Behind the New 'TQ-HPR50' Motor that Drives Trek's Fuel EXe

Sep 20, 2022 at 13:36
by tq-e-bike  
Trek Fuel EXe powered by TQ-HPR50 during sundown


The newly released TQ-HPR50 system might still be a novelty for many, but we’ve been working on it for a couple of years now. Let's travel back to year 2018... Lightweight E-MTBs were not really a thing and many bike brands had not yet realized the true potential. Trek happened to stumble across our TQ prototype e-mountain bike at Eurobike, we had modified a Trek Powerfly to fit our HPR120S drive unit.

You know, the bike was not really what they were looking for, but the excitement for our Harmonic Pin-Ring technology was sparked. Immediately, the engineers from the U.S. recognized the potential of our TQ pin-ring transmission and challenged us with one simple question: How small can an e-bike motor with the HPR technology get? And after several brainstorming sessions and weeks of development work and testing, our R&D team presented a very convincing concept. The partnership between Trek and TQ was born and only grew stronger to become what we know today as the

We at TQ bring the innovation in electronical and mechanical design to the table and Trek brings an extensive market knowledge and decades of bike development experience. This combination is the perfect foundation for a strong product and a strong partnership, characterized by trust, competence, openness and a lot of teamwork. And the result is something we can be extremely proud of.

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By redesigning and reengineering the patented Harmonic Pin-Ring technology used in literal Space-Age applications to fit the needs of modern cyclists, we’ve created an extremely light drive unit that is quiet, has virtually no lag in engagement, no drag when disengaged and allows for seamless e-bike system integration. Utilizing the compact size and technological advantages of the HPR transmission, we’ve developed a nested motor construction around the bottom bracket. Consisting of only very few parts making the motor almost invisible. Foregoing the use of traditional cog wheels or belt drives which can be the cause of friction, noise, wear and potential points of failure.

Light, compact, natural-feeling, instantly-engaging and quiet which seamlessly integrates into the frame without the need for bulky bottom brackets or gigantic downtubes.

For our team of cycling-crazed engineers the development of the TQ-HPR50 has never been about peak torque or power. It’s always been about feeling empowered. It’s about climbing faster and riding longer to enjoy more of what’s most fun – shredding trails and having a blast on the downs – without being held back by a massive weight penalty and cumbersome bike. A mountain bike that looks and sounds like an analog bike but just happens to make you feel like you are riding on the fittest day of your life. A system specifically developed to be used in bikes, not washing machines.

bigquotesIt’s about ripping the downhills with a fun, agile, playful and natural-feeling mountain bike.Dani Theil, Product Manager at TQ


Stealthy remote optimized for e-mtb use.
Fully in-frame integrated display

TQ-HPR50 creates mountain bikes that let you clock more downhills without a massive weight penalty. Bikes that are sleek, light and let you explore deeper..

Photos & Video by Tillmann Brothers Entertainment/Julian Mittelstädt

And here is a small blast from the past, we bet you didn't expect this photo coming up at the and of this article...

Rumor has it, that this hefty Trek Powerfly TQ-prototype from Eurobike 2018 might be still speeding around the TQ production site in Inning am Ammersee to this day.

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 "A system specifically developed to be used in bikes, not washing machines."
Shots fired.
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 Came here to read about the battery?
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 A few rides in and can attest it’s remarkable. Super fun supplement to my real bikes.
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 It’s about ripping the downhills with a fun, agile, playful and natural-feeling mountain bike.—Dani Theil, Product Manager at TQ

Yeah, you could do this ten years ago, before the first ebike. This press release is hard to slog thru.

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