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chickenlassi davetrumpore's article
Feb 24, 2019 at 7:51
Feb 24, 2019
Day 1 Tech Randoms: Fresh Bikes, New Tires, Rims, Shoes & Pedals - Andes Pacifico 2019
My beautiful and now ex-wife would love to see the see a guanaco part on the checklist. Guanacaste is a province in Costa Rica and that's what they call the people from there. They also call them their rented Nica's but that's not as nice. Pura vida
chickenlassi RichardCunningham's article
Feb 24, 2019 at 7:44
Feb 24, 2019
Now THAT Was a Bike: Mountain Cycle San Andreas
I'm not a Tesla fanboy but I often think of pioneers in industry the pave the way for competitors because they don't have the business acumen. Around this time I just bought my 1996 Rocky Mountain hammer and I remember looking at the mountain cycle San Andreas in the Cambria bike adverts in mountain bike action. I come from a motorcycle background so full suspension makes sense to me as well as disc brakes. I don't think that much time goes by when I don't think I would not have bought one. And I ended up buying a 2001 Santa Cruz Bullit because it was definitely more available and a lot cheaper. Thanks to people like Rob we have functioning full suspension. Unfortunately we can only thank him in the comments section of pinkbike and not by buying his frames but single pivot has always been the way to go. I wish mountain bikes could have copied motorcycles sooner rather than following the road bike path because his design is basically an old Monoshock Yamaha. We need to look towards motorcycles more than bicycles for our future.
chickenlassi danielsapp's article
Feb 12, 2019 at 14:55
Feb 12, 2019
Review: Industry Nine's New Hydra Hubs Have 690 Points of Engagement
So I'm not one to brag but I actually had an idea like this. I'm not an engineer either. I said to myself, self if you can use three pawls for engagement, then if you do 6 but stagger it then you can cut your engagement degrees in half. And if you put in 12 and stagger them all at any given time you'll have three engaged only 30 degrees of Engagement between them instead of 90. And if you put it in a shitload then you can take it up to 690. I never actually thought of that number at the time but the theory is valid
chickenlassi athertonracing's article
Feb 1, 2019 at 13:02
Feb 1, 2019
Atherton Bikes Confirm Team Details & Show Full Bike For the First Time
I really enjoy reading all the comments. Is this Frame the prettiest frame? I don't think so. But I'm an old guy just a couple of slots down from dentist I've been riding since I was a nationally-ranked BMX racer in the 80s and I've done Ironman Triathlon more than once. I see all these people and I have no idea who they are, but they say all this is ugly or that is ugly or XTR is late I'm moving to Sram. I ride a 2012 Turner 5 spot. It's ugly. I admit it. But I have never ever ever ever in my life heard anyone say to me on your left. I don't understand why people want a pretty frame. I want something that's fast and works. Actually I do have a pretty frame, it's my 1999 Rocky Mountain blizzard hardtail. That's the best-looking bike in my stable. And for those that say that sram shifts better than XTR , I haven't heard those people say on your left either. These guys can prototype a bike in one day. Design it make your lugs, fit in pre-made carbon tubes like I had on my Trek 2100 road bike back in the day of my Triathlon career. Are they going to make production frames like this? I don't think so. Then there's all the people that say make it longer, lower, slacker. The numbers that work for you, work for you. I have a -2 headset in my Turner but everything else is legit and works for me. Don't fall into the marketing hype. Man I just realized I'm screwed. Now that I said I have a Turner people are going to say DW fanboy. 40% of my bikes are DW but I think it's shock and Fork that make the bike more than anything. Maybe the rider too. Get your bike dialed and no matter what it looks like you can say all those dentist and 16 year old Warehouse managers on the trail.
chickenlassi RichardCunningham's article
Jan 25, 2019 at 13:20
Jan 25, 2019
Interview: Aaron Gwin on His Break With YT & Becoming a Team Owner
I haven't seen any comments regarding the Moto connection to this team but I think it's really significant. I know AG has his own trainer but I can't help but notice the connection of Ryan Dungey to the team. Ryan Dungey was trained by Aldon Baker who is known as a trainer of Champions. I think it's 13 of 17 championships he's won in the last little while and there are a couple that he didn't win due to injury. Ryan Dungey wasn't as fast as other guys but he was more consistent. This goes the same for many other of the Baker trained Motocross and Supercross champions with Jason Anderson winning last year Supercross championship as the latest. So now we have Aaron Gwin who is arguably the fastest rider teaming up with someone who is super consistent. Aldon Baker was a cyclist who qualified for the Olympics for I believe South Africa. All of his motorcycle riders train on bicycles. I'm not a big fan of Aaron because I'm Canadian and I like the underdog but it's going to be hard to bet against him. Nice work.
chickenlassi theflannelcrew's article
Jan 25, 2019 at 13:09
Jan 25, 2019
Video: A Wild Year in Review from The Flannel Crew
Being a b c boy I have high expectations. I went to work in Calgary for a couple of months a few years ago and went out to Moose Mountain. It sucked big time. It is certainly not the Moose Mountain that I see these gents have worked on and I appreciate that. Great work boys and I'm not afraid to take my bike to Alberta anymore.
chickenlassi mikekazimer's article
Jan 23, 2019 at 13:05
Jan 23, 2019
First Look: Marzocchi Bomber CR Coil Shock
kiddlivid looking at this article at work looking over my shoulder at the same time and when I saw the picture and the caption of Wade Simmons I read Pipeline
chickenlassi danielsapp's article
Dec 28, 2018 at 9:55
Dec 28, 2018
Neko Mulally Has Been Testing a 27.5 / 29 Wheeled Frankenbike
@matlamb: you can run 27.5 in your Triple 8? If that's possible that looks like I can upgrade my Iron Horse 7point and rune to 27.5 because I'm rocking the Triple Eight and a 66 on those
chickenlassi RichardCunningham's article
Dec 14, 2018 at 17:24
Dec 14, 2018
Handlebar Width vs Handling - Are Your Bars Too Wide?
This is absolutely great. I got to go into my shed and try to find all those old handlebars that I couldn't sell for $5 in the buy and sell. So if skinny bars are coming back, does it mean 26 inch is that far off? I still have four bikes that use that diameter of tire. I think I have an old 8-speed XT derailleur as well. I knew in my heart of hearts to keep all that stuff. I am so stoked
chickenlassi pinkbikeaudience's article
Dec 11, 2018 at 16:31
Dec 11, 2018
Win an ENVE M730 Wheelset - Pinkbike's Advent Calendar Giveaway
I'm showing two different guys for December 4th and 2nd. Did they change it?
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