CLIF Bar Fantasy Slopestyle 2013 - Pick Your Team, Win $2000 Cash

Aug 17, 2013
by Tyler Maine  

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 I'm willing to bet everyone's team has Semenuk in it
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 Are you a magician
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flag sandrida (Aug 11, 2013 at 5:02) (Below Threshold)
 not in mine i bet all of these riders are equal in skill level some o them are better djers then others and the others will have more big mntn skills, anyway i chose messere instead of semenuk. didnt see him in a contest or some while. i bet many of us will go for this and i hope the winner usses the money to buy some bike related stuff. in my case all i really want is bike related maybe i need to mary my bike i bet she will not let me down or just letting me down on a way that is down but that makes me feel up, so to speak not eeling up in the meaning of feeling down, just eeling good ....
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 "maybe i need to mary my bike i bet she will not let me down or just letting me down on a way that is down but that makes me feel up, so to speak not eeling up in the meaning of feeling down, just eeling good" um, maybe rephrase that a just a teeeny bit
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flag sandrida (Aug 11, 2013 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 well dude a bike can make you go downhill, but letting you go down also means that it takes you down and the result of taking you down in that meaning isnt positive, but when i go downhill on a bike that makes me feel very good. i hope you understand me now while you are standing above me now you know, i just like to play with words. sorry for that but thats just me. greetings
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 No semen uk in mine!
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 Same, l replaced him with Montgomery after seeing best trick
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 Sandrida you're pretty weird dude
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 Why did they put riders in their line up that aren't riding? I picked watts for my 6th and didn't know he was not riding until the contest was closed.
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 l replaced Lacon with Semenuk when l saw the start lists. But l also had Genon, Montgomery, and Messere, so l probably didn't
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 Are you a smartass?
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 i used to win in HLDM i was the best/
no man probably dont derserve it have been working for months 4 finishing my step down but its al for nothing...
some one telled them about my secret spot. cant ride here nowhere its all forbidden, i hate it here but luckely enough we are having a dirtpark here, anyway if someone ask me something i will reply again otherwise it will be my last comment

have a great day
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 i dont even know if this is + or - reply of you mnorris
i said my stepdown dream will not come trough because its on a forbidden place and people are stoppin me.
and i worked for hours dirting it up and bringing in wood all for nothing... they can build houses like its nothing, what will happen on that place they prob build a house on that in years so why shoudnt i be in the right to use q couple of meters of that terrain since its not been used, i used wood that was rotting there think they also looking for me for that,

and please be welcome to thumb me down again you can ban me if you want too
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 @Dirtworks911 Did you?
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 I got the first two right. I had Sam in fourth, not 3rd. Then it went all down hill from there.
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 Exactly, so neither of us won.
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 Sorry, I just think it's hilarious you didn't think Brandon would take 6th place or better...
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 Look at the results, semenuk took the win
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 Wait, they were in order??????
I thought you just picked 6 riders????
I had everyone except Pilgrim, I switched him for Cam, but Brandon was the last guy I picked, the 6th, I didn't know that meant I thought hed get 6th.
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 Semenuk, Zink, Soderstrom, Montgomery, McCaul, McCaul,
I pretty much chose my favorite guys (except Martin)
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 I hope I win, I need money for new bike parts.
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 I need money for hookers and blow
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 I need money for my whistler trip!
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 Oh yeah? Well...My 2000 will be better! With blackjack! And (cove) hookers! Actually...forget the blackjack...
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 "Actually forget the whole thing!" Oh futurama references...
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 I need pay for Mr.P .... Big Grin LOL
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flag caidgrant (Aug 11, 2013 at 12:43) (Below Threshold)
 I need to buy a 29r
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 what do they do when more then one person wins? (same team)
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 they probably do the old names out of the hat
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 your all SO GAY
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 jack do you mean you're all so gay ? as you're is a contraction of you_are, the apostrophe indicates the contraction. your so gay infers you are informing someone of their possession of a 'so gay' and 'so gay' must therefor be an object to posses given the possessive adjectives your.

As if you were pointing to an object that is named a 'so gay' and stating to someone, [this is] your so gay.

Which is it ?
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 I wanna win because money is dope.
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 That comment is pure wisdom
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 Yes, I can confirm, money is in fact dope.
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flag jm1234 (Aug 19, 2013 at 3:53) (Below Threshold)
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 Soderstrom for the double win!!
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 where is Bret Rheader??????????????????????????????????????
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 he's injured
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flag KieferEvans (Aug 10, 2013 at 17:45) (Below Threshold)
 Some people really need to keep up to date these days...
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 Replaced him with Brett Tippie apparently!
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 My question is where is Sam Reynolds, he got re-invited, but he isn't on the list..
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 he is now on the list!! i've just picked him
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 God damn I hope I win. I need money for a Zerode..
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 We all do mate... Wink
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 I need money for a redalp....
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 haha^ you need money for the opticians!
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 What if everybody voted the same people? Everyone lose or win?
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 This guy has a point... Congrats you've won a dollar... Along with 2000 other people hahah.
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 they'll probally pull a name out of the hat to decide
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 Greg watts for the wild card
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 Mikes video is over 2 years old!!?? WTF Put something recent to show he has the best style and arsenal of tricks!
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 sh*t soderstorm still lay down on the ground, he want to win so badly and he push the limit... hope he'll be okay
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 Zink for the win.
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 If he puts together his planned run, it will definitely be nuts.
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 I need money to build a slopestyle course.
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 Now thats money put to good use,imagine how much you would make having the only slope course in uk,you would have to fight em off with sticks!
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 Haha yeah! The UK does need more stuff like this though, we have nothing compared to the courses there are in canada!
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 Yh but tbf we hardly have any massive mountains. We have a few shitty hills thats people chase cheese down and thats about it....:/ you seen the mountains in canada.? Lol
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 Yeah true, but we do have some decent mountains... Well ones that will do... But Nothing to compared with canadas mountains. I need to live there:'(
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 I hear snowdon is opened a new trail. #jealous! Lol
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 lets keep the hashtag bull shit off pinkbike
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 I need the money to buy a new trek s ticket frame!
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 Where's intern?
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 Reynolds is now on the list!!! so anyone who wants him on the team, pick him up now!
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 Szymon is my wild card, want to see one of his cash rolls!
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 Semenuk and Soderstrom are in everyone's team I bet Razz
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 Montgomery's trying his back flip bar hop to tail whip... if he land again and pulls off a sick run.. WINNER FO SHO!
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 any updates on time schedule of the slopestyle event? is there a delay due to rain in whistler?
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 there's no reynolds, so does he finally got invited or not to joyride?
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 Need money for a slopstyle bike !! Smile really hope I win
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 need the cash to finish my rampant build,messere smashes it man!
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 So I got 1,2,3 and 6. Can anyone beat that?
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 i got 1,2,3, and 5... suck me
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 No thanks.
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 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 for me... Can't believe I dropped Antoine Bizet from my team in favour of Anthony Messere!
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 1,2,3,4 and 6. I have the exact same team as @AmbientLight then.. Also dropped Bizet for Messere in 5th..
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 Same for me, was not expecting bizet at all. Looks like I won't be winning 2 years in a row.
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 Message was 8th not 7th I think. So I had 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
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 123456 Smile
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 I got all top 6!
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 me too bro! heads or tails?
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 same here!!
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 Cheers boys, looks like we still get a decent prize!
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 I want a gopro!
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 if i win, ill be in whistler tomorrow...
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 who won?
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 There was a 10 way split for the Grand prize. Luckily I was one of them Smile
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 Thelander, Sorge or Lacondeguy!
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