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MikerJ RichardCunningham's article
Feb 14, 2017 at 19:54
Feb 14, 2017
Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Seatpost - Review
@nismo325: for those of u without a brass set, the Command Post return speed is adjustable.
MikerJ RichardCunningham's article
Feb 9, 2017 at 16:19
Feb 9, 2017
Downhill Secret Revealed: Flat Tire Defender Foam Inserts - First Look
Good idea. Not for everyone. I'd say depends on your local DH terrain. Weight... How can people complain about weight when real DH tube is just as much. Plenty of guys I know are still riding DH tubes on their DH rigs. Might be able to run the foam with on a Supergravity casing or DD casing tire for those concerned about the weight. Our local DH mountain has almost zero pedaling. Super steep, old school - wet and chunky. Low psi helps a ton but is hard on the rims. Even on a super fat DH Magic Mary 275 x 2.5" I'm still running between 25-30 psi out back so I don't kill my rims. If this foam lets me run 5 psi less, and then not have to worry about rim hits - well that could be a game changer for my local mountain. Might be a good idea for riders running carbon on a rocky course that don't want to kill their rims. I just may get me a pair of these foamy doughnuts this season.
MikerJ BTRfabrications's article
Feb 3, 2017 at 9:00
Feb 3, 2017
New BTR Tough Rake
@KNOLLYBIKES: You are right that there are better tools for real brush clearing, especially when the duff is very deep. The biggest plus of the traditional fire rake is that it does a number of things very well and is not too bulky. A goal with tools is to carry one in each hand, so less is better. Nippers and folding saw go in the pocket. I've used a McLeod many times before and its a great tool, but rather bulky and not as versatile as the fire rake, for the type of terrain we have. I've found the McLeod better for moving a lot of bulk - soil, deep duff, leaves,... Our terrain is shallow soil with a lot of rock, weeds, shallow duff, and lots and lots of roots and thin shoots from beech. The fire rake is better at cutting in that terrain and you are able to take a more surgical approach with a shorter, easier swing. Cutting 10,000 sucker roots and shoots from beech trees with a McLeod will wear anyone out. The cutting edges on the fire rake don't take the brunt of the hit when raking. The tips of the tines take the blow. So, the cutting edges remain sharp, and there V shape creates a trough that grabs and cuts very well.
MikerJ davidarthur's article
Feb 3, 2017 at 8:36
Feb 3, 2017
Endura MTR Shell Jacket - Review
You're all wet, dude. Stop, take a breath, and quit sweating the details.
MikerJ BTRfabrications's article
Feb 1, 2017 at 10:58
Feb 1, 2017
New BTR Tough Rake!3210!3!55826731978!!!g!130342887898!&ef_id=WCsnnQAABUWkMDxZ:20170201184628:s Tools needed are dependent on local terrain. Dry, sandy, dusty, rocky vs. Wet, woody, weedy, rooty, rocky. I'm in the latter. After building trails for, say 20 years, I've got it boiled down to the following tools... Traditional fire rake. Not only does it rake and move soil well its an excellent cutting tool for brush, roots, branches - if you keep the blades sharp. Blades can be sharpened and replaced. Cutter mattock. Heavy weight flavor. Folding saw. Corona is my favorite. Fits in side pocket of my Carhartts. Hand nippers. Goes in the back pocket. Other than than, special jobs might require the chain saw and shovel. Rogue tools are nice. I have a few. This BTR rake looks nice, but pricey and does little more than old fashioned garden rake. A tried and true fire rake is far more versatile.
MikerJ RichardCunningham's article
Feb 1, 2017 at 6:32
Feb 1, 2017
Intense ACV: Foundation Build - Review
Playing devils advocate here, serious question, and maybe re-hashing old stuff, but... All the benefits of those plus tires - better traction, stable, good climbers... Isn't that what 29" brought to the table? Only the larger hoops roll better, don't feel as sluggish, don't tear as easily, and are not as sensitive to precise tire pressure. Seriously asking a question... What will a rider get out of a 275x2.8 over a 29x2.5 ? I'm not anti-plus, but just didn't feel all the "pluses" when I took a ride on one. Did I miss something? Oh, and BTW, alway good to hear from a seasoned rider like RC.
MikerJ mikelevy's article
Jan 31, 2017 at 16:03
Jan 31, 2017
Kali's New Enduro Helmet - First Look
Good idea Kali. My current DH helmet is a Kali and its a really nice helmet. Would buy a Kali again. I especially like their more streamlined design. My neck doesn't get yanked around like it did when wearing the current "bobble head" design found on other helmets.
MikerJ BCBikeRide's article
Jan 30, 2017 at 17:44
Jan 30, 2017
BC Bike Race Announces BC Bike Ride – The Ultimate Road Trip
Fantastic idea. Something I'd love to do. But for that price? Is there really that much over-head to justify that cost? Personally, I'd rather skip the craft beer and fancy meals, and keep it a bare bones affair to keep the cost more reasonable. Tell me where to crash at night Who knows though? Maybe this is a fair price. If there was enough rider demand for such a tour, you'd see more mom and pop outfitters getting in the game, and that could really drive the price down.
MikerJ BCBikeRide's article
Jan 30, 2017 at 17:15
Jan 30, 2017
MikerJ vernonfelton's article
Jan 30, 2017 at 12:42
Jan 30, 2017
The Weatherneck - Review
Vernon always writes a good review. Just last night, talking to a bud about reviews, his name came up and there was a question about his age - I said "I think maybe around our age..." With the Star Wars reference, he may have given it away. I was a child of the Seventies and really dug Star Wars, so on that alone I'll give Vernon the thumbs up on another good review. All that said, I still a big fan of an old fashioned handkerchief tied around the neck, lifted to the chin, with the helmet strap buckled under it to hold it in place. Or... how 'bout growing an old fashioned beard. It's worth it here in far upstate NY.
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