The Cali Trip - Part 1

Apr 3, 2014 at 8:44
by Sam Davies  
'The Cali Trip' for UK Dirt Jumpers Sam Pilgrim, Danny Pace and Adam Williams is now in its 5th year running and as a mecca for Dirt Jumping, California provides the perfect mix of trails, trick jumps, skateparks and just about everything in between. This year the group was completed with Sam Reynolds, making it his second year on the trip and newcomers Daryl Brown and Canadian Matt Macduff.

  1 month, 1 RV and 6 riders resulted in plenty of riding, ample partying and maybe a bit too much misdemeanor.

As with the previous years, we rented an RV in order to travel wherever we wanted to and not have to worry about hotels. Walmart parking lots and beach fronts made for nice RV parks with all the essentials (Restrooms, cold, outdoor showers and morning wifi sessions.) With 7 people and 7 bikes it was cosy to say the least.

  The California weather is one of the main attractions for Brits, unfortunately we were greeted by rain upon arrival. However, this gave us the chance to fix up some run down jumps in Huntington Beach with relative ease.

  And then reap the rewards

Fully extended NFC
Whipping out
  We were joined by Ray and Blake Samson for the tail end of their trip and the start of ours.

Sam Davies
  After a couple of beach days we headed North towards San Francisco stopping off in Santa Cruz on the way.

Flip Indian NFC
Superman seatgrab
Flip Tuck
Flip whip on the step up
  Matt Macduff with the Samsons' rental in his scope.

  Sam Reynolds taking in the view over San Fran.

  Supported by Alpinestars, Ion Products, Halo Wheels and NS Bikes

There will be a video of the trip coming in Part 2, so stay tuned.

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 That there, that's an RrrrrrrV... but don'tcha go fallin' in love with it now. We're takin' it with us when we leave here next month.
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 Let's go find your sister!
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 Love Cousin Eddie and say that everytime I see an RrrrrrV Smile
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 Come to San Diego!! We have some jumps I know you'd miss when you leave!!!
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 Brilliant movie, John Hughes was a genius.
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 Nice write up Sam !
Looks like a another great trip....... Will there be another "road trip" video like last year Smile
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 There better be some dancing to some rap music. You can't call it a Cali trip without dancing, Sam!
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 Those first jumps are right around the corner from my house. So cool to see them boosting 'em!!!
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 In other words: too much banter
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 OMG That was flipping sick dawg!!!!!
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 They came to steal our sunshine.
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 California love!

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