Mexican National DH series - Round 4

Jul 7, 2014 at 21:50
by Steve Dunmore Rodriguez  
The state of Veracruz will be hosting the 4th round of the Mexican National Downhill Series 2014 on the stunning and super fun track that is the Pista El Conejo Rabbit track . Check out the Facebook page and we hope to see you on the 26th and 27th July.

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Welcome to the Cofre de Perote National Park, home to Round 4 of the Mexican National DH series on the 26th and 27th July 2014.


The race will be held on the permanent downhill track located in the Cofre de Perote national park, just 2 kms from the village of 'El Conejo' near Perote, in the state of Veracruz. Perote City is half an hour's drive away, and the capital of the state, Xalapa, is an hour's drive from the track. From the city of Puebla, the track can be reached in 90 minutes. To find the location on Google Maps, search for "El Conejo, Perote, Mexico" and it will take you to the village of El Conejo, 2 kms from the track.

Interactive map

Prices in Mexican pesos (1 USD = 13mxn pesos, approx)
If you need an interpreter for reserving your hotel, please call Steve Dunmore (details at the bottom of this page).

Hotel del Centro, Perote. Mention the downhill race when you phone, if you do you'll receive the following prices.
· One person $314.00, Two $420.00 in a room with a double bed or two single beds
· Three people $ 475.00 in a room with three single beds
· Four people $ 525.00 in a room with two double beds
Tels: (0052) 01(282)825-1699; (282)825-1462

Hotel del Valle -
Twin room: $350; Triple room: $400 and other options!
Tel: 01 282 8250515

Hotel Anita - FB: ‘Perotehotelanita’. Double room for up to 4 people $800
01 282 8253040

Chalets next to the DH track
There are four chalets each with 2 double beds. The chalets are a bargain at $600 (per chalet, not per person).
You'll need to get in touch with Don Eloy Hernández, tel (0052 044) 2288583416
The chalets have electricity, hot water, gas for cooking, a fridge, cooking facilities and other furniture.
Camping nearby the cabins costs $100, with bathroom facilities. Remember it's at high altitude so pack for cold weather!

Rooms with families in El Conejo village (2 kms from the DH track)
- good for your pocket and great for the community!
- if you're able to take a camping mattress and sleeping bag, there are lots of options and you'll pay next to nothing
- if you prefer to have a bed, you'll pay approximately $100 per night
- meals available on request
- one option is with Gerardo Hernandez - 0052 1 2221668130 or leave a text message on this number: 2825961412.

Hostal Covadonga - in Perote. Tasty food! 00521 282 82552642

Hotel Mansión Humboldt, Perote. 01 282 8252937

Hotel Perla, Perote - 01 282 8252034

The Track:
In 2011 the Mexican National Parks Authority started work with a group of local cyclists to build a permanent downhill track within the 'Cofre de Perote' national park. The Cofre de Perote is the 9th highest mountain in Mexico, an ancient volcano surrounded in forest. Thanks to the vehicle access, the gradient, the type of vegetation, the humidity of the earth and the rocky outcrops, a downhill track was chosen as being most appropriate as a new venture for the area.

In 2013 and 2014 both organisations worked once more so as to lengthen and improve the track even further. The last round of the 2013 national series was held on this track, and not one competitor had a complaint about the track; rather, lots of them raved about it and said that it compared favourably with tracks they had ridden in Canada and abroad.

This year, for Round 4, we're expecting some sunshine in the morning and showers in the afternoon, with compact earth and a little mud.

Racers have described this track as one of the most varied on the Mexican national circuit, and also one of the fastest and most fun. Berms, rock gardens, roots, jumps, there's a bit of everything. And down near the finish line there's a mighty road gap and and sweet double that lets you float over 30 feet comfortably.

Less than 2 kms away from the village, you'll find the national park barrier and the finish line area of the track. To get up to the start line, drive up the track in the direction of the mountain. You won't need a 4x4 but it is a cobbled road. In 15 mins you'll find yourself at the start line, with stunning views of the mountain summit and forests below you. Please do not park at the point where vehicles are meant to do a U-turn. Turn, and then park at the side of the track.

When training, if you have a mechanical or an injury, please seek assistance from the staff and make your way to one of the many points where the uplift track meets the DH track. On the days of the event ambulances will of course be available.

The track will be taped from Saturday 19th July, with some last touches done on Friday 25th. During the classifiers and final run, any competitor who breaks the tape will be disqualified.

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th the local community will be selling food beside the finish line area, so there will be plenty of cheap and tasty food available. Please remember we'll be within national park grounds so as ever we should all respect the environment and not litter.

There will be bathrooms available just 50 metres away from the finishing line, next to the car park. Cellphone reception is best with Movistar/Iusacell/Unefon. For Telcel there's reception in Perote City.

We're expecting approximately 160 racers, from the whole of Mexico and beyond, and the national champs Lorena Dromundo and Javi López will be present.

The top 5 of each category will win a prize or a trophy.
$10,000mxn will be shared out between the top 3 in the Elite category.
There will be prizes in all categories. Last year we had all expenses paid trips, as well as full face helmets, DH tires etc as prizes.

Costs and race fee details:
Competitors will pay $420mxn plus $28 for the entrance fee to the National Park. A bracelet will be given to you for these $28, and you'll need this to use the official transport to get to the start line and to ride the track.

To race in one of the main seven categories, you'll need an FMC 2014 licence, or you can get a one race licence for $200mxn on Saturday 26th. In the beginners' category you don't need a licence.

Spectators are allowed to watch for free and will not have to pay entrance to the National Park during the race weekend.

Saturday 26th July - Itinerary:

Registration 9am to 6pm beside the finish line.
No one can register for the race on Sunday 27th.
10am to 5pm: training with official transport available.
As of 11am, anybody who does not have the CONANP bracelet will not be allowed to descend the track.

Sunday 27th July - Itinerary:

8am a 9am: training with official transport available
9:00 a 9:30am: track closed
9:30am Qualifying run
The fastest 15 of each category qualify and will run the final round in their category. We hope to start the final round at 1pm and prize giving will be shortly after.

There are 8 categories. Beginners do not need an FMC licence and the qualifying run counts as their final run; they will have one timed run rather than two.
Aged 15 and under
Junior 16 to 18
Senior 19 to 29
Masters 30+
Masters 40+

To find out more and stay up to date with the track and the race prep, please see:
(Comisión Nacional de Downhill y Enduro)

This event is organised by

Steve Dunmore Rodriguez
Cel/Whatsapp: 2281 565489

Mario Mexico Vidal
Cel/Whatsapp: 2281 597640

Thanks to:

Federación Mexicana de Ciclismo (FMC):


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 Entren a la página en Facebook: Pista de Downhill El Conejo

More details about the event on the Facebook page: Pista de Downhill El Conejo

Feel free to contact us if you need any more info in English!
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