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KFuller sarahmoore's article
Jan 22, 2020 at 8:50
Jan 22, 2020
Video: Liv & Giant USA Announce Partnership with Rebecca Rusch
Indeed. I have worked with Rebecca several times and she's an outstanding human being. Congrats Liv/Giant. Godspeed, Rebecca!
KFuller danielsapp's article
Jan 15, 2020 at 9:51
Jan 15, 2020
Field Test: Affordable Hardtails - Marin San Quentin 3 vs Specialized Fuse Comp 29
Truth. My non-bike friends who want to try MTB lose their minds when I start talking about bikes around $1k. Even if they can technically afford it, they don't want to for an unknown. More than $1k seems outrageous and $2k?!? $2k gets you a ski pass and a really nice equipment setup -- and that sport is seen as "very expensive" to the average person, so...
KFuller RichardCunningham's article
Jan 6, 2020 at 9:19
Jan 6, 2020
Field Test: Affordable Trail Bikes - Canyon Spectral AL vs Ibis Ripmo AF
@CycleKrieg: Direct to consumer makes a lot of practical sense beyond just saving $$. I live in a ski resort town. Most "bike shops" are only functioning 3-4 months out of the year (they are ski shops the rest of the time). People do ride here but it's second fiddle to pretty much everything else. Bike shops here don't stock good MTBs because they are focused on rentals, not sales. And the employees are almost never bike-focused and are working largely on those low-end rentals. And they're slammed all the time. Want suspension work done? You can wait a month. I get all my specialty work done by a "private" bike mechanic who works out of his garage and has decades of pro-level experience. Finding him via word-of-mouth was a Godsend because I would otherwise not have good options. Buying my last bike online was a given. I'd have to drive a long way to "buy local." And anyway, finding size smalls to test ride--let alone finding smalls in stock--is damn near impossible. Being able to spend less, customize parts AND have the bike delivered to my door pretty much ready to ride ... I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. I'm all for supporting local shops but if the customer service is crummy and the options aren't there, I'm moving on.
KFuller RichardCunningham's article
Nov 8, 2019 at 12:54
Nov 8, 2019
Poll: When Does a Trail Become a Roadway?
Amen. I love a mix. All the types of riding are good. Haters gonna hate, but I'm SO sick of the hate in this sport, TBH.
KFuller jamessmurthwaite's article
Sep 24, 2019 at 7:44
Sep 24, 2019
Pauline Ferrand Prévot Wins a Second Rainbow Jersey at the Marathon World Championships
I think women and men should race the same distance in marathon. I don't want to spout misinformation, but there seems to be some evidence that the longer the distance, the more equal in ability men and women become. Look at Lael Wilcox and others crushing distance records on the Tour Divide and other multi-day, thousand-mile MTB and gravel events. Not the same, I know. But, also, why not? I mean, really, women run 100-mile trail races just like men do. WHY would the pro marathon distances be different? Seems super antiquated to have them race a shorter distance.
KFuller jamessmurthwaite's article
Aug 27, 2019 at 9:11
Aug 27, 2019
Wyn Masters & Bernard Kerr to Race E-MTB World Champs
You might be on to something with "backwoods style stage racing." I could possibly be interested if they were sending the racers out into the woods on gnarly old singletrack and game trails, not a pre-fab course, where the participants have to do wayfinding and stuff like that. Make it a real survival adventure where you can't just ride full power the whole time, but have to moderate to make the battery last or else you're stuck out there with a 50-pound bike to push around. This makes me think of one of the cool eMTB uses I have seen: hunters riding powered fat bikes instead of loud quads/4x4s.
KFuller mikelevy's article
Jun 18, 2019 at 11:44
Jun 18, 2019
Review: 6 Months on the Trust Message Linkage Fork
TE;DR (too expensive didn't read)
KFuller pinkbikeaudience's article
May 15, 2019 at 7:17
May 15, 2019
Beyond the Bike Park: 5 Family Friendly North American Resorts
I think Keystone is a far better Colorado choice if talking truly "family-friendly." All the core riders go to Winter Park (Trestle) and the blue and green trails get super rutted, dusty and blown out early. They're also harder and the dudebro shredder vibe can be off-putting, especially if you have new riders and non riders in tow. I did a clinic at Trestle many moons ago and found even some of the beginner trails to be not-so-friendly. Now I'd have a blast, but I had a far better experience at Keystone as a beginner. It's more welcoming and easier. Trestle is great, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Keystone on this list simply because it's NOT "core Pinkbike" audience territory.
Feb 3, 2019 at 16:23
Feb 3, 2019
KFuller roamevents's article
Sep 22, 2017 at 12:20
Sep 22, 2017
Roam Bike Fest: A Mountain Bike Festival For the Lady Shredders
I give major props and thanks to my male riding buddies for not falling into the un-supportive crowd. That said, when I want to get better as a rider, I follow my fellow females. It's the psychology of "if they can do it, I probably can, too, because they're similar to me." It's using *positive* comparisons by riding with people closer to my level, rather than a negative comparison of trying to learn from a pro/semi-pro whom I feel I will never, ever match up to. Not even close. For example, if I watch my husband clear an obstacle, I sometimes think: "He just got over that because he's so much stronger." I'm not intimidated, but my brain immediately assumes that this bigger, stronger, faster person who makes trails look effortless is on a whole other level than I am and I can't gauge accurately whether or not I really trust myself on something he just rode through. But if I were to watch one of my lady pals clear the obstacle, I would think, "OK, she got over it; I need to follow her line, mimic her moves and have her confidence." It's way more inspiring. Totally logical? Maybe not, but it has worked in improving my skills significantly over the years. YAY BIKES!
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