Video: Geoff Gulevich Chases PBA Winner Flo Espiñeira Down Jaws

Jan 4, 2022 at 16:24
by Orbea  

bigquotesInsanely consistent riding was what I noticed from Flo, during the Pinkbike Academy. Soft-spoken who clearly speaks volumes, through her effortless style and strength on the bike. With the best overall results, professional demeanor, and lack thereof an ego, lead to a unanimous decision, making Flo our winner.

I had the opportunity, to catch up with Flo before the announcement was made public. Flo takes me down one of her favorite gnarly trails in Whistler, Jaws. Personally, I had never ridden the trail and it was an absolute delight being towed in by our Pinkbike Academy winner.
Geoff Gulevich


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 Them their trails are nice!
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 Well played sir
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 Flo is rad! but seriously, y'all gotta work on your audio levels in these PB produced videos. Voices hella low, music tracks SOOO loud!!
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 it's on gully's youtube, so probably not pinkbike produced
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 @DanielP07: OH! Thanks for pointing that out.
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 I guess I had the wrong PBA. Was expecting some bull riding. Joking aside that was a proper tech trail with nice riding/video
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 I think you mean PBR?
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 @steflund: You are correct. My mistake.
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 @nd54: Still a good chance for some pro bowling though
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 Amazing trail. My favorite kind. I look forward to doing it. Flo was the best of the last 4. I'm glad that she won.
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 We should respect individual preferences and just... go with the Flo
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 Would love to ride that (or tripod that haha!)
I thought the trails looked a bit ideal for this time of year - the outro explains it!
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 Trail looks ace.. It's the kind of stuff i really enjoy riding (just not as well)
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 that was steep AF.. quality content as always from GG
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 Excelente por Flo!!! A tomar el mundo del MTB... Ese trail se veía "terrileh parao!!" Saludos Flo
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 patafuera!!! jajaja
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 taken from flo's instagram "Flo Espiñeira them/theirs". please fix your mistake
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flag mariomtblt (Jan 6, 2022 at 9:11) (Below Threshold)
 dam are 13 year olds really this brainwashed?
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 @mariomtblt: just trying to be respectful. no hate towards the writer, an easy mistake to make
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 @mior: It will be interesting to watch how @Orbea handles the respect of their riders pronouns. In the text above they appear to be quoting Geoff's mistake, however Orbea misgenders Flo in their announcement article as well:

I do not have any expectations for the Pinkers bothering to up/down vote to care, and likely there will be push back from the crowds that disagree outright or "just want it to be about bikes" I am curious about how it was handled with PBA, as I haven't made it to those videos quite yet. @jasonlucas may provide insight.
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 @pockets-the-coyote: its hard for some. other countries arent used to it as much as people in the us are. Jason seemed to get it right
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 @mior: you mean people in the we right?
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flag mariomtblt (Jan 6, 2022 at 16:10) (Below Threshold)
 I'm being downvoted but idk tricking yourself into accepting something that isn't reality is not right, don't buy into it
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 @pen9-wy: the what? its really only america and parts of canada that understand it
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 @mariomtblt: Denying reality? This is no different than someone asking to be called Bob instead of Robert, it is simple and respectful.
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 What her / their exact gender is is none of my business, but surely if you enter a competition where you have to be a woman to enter, then you would be 'OK' as being referred to as a woman (i.e. she / her)? Plenty of people have a name, shortened name and a nick-name and have a preference as to what they are called in any given situation but ultimately don't mind. If she or they was adamant that a single sex definition shouldn't be used, then that's a different story. She identified herself as a woman in the other article though.
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 I was just going to point out that Geoff seemed to miss pronounce them. thanks
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 biggest mistake was that geoff was a riding judge for PBA, why didn't he know how to pronounce her name at his point?
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 @pockets-the-coyote: haha we both know it’s not quite the same thing as a nickname.
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 @wallheater: Valid points, without being able to ask Flo directly, it's not unreasonable for us to refer to the information presented publicly, in this case their insta bio is clear and concise. More importantly, I think it's an opportunity for Orbea to put their best foot forward regarding inclusion and recognition. As for entry into races I think we fall back into gender identity vs genetic sex, which is a whole other can of worms, but we don't have a NB category as we do for M/F, deferring to genetic sex for category placement does not and should not invalidate their gender.

Quote (at least that I found) from the other article for the lazy:
"My long term goals are to keep progressing in my riding, keep competing at high levels and explore freeriding; but most important in the long term, establish myself in the world scene of mountain biking to leave a legacy, I want to open more spaces and more opportunities for women/Latin American/queer riders; I want to use what I have and will achieve to help other riders on their journey of racing bikes."
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 @mariomtblt: who are you to judge someone else's reality? A pronoun shouldn't bother you so much...
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 You said 'us' not USA
It was a pronoun joke.
I said 'we' as opposed to 'us'.

And get your head out of your arse its far beyond North America.
In every regard UK and particularly northern Europe/Scandinavian regions got this shit before you even thought it was cool
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 @pen9-wy: ok sorry i just meant some dont understand. i havent been to those reigons and i am not nonbinary so i wouldnt know
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 @mior: prefered pronouns is bs. There are 2 genders. She rocks
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 @RedBurn how many chromosomes do you have
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 @mior: Just to throw this out there, there is a difference between sex and gender. Gender is a construct, not a facet of biology.
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 @HunterTrow: i know that. i have some nb and trans friends that have told me
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 @mior: The comment wasn't directed at you, just needed to be said somewhere here... I should've @ the original comment or something.
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 @wallheater: This was my thought as well. I have a few trans friends, a couple actually going through physical transition. I’ve talked to them about this kinda stuff and they are torn. If U are going to capitalize on being in a gender category for a contest, sport, profession, etc., they pretty much agree U gotta take the public’s pronouns and comments and just accept it. If U start on Square 1 as a certain gender, there’s a responsibility to accept the follow-through.
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 @pen9-wy: LOL! That joke went “WOOSH” over homie’s head...
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