Video: Fabien Barel Presents, Episode 3 - Tobias Woggon

Aug 1, 2013
by Mavic HQ  
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In the 3rd episode of season 2, when we catch up with Fab he's in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. He's with Tobias Woggon, and apparently it's been a long day as the darkness has fallen and the only light in the farmhouse where they stay is by headlamp. Why is is the place so primitive? As you'll see, they're riding high alpine trails that are only accessible by gondola, hike, and/or helicopter. It's extremely remote in these high mountains, and the guys are absolutely shredding the trails.

Join the guys and see what it looks like in the high Swiss alps. The experience is complete with sleeping in an empty farmhouse and having the local sausage for dinner, almost in total darkness. Fab and Tobias used all the sunshine on the trails so there's none left at dinnertime!

Don't miss this one and experience the alpine adventure ...

View the whole Album from the trip here.


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 WOW WHAT A TRIP . al be checkin out the mavic wheel tyre combo now . am looking forward to my own mini trip i do most weekends innerleithen xc and glentress black on the same day am not the fastest rider not got lots of technical skills i just kind of roll along and enjoy the time out .
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 did those two rides for the first time this week, tues and weds nights, glentress black in particular was epic, couldn't see shit through the woods towards the end (shane mcgowan?) and it started pissing down, one of the best rides ever
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 Boy do 29ers ever look stupid on a trails like that.
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 I agree!
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 Barel corners like a madman but it looked like the wagon wheels were getting a little left behind in the twisty bits.
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 Definately did not look as fun of a ride.
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 Incredible video.
I was so taken by the whole thing I didn't even notice the bikes/tires size.
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 French rider on 26 geman bike and german rider with 29 swiss bike. Having fun on beautiful trail i call that mountain biking.
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 yeah... take your £5000+ bikes to a barn with out even lights for your accommodation... but get up and take a heli lift up the mountain... seems legit
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 They Canyon was sweet tho! Nice manual!
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 29ers indeed look a bit odd on trails like this. But as long as it's fun... anything goes.
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 Haha i felt so good about myself even riding some of those trails (the easier ones) a few wweks ago and now the pros come and make it look like its the easiest trail anyone has ever ridden.
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 Does Barel ever have a sketchy moment? So fluid and controlled, unreal
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 Although it started a bit boring, this video gets better and better as it goes through. Some really decent footage
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 That BMC looks shithot...
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 You've got the title wrong. It's episode 3 not 2. It kinda confused me.
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 I was about to write the same. the first one was with jerome and the second with barnes
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 that right there is why i ride XD
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 anyone knows location? do they start on Parpaner Rotthorn?
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 Yes sir! It's the spot where the trek bike attack starts.
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 Good choice concerning kneepads, Mr. Barel, because the ion k_pacts rule
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 Canyon NICE!
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 I wanna be there!
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