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Video: A Rowdy 2021 Recap from the Flannel Crew

Nov 20, 2021 at 11:18
by The Flannel Crew  
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As we sit here, scratching our heads, trying to find the words to describe how rad 2021 was for us, we're reminiscing on the good times and all of the crazy things we pulled off. To be honest, we felt a bit like caged animals. Seeing some of the riding happening across the pond had us drooling like a Doberman staring at a porterhouse steak...

It left us with two options. To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. That hunger led us to explore some of the best landscapes, trail networks, and bike parks in Canada. We linked up with legends, progressed on two wheels, and just generally had one heck of a time.

Above all else, we approached the year intending to make a positive difference in the bike community and leave a lasting impression on everyone we happened to meet. We put shovels in the dirt, carried a 300lb trick booter 3km through a field, chugged beers on Remy Metallier's GoPro, chainsaw shotgunned beers for Stevie Smith at the Banff Film Festival, and managed to help some friends in need.

Now buckle up. We're about to take you on one hell of a stoke-fueled journey.


To start the banger of a season that was 2021, The Flannel Crew were able to secure a bike partnership with Canadian Company- Knolly Bikes. There were moments that looked like we might have been left on the sideline for the 2021 season with the ridiculous pandemic supply issues.

Seriously, how are we waiting 461 days for brake pads?

Thankfully, Knolly came in clutch to ensure we had steeds rolling into the 2021 season. Without these legends, we'd be stuck on the bench like a third-line defenceman getting chirped by the other team's goalie. Instead, we're out on the ice with Letterkenney's finest showing the other's who is frickin ten-ply, bud.

Jayme Hunter Photography
The Flannel Crew - Party Mode Initiated

Jayme Rashelle Photogrphy
Austen Tanney - Kamloops Buzzing
 jsnfschr Photography
Bryant Freeman - No Hands Mom

Gravity Candy Photography
Dan Sterzlec - Nac Attack
Jayme Rashelle Photography
Joey Reinhart - Walk The Plank


Have you been on top of the Himalayas drinking Ayahuasca with a Shaman? Nah, neither have we.

With international travel still discouraged due to the pandemic, we once again decided to dig deeper into our own backyard. Every time we think we have tapped the Rockies, Purcells and Selkirks we realize that we are only just scratching the surface...

Jayme Rashelle Photography
Austen Tanney - Title Line
Garrett Macintosh - Slab City

Garrett Macintosh - Dirt Merchant Classic
 gravity candy Photography
Dan Sterzelec - Nelson Can

Jayme Rashelle Photography
Austen Tanney - North Shore Classic
Dan Sterzelec - Nelson Classic

Dre Table at Baseline
Andrij Chubaty - Baseline Gold
 gravity candy Photography
Dan Sterzelec - Nelson Classic


You know, as much as we are out to crush beers, shralp, and have a good time, nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to leave people and organizations better than we found them. The events we host are a prime example of our appreciation for the culture and community around us.

This year we hosted the world premiere of Matchstick Productions 'A Bikers Ballad" with all proceeds being donated to the Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society to help fund a full-time trail crew for the 2021 season.

Jayme Rashelle Photography
The Flannel Crew - A Bikers Ballad Premiere

We've wanted to host a whip-off to get the local bike community stoked for years. It seemed like there was always some external factor that left us high, dry, and unable to execute.

As you may know, Ron and Krys from Landmark Trailworks had their farm burn down during the Kamloops wildfires this summer. This left us feeling absolutely gutted as their hard work (Flight 66) has brought so much joy to the community. For those that have seen the place, you know that it was their home, a piece of mountain bike history, and a place that acted as the breeding ground for the stoke they put into the trails.

We wanted to do something to help them out with the costs of getting back up and running, so we decided a celebration of what they did for us to collect donations was a perfect fit.

We teamed up with Red Bull Canada, Knolly Bikes, Bow Cycle, and Ottalaus Inc. to host a heck of a whip-off on Lower Flight 66. With the community's participation, we raised over $700 to help get Ron and Krys up and rolling again. We can't thank those two enough for all they've done for our community and the sport as a whole.

Whip Off Promo
The Farm Fundraiser - Virtual Whip Off



After seeing the Fest Series continue to go down across the pond, we had a burning desire to build our own jumps right here in Cowboy Country.

We channeled our travel frustrations into the swings of a pick-axe and molded our backyard into something we are truly proud of. We spent countless hours cutting in new Alberta trails and attending maintenance days all over BC. The aim of this seasons builds were to make freeride great again. So we went back to our roots and built some big big drops and jump lines to reach our goals.

With our crew scattered all over Western Canada, we all had our own projects and building goals for this season, and we can honestly say we far surpassed them. The pictures below will tell the real story.

Graham Trenholm Photography
Austen Tanney - Setting The Ledge

Graham Trenholm Photography
Austen Tanney - Shovel Naps
Graham Trenholm Photography
TFC - Film Project Building

Gravity Candy Photography
Dan Strzelec - Fresh Hits
Graham Trenholm Photography
Austen Tanney - Mandatory Guinea Pig


The Flannel Crew has always brought you ridiculous social media content. And now we are bringing that same stoke to a feature-length mountain biking film. Introducing our latest project “The Bike Bum".

This new film from The Flannel Crew dives into the different aspects of personal sacrifice to afford the exorbitant mountain biking lifestyle. Shot on location across Utah, Peru, Alberta and BC this freeride film will leave no beer undrunk and no stone unturned. This is a bike movie for all bikers and a refreshing vision that will relate to the entire bike industry.

Featuring: Marco PerizzolaBilly AdamsonGarrett MacintoshAusten TanneyJoey ReinhartBryant FreemanScott Cooke Dan Strzelec

Coming Fall 2022 – Official Trailer Dropping Soon!

Contact info@theflannelcrew.com for more information.

Graham Trenholm Photography
TFC- Stacking Footage
Graham Trenholm Photography
TFC - The Real Bike Bums


We all chipped in and did our best to leave a lasting legacy that people will never forget this year. From time spent fundraising for the trails to picking up a shovel and putting in some sweat equity on sculpting new lines. We're proud to say we feel like we have made a positive impact on the trails we ride and the community around us.

With international travel finally getting the greenlight we can't wait to hit the road again next season and reconnect with all the amazing people we have missed through the pandemic. We also can't wait to get back to hosting mountain bike festival events for 2022 including the Valley Bike Festival in Invermere, BC and the Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Festival in Canmore, AB.

There's a lot of people that are just too damn cold in this sport. If you want to have your faith in mountain bikers restored, come to one of our events or ride with us. We'll deliver the good times!

Jayme Rashelle Photography
See You Next Season - When The Dust Settles!


Fox Racing Canada

Bow Cycle

Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society

Knolly Bikes

Jayme Rashelle Photography



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 Incredible season boys. Stoked to charge hard with y’all again next year too!
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 Nice new whip dude! Come on over to the island I got some shit for you.
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 Yesss guys! Massive freeride vibes on this one!
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 It's our job to keep the NWD vibes alive!
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 Excellent choice in music
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 Thank you! Appreciate that. Big Grin
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 That toonie drop is gnar
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 it's a biggun for sure
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 Sick boys can wait for next season!!!yeee
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 Thanks dude!
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 \m/ I honestly have not watched a ton of edits recently. But I always make sure to watch the flannel edits because they get me stoked.
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 Thanks, Brycycle! Honestly, riding with you gets us stoked, too. Here's to more shred time in 2022.
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 Thah's ma boys!
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 That's our Bruce! Thanks brudda
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 Amazing! Love it
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 Thank you so much!
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 Sick video, sick riding and sick song. Jack Moir has brought metal back into riding videos which is awesome.
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 This sport needs more metal for sure \m/
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 Great video! I especially appreciate the high kick beer sip trick (say it fast).
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 So fresh and so clean, clean! Thanks mang. \m/
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 That made me pretty stoked on bikes!
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 Funny that the "fresh hits" caption under the trail building projects heading, was 1000000% not built by the flannel crew....

Lots of Nelson content, but not a lot (zero) digging in Nelson...
  • 6 2
 Most of those Nelson shots were of Dan who lives in the Kootenays and he's put in plenty of hours maintaining Shitaker and Downhill jam over the years.
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 @Thejamon: this is false information, I do trail maintenance in my city but never in Nelson, I have donated money to help keep things going and I truly appreciate the builders that put in the work, I'm just clearing things up
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 @blaaaaa: Thanks Dan! Thought I'd seen photos of you slinging dirt up there before.
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 @blaaaaa: much appreciated. \m/
  • 8 0
 Hey buddy! That is 100% my bad not on Dan! We wrote this mostly at the pub and you know how that goes! That title was more about it looking fresh and not trying to claim the build.

Either way I probably could have snuck that nug in under a different heading with a different caption but what's done is done. Hopefully you liked the rest of the article and I will own that one for how it looks! Cheers! AT

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