Help Canadian DH Women Get to Worlds!

Aug 13, 2012
by Ryan Kuhn  
Whistler locals Casey Brown, Miranda Miller, Claire Buchar and Micayla Gatto need your help to represent Canada at the DH World Championships in Leogang, Austria, in September. The four were selected for this year's team and are racing to get the funds to make the long trip across the pond.

Casey Brown took the 2012 Crankworx Garaanzo DH win followed by Miranda Miller and Claire Buchar. All three women will be representing Canada at the 2012 World Championship in Austria.

Canadian National Champion Casey Brown took the 2012 Crankworx Garbanzo DH win on Sunday, followed by Miranda Miller and Claire Buchar. All three women will be representing Canada at the 2012 World Championship in Austria.

At 7PM on Tuesday, August 14, at the Creekbread in Creekside, Whistler, an amazing raffle will go down to help raise funds for Worlds. The women's sponsors have thrown down some great prizes, including swag fromTroy Lee Designs (can you say D3?), EVOC, Go Pro and many more. While you're there, make sure to buy some gourmet pizza as a portion of the proceeds also benefit the racers' Worlds fund.

Micayla flashing her pearly whites.
  Micayla needs your help to represent Canada...come on, how can you pass up delicious pizza, a chance to win amazing gear and help the Whistler women get to Worlds?


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 How about bike industry support, which is close to zero! Just open magazine or look through this site- almost no coverage of female riders. I recently opened Dirt magazine, and in 5 issues, there were 2 pictures of female riders! Utter sausage fest catering to lunch money of 17 year olds. Kind of stupid on industry's part to eliminate advertisements to half of population.
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 If I was in town I would go an support them, the Pizza alon at Creekbread is worth the trip. This is one of the issues in canada when it comes to a non-Olympic Sport looking for support. I would bet my first born that the XC Teams dont need to be having a fundraiser for support. Its a shame though, any money given to the Canadian Cycling Ferderation through programs like Own the podium Have to go to XC because it is the oylmpic Sport. And I am fine with that, The XC teams results are what earned that money and the Own the Podium is specifically geared towards the Oylmpics. I just think that the team that is selected to compete at the World Championships should be fully supported. It is One event, not a whole world cup season. Good luck girls, I hope you pul it off because you deserve to be there and shouldnt have to go begging to do it.
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 Please be respectful and talk about what you know. These women need your support, we wouldn't be asking for your help otherwise.
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flag agent-orange (Aug 14, 2012 at 17:49) (Below Threshold)
 Begging for money is not respectful, period.
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 Who's begging? It's a benefit and raffle with some sweet prizes donated by sponsors.
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 athletes representing these companies do a lot more, then show a pretty face. they promote their products! i believe an honest pay for honest day of work. their cost should be covered by the companies they represent. while companies like Sram, Fox, Troy Lee, Specialized (to name a few) can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their trucks, put up entire crews for several nights in whistler, they can't afford to support their athletes?
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 Hope those girls raise the funds to get to worlds. They all are incredible riders. Claires bit in SIN was awesome!
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 These girls rock! And Claire took the pro-line on the 'in deep' V in her race run - respect!!i=2022309601&k=VB56Tgz
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 Honestly, I'm just a guy who works and can barely afford my own bike. When something breaks I pay up to and over 50% mark-up on products. Products from companies that sponsor these female riders. While I am totally supportive of women's racing and mtn biking in general, I cannot support them with my hard earned money while their sponsors sit idle and fuss over quarterly revenues. If fox, oakley etc. sold a product that advertised proceeds to benefit women's racing, I would be more apt to "sponsor" their riders.
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 Any way to directly support them? If the interwebs can get under $500k for a bus monitor I'd like to think Canadian Pinkbikers can pitch in enough for a plane ticket.
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 Good luck ladies, if I was in Whistler this week I'd come out! Hope you all get to Leogang and take up 4 spots on the podium!!!
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 well no offence if they are so good why ain't their sponsors paying?? you don't see any of the other girls asking for cash ffs at least blow me for my money Smile
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 Every country's cycling federation sends them to worlds with there fellow countrymen/women, like british cycling and USA cycling, etc... Their sponsors have almost nothing to do with how they get there or stay there. Each cycling federation also pays for coaches and jerseys they represent. Not everyone on the world cup circuit makes it either, like the british contenders are not all there, josh bryceland didnt make it for mont st. anne in 2010, because of results.
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 Normaly the athlete still has to pay a couple grand to be on the team.
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 I guess they cant make it over the pond on those measley checks, 1500? that wouldnt get you too far... and thats the 1st place check.
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 any way to donate via paypal? can't make it to that side of the continent to donate but am up for supporting.
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 The fundraising event will happen at 7 p.m. on Tuesday...see you there!
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 That lady right der is perdy!
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 What about Lauren Rosser and Holly Feniak? Don't they need help getting to the Worlds?
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 Same day and time as Go Pro Dirt Diaries!
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 gotta hook that junk up online next time. get them serious baller bills.
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 Who's going for the men?
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 There enough space in my flat. I let them stay there for free. They just need to get here Smile
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 true. some canadians....tsk....shit sense of humour ...
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 wtf.. is living in whistler not enough for these people... fml
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 quit bitching just cuz you dont have a fundraiserto get you over to whistler
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