Video: Fox Head Riders Rheeder, Messere And The McCauls

Apr 2, 2014 at 9:07
by Fox Head  

This is a video from our 2014 Fox Mtb shoot. It was fun having some of the guys from our freeride team out to ride for this video. Fox team riders in attendance include Brett Rheeder, Tyler McCaul, Cam McCaul and Anthony Messere.

Music by:
"Born Ready"

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  • + 79
 so Massere did "the jump"....
  • + 47
 He likes big hips and he cannot lie
  • + 31
 I thought this made a joke of Messere...and I liked that.
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flag SethMTB (Apr 2, 2014 at 14:36) (Below Threshold)
 Oops did not mean to reply
  • + 7
 Yeah I was gonna say he decided not to hit the jump in the beginning when he veered off and then there was that one jump at the end. Don't know what happened maybe he wasn't feeling it or got hurt?
  • + 7
 Well I wasn't gonna say anything but since this is already here, it was all Rheeder & the Macs on this one. Faaaack me C-Mac with that steezed out super-seat flip!!!! That's how it's done right there!!!
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flag 3whip (Apr 2, 2014 at 17:21) (Below Threshold)
 Who cares? Messere is one of the best riders in the world, give him a break.
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 Oh no one cares because he is already put himself out there as a top class rider. No ones going to argue that hes not good because he didnt have much of a part in the video. We were all just wondering what other people thought on it.
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 i had to pause the video when messere did the hip to see how much boost he is really capable of. and its alot
  • + 1
 maybe even a little than that haha
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 It kind of would have been better with some explanation of the shoot, like perhaps Messere crashed early or something. If not then maybe edit him out and have a word to step up when you are shooting a promo vid for a large company. I don't intend any hate either way but the end product of seeing one hip and one jump pulled out does not look great by comparison to the other bangers. As I say, even a small explanation would help but the end product of the vid doesn't do Messere any favours
  • + 1
 thats one of those perfect vids perfect bikes perfect riders and perfect dirt jumps i like how messere comes in really fast for that hip he hop this shows what true mtb is riding dirt really fast with a great bike... to bad i am out of riding because this video truely motivates me
  • + 2
 If you look closely, Rheeder, and the Mccuals are riding slope bikes. While Anthony is riding a free ride bike for some reason..
  • + 2
 @ClarkHoward - how could you possibly identify his bike by the few shots in that video? Looks like either a Loki or Skyla and I dunno how you could see the diff in that video. Sure as heck wasn't their DH frame.
  • + 2
 Its his loki, I've met and ridden with anthony, he shreds on his hard tail, but you cant really throw down combo/video-game tricks on that free ride bike
  • + 48
 In all honesty i really did like the part when they rode bikes.
  • + 1
 HAHAHAHA amazing
  • + 1
 haha RAD
  • + 35
 That superman seat-grab backflip tho... :O
  • + 2
 Even my Grand Ma does it Big Grin
Joke aside, it's a really aesthetical trick and he does it with such an apparent ease !
  • + 2
 It's flippin' awesome!
  • + 25
 After watching this video I bought Fox gear and was surprised that I couldn't back flip. wtf
  • + 25
 I love Bretts no look flip.
  • + 11
 wait arent you guys supposed to be mad about the music not being metal or something?
  • + 3
 And the intro that took 25% of the total video time?
  • + 10
 that is some very awesome mountain cycling!
  • + 3
 I think it was just poor editing that has a lot to do with this. Balance out the riders more, assuming there was nothing wrong with Massere. The first shot of him he doesn't hit the jump and 'B Lines' down the hill (towards the big hip). This transitions into his last (second!?) shot of him hitting the hip. He clearly only had ONE run make it into the final cut. Fox Head just shouldn't invite him if they aren't planning on giving him the shot he deserves with those other big guns. An explanation would be cool!
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 I hope Semenuk is on his game this season, Rheeder is looking dialed!
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 I don't usually listen to techno music, but every time I watch an edit with a techno song that is at least slightly catchy, like this one, I immediately put it into my "ride" playlist.
  • + 2
 Stoked to see cam wearing a neck brace. Seems like one of the only riders who wears one anymore..
  • + 2
 The extension on that superflip... holy s**t...
  • + 1
 Fox just got together 'some of the guys'…
  • + 0
 Wut the hells up with tiny Tim ditching on the first lip. Did his crank go sour or something
  • + 1
 That was short and very sweet sickest
  • + 1
 Holy shit....that was so sick!!
  • + 0
 all steez but rheeder is that dude
  • + 1
 Skinny jeans club
  • + 1
 Great vid
  • + 0
 Rheeder keeping it 100 with some Hanny anti whips!
  • + 0
 Goggle bit at the beginning is way under estimated
  • + 0
 Fox has the best edits
  • + 0
 So good
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 Would love to see these boys in a dh race, just imagine the style and tricks coming off some of the jumps
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