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Dec 24, 2012 at 13:54
by Hermann Eder  

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Trails. Probably the best way to experience pure freedom on your mountain bike. One of the best times for that in Austria is in the fall, when leaves are turning every colour you can imagine and the high alpine bushes shine red. A slight breeze cools you down and the lower forests wait covered with leaves and ready to drift.

We decided to make a small edit of one of Hermann’s typical loops. He lives in the valley Lahntal. After a full day of school he rides up his home trail and gets to a mountain ridge which connects Leogang (where one of the best mountain bike parks in Europe is located) with Lahntal. On the other side of the ridge is Saalbach Hinterglemm, home to amazing single track and a bike park.
After reaching the top, and eating a 'jausn' (a typical Austrian smoked ham sandwich with bread and some bad smelling cheese, that’s way better than a Cliff Bar by the way) he earned not only the stunning view over the Austrian Alps, but also the amazing ride down his home trail.

That’s how it should be, eh? After a day of school, hours in nature, a lot of fun, and some sport, the day is truly fulfilled. We all know what they say, ''a ride a day keeps the doctor away!''

-Lahnvalley Crew

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Rider: Hermann Eder
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  • + 23
 C'mon enduro has to be the best mtb discipline !
  • + 13
 Enduro racing is gravity oriented as there is no chrono going up-hill, but only to way down. Enduro is racing, that's it.
Alll Mountain is a better definition of what this video is about : go up pedaling all the way, even carrying the bike on your shoulder, and then pointing down once you've switch off the brain ! AllMount' is riding ... and smiling !
  • + 11
 thats right. AM is a discipline that teaches a rider many lessons, one of them being respect to terrain and being able to rely on your own legs. You really have to be fit to get UP the mountain first, so that the reward of going DOWN feels all deserved and intoxicating. AM is the real deal!
  • + 11
 Enduro and All Mountain is really the best of mountain biking *-*
  • + 1
 So glad is wasn't another 29ers are cool too commercial. So sick of the 9er-tards. Even Jeremy Jones looks like a tard on a 29er
  • + 3
 Perhaps VW will bring that TDI pick up truck here!
  • + 2
 there are so many great models from many brands that we don't get here.
  • + 0
 All right, I must be more ignorant than I care to believe. So, could someone please explain to me the difference between enduro mountain biking, and cross country mounting biking?
  • + 7
 for me, enduro is getting on my 6-inch bike and riding all the downhill trails that cant be shuttled and require some form of pedaling or hiking to get to the top. In general, its pretty much just aggressive riding where you still have to pedal to get to the top
  • + 12
 It's a race series where everybody rides Specialized Enduros.
  • + 6
 As someone who rides a specialized enduro, i approve of this
  • + 2
 @assfault: Enduro is more gravity oriented. That means you have to pedal uphill but it doesn't count in terms of time. Enduro is more aggressive so the enduro bike should have more suspension travel and meatier tires. Just go to any website from the bike manufacturers and "compare bikes" (feature included in most websites): xc bikes are lighter, enduro (am) bikes are heavier and have "a little more of everything"
  • + 1
 ...Then why is our national enduro champion, Adam Craig, riding a 4" travel 29er during competition? To me, it seems that people are merely redefining aggressive xc to remove themselves from the leg shaving, spandex-clad crowd. When "all mountain riding" was introduced, people began adopting longer-travel bikes that were better suited for the terrain. But before that, those same trails were ridden on short-travel bikes and described as "cross-country" in nature. How does riding the same trail on a different bike make it more gravity-oriented, or more aggressive?
  • + 1
 You can ride a DH track on a XC bike and you have to use DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES and SPEED to do so. See, you are riding the same trail but we're talking about different sports. Aggressiveness is part of every riders approach, there are people riding trials on road bikes!! I'm just talking about the average rider not champions. Longer travel means the average Joe can be more aggressive (and faster) on technical and gnarly trails.
  • + 0
 Since when does using different techniques and speed yield a new sport? Every rider has to alter his technique constantly to accommodate different obstacles in the trail, but that doesn't mean he is switching between different disciplines of the sport during a single ride. At the end of the day, pedaling one's bike, regardless of travel, up/down/all around a mountain is cross country at it's very core. Also, I don't believe you can differentiate between national champions and average riders. By doing so, you're essentially saying that what may be an enduro trail to one rider, is a xc trail to another, which has been my point this entire time - that enduro is made up to justify riding a longer travel bike, when there's no need for justification other than 'it's fu#ckin' fun.
  • + 1
 In many ways I concur, @assfault. I just went for a ride today, parts of which I haven't done since the days of rigid bikes (the original FR... Fully Rigid) and cantilever brakes. Some new trails today, but still 4.5 hours and all over a couple of local 'hills'. Lots of climbing, trail clearing, trudging through the snow and ripping down sweet singletrack (and way too much elevation lost on old logging roads). Truly all mountain, but something we'd done on rigid bikes for the most part, save for the new bits which were definitely a step up in challenge and would have been pretty comical to see someone attempt on a rigid bike). I agree that much of what we rode today might be called xc, no big jumps or drops (that I rode), nothing super technical aside from surfing some steep loamy sections where accuracy was absolutely necessary to avoid consequences.
I think I tend to look at AM as the kind of riding we did today. Definitely focused on up and down as opposed to xc as a race discipline that focuses on combining shorter climbs and descents with aerobically challenging faster and often less technically demanding trails. That said, I also feel the AM term is tailored to a segment of the bike buying and riding market who love to ride up and down, across and over, and do so on bikes that are built to go both up and down with aplomb, and make the often lengthy ride more comfy in the process. Is it a marketing label? Sure. But it also describes the kind of riding that I've always loved and sought out, and the newer generations of bikes that bear that label can handle more than I can throw at them, and I finish the day way less hammered than in the days of yore (I also crash far less).
  • + 1
 I think xc bikes are typically identified by steeper steerer angles, shorter travel suspension and a significant nod to weight conservation. Can they be ridden over the same terrain I rode today? Yup. Would I have been as comfortable on the descents? I doubt it. Would I have been as fresh at the end of the ride? Probably not, due to the rooty, rocky and slick nature of the trails we rode; where I would have needed to be significantly more accurate with wheel placement and line choice had I been on an xc labeled bike.
Amazing ride, one that brought back memories from nearly 20 years ago, and the antics of my riding budies. I still enjoy the same kind of riding I fell in love so long ago, and am glad the new technology makes the same rides smoother, faster and more manageable for an old fart.
p.s. Brad, was that you we saw on the KTM (N. Lake Samish/Blanchard area)?
  • + 1
 to my knowledge dh and xc require different techniques an they are labeled as different sports, don't blame me, I don't make the rules (for instance motocross and hare scrambles use the same motorcycles and sometimes even the same tracks or parts of 'em and they are different sports)... anyway I'm not trying to justify the different conceptions about enduro. You asked a question and I tried to answer. It makes no difference to me whether you liked my answer or not. Actually I should have noticed that yours was a rethorical question, so I give a rats a$$ what you think about enduro or xc. I'm not the person to argue with regarding the labels enduro or xc. Be in contact with race promoters and tell them you disagree with all this "enduro thing" hopefully they can do something to please you
  • - 4
flag assfault (Dec 27, 2012 at 21:41) (Below Threshold)
 You're a big boy; you can say ass.
  • + 5
 You're a douche; you can kiss mine.
  • + 3
 i think the best part of enduro/all mountain riding actualy is that you don have to deal with any internet bitch fights showing up on your dash
  • + 0
 Ha! Touche, Moloch, touche.
  • + 3
 Vee Dub 4 door p/u, nice..
  • + 1
 My hometrail too. if you pedal up and down,you will make about 1430HM. And you don't have to call this Enduro because this is typical epic mountainbiking.
  • + 0
 mumford and sons seems to be the new dubstep for pb videos. I'm so tired of hearing it on every other video. yeah yeah turn it off and play my own but come on.
  • + 2
 definitly have to go more to the alps Wink nice edit!
  • + 1
 This is absolutely stunning scenery! Can someone provide details on the location?
  • + 21
 Yes. The article can. Austria for those who are afraid of long paragraphs.
  • + 1
 Nice vid and loving the Amarok in the last pic, would be my choice to!
  • + 1
 awesome video .. loved mumford and sons to!
  • + 2
 pretty cool
  • + 1
 Loved the smile on his face the whole time!
  • + 1
 Isn't enduro riding without it being timed just aggressive trail riding?
  • + 1
 nice helmet!

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