom SB150 Giveaway Sweepstakes Raise Over $75,000 in Support of Grow Cycling Foundation

Oct 27, 2020 at 10:37
by EliotJackson  

Editor's Note: These sweepstakes have ended, but you can still donate to Grow Cycling Foundation here.

PRESS RELEASE: Grow Cycling Foundation

Together, with your help, we raised $75,644 in the very first Grow Cycling Foundation Giveaway Sweepstakes!

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated, shared and decided to work together to make our community a more inclusive place.

Your support helps provide cycling opportunities to people that haven't had access before. GROW CYCLING is building our first new pumptrack hub in a diverse community in Los Angeles. This hub will provide equitable access to the cycling community and affiliated career opportunities that, for complex reasons, many haven't experienced or aren't even aware exists. We want to show the world that cycling is an amazing sport and welcomes everyone who longs to participate.

And now to the winner of the custom bike from two of cycling's most iconic and beloved brands, Yeti and FOX - KATIE JO FRANK!


Katie Jo Frank is an avid cyclist and 4th grade teacher from Glenwood Springs, CO. We spoke with Katie Jo to learn a little more about her roots in cycling, her role as an educator and why equity & inclusion is important.

On bikes: “Mountain biking is my all time favorite thing, it is the best part of my life. I have always been into bikes since a very young age, riding my light blue banana seat bike around the block, over and over. Biking has led me to many great relationships, fun on the trails and to tops of mountains that I wouldn't otherwise go. I hope others have that opportunity and catch the bug when they are young.”

On equity and inclusion: “Everyone deserves the same opportunity no matter your race, background, upbringing, where you were born or your current situation. This is important work that needs to be done by adults, and people in power and with privilege, to create those opportunities, intentionally and aggressively.”

On the outdoor community: “If mountain adventure sports were more diverse, everyone would benefit. There would be more community, deeper community, and more engaging, enriching conversations. Learning about each other through a shared passion - it is the best way to really understand each other better.”
On kids, education & being an example: I think about this a lot - my charge in education right now is opening those conversations about inequity around us, both with my students and my peers.

Kids are fresh, and kids are emulators. They see what adults are doing and they see representation or non-representation - if we start providing opportunities they will take them. I think it is really important to always be modeling how to talk about race and inequality really openly and remove it as a taboo subject. It exists, so let's talk about it.

I often tell them: You are only 9-years old but already have a voice, and a mind, and power, and if we learn how to talk about inequality openly, in a respectful way then you can speak up when you see racism happening and injustice in action. You can speak up and against it and that will make a real difference. Even in kindergarten, they recognize it. They know what fair and unfair is and what justice looks like. So giving them the right tools to actively do something about inequality is an exciting challenge we have as educators.

On accountability: Everyone wants to make a change and no one needs to feel guilty for where they are. But we do need to feel responsible for making the correct next steps. To have that guilt as a barrier is really dangerous because many people don't get past it, they are afraid to take the next step or have a conversation or call it out when they see something that isn't right. Fortunately this is a collective effort, we can support each other in doing the right thing, breaking down barriers, challenging systemic racism. By creating opportunities for young people to find a passion, and a community we are moving in the right direction.


Thank you again for your participation, contribution, and being a part of the conversation. We are so looking forward to the road ahead and working to make this community a better place for everyone.

Stay tuned for updates on our pumptrack, announcements on our next giveaway sweepstakes and a photo of Katie with her new bike!

About Grow Cycling Foundation:
GROW CYCLING is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth of our sport by promoting education, access, and opportunities that increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging in cycling. All donations may be tax deductible. To learn more, visit www.growcyclingfoundation.org

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 This is so crazy cool!

We've now raised well over $100k for Grow Cycling Foundation thanks in part to everyone here. One step closer to building the pumptrack. I hope everyone will come out who can and have a beer on me Smile

Congratulations to Katie!
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 SO psyched on seeing this! What a great read, too
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 A teacher is totally deserving of this prize. Congratulations Katie.
  • 19 3
 Especially here in Colorado! Our teachers are soo underpaid
  • 8 1
 Give teachers new bikes! They have been busting their butts for months, the ones I know are going way beyond what they signed up for, being prepared, motivated, and encouraging to the kids. Thank you Katie and enjoy.
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 A teacher winning this bike is proof that that karma is fighting back against 2020.
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 @Ty927: are they? the free market doesn't allow for under/overpaid. water seeks it's own level. if teachers were categorically underpaid, then there would be a huge shortage of teachers.....there isn't. So, Ipso Facto, they aren't underpaid.
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 @conoat: Teachers are typically part of unions, and subject to the laws of districts, counties, and states. So the public school teachers are not really part of a free market push/pull, and one might argue how much the US version of a free market (rather than a textbook description) allows for under/over payment.
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 @twozerosix: public employee unions should be illegal based on the inherent conflict of interest
  • 1 0
 @conoat: tell me more about this. interesting take.
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 @twozerosix: public employees get to argue for more pay and benefits with....themselves. Lol. There's no one at the table negotiating for the taxpayer.
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 Great interview Katie, you so deserve that bike!
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 Grow and Eliot are RAD.
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 Nice to see some karmic balance in the world
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 Riding bikes is fun and good for your well-being! More bikes --> world peace!
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 Congrats! Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area has some amazing riding so no doubt this bike will be put to good use.
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 How cool! Great job Eliot and congrats Katie!
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 I am beyond stoked that this prize went to a 4th grade teacher. During this pandemic I am trying to work full time from home and oversee my 6th grader and 3rd grader complete their schoolwork 3 days a week (down from 5 days a week-they go to school Tues and Thurs now). I have a new appreciation for what teachers do in normal times and I can't imagine their struggles in this pandemic. A one hour ride now is a much-anticipated luxury and a break for my head and I hope the winner experiences the same "recess" feeling I do. I am so excited for this teacher's NEW BIKE DAY. This story makes my day. Great cause, better winner. THANK YOU, TEACHERS.
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 I am in the same boat with a 2nd grader and can't agree more. Thanks Teachers!
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 This is amazing. The world needs more good stories like this right now. Good job Grow, Yeti, and Fox! Congrats to Katie, you so deserve this!
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 Beyond the pump track, what programs are Grow developing? I understand the mission and am deeply thrilled by it, and am excited to know what programs are being rolled out to accomplish the mission.
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 Congratulations! I am grateful that they announced a winner. I have entered similar contests in the past and have never seen a winner announced.
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 Looking forward to seeing the money going toward helping people discover or rediscover bikes and riding. Please do a follow up articles so we can see how things are going.
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 Yay for teachers! So happy it turned out this way.
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 Way to go Katie! Can’t wait to ride with you!!
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 Congratulations, Katie! Have fun!
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 "Everyone deserves the same opportunity no matter your race, background, upbringing, where you were born or your current situation."

what a load of shit. Pure regurgitated drivel without a lick of critical thinking applied.

so, a convicted rapist(background) born in Dubai(where you were born) that has a 5th grade education(current situation), deserves the same opportunities that a Harvard educated law student with zero criminal record?

litterally no one engages their god damned brain before they put their mouth in gear.
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