Marcelo Gutierrez #1 in Colombia

Nov 17, 2011
by Pablo Mazuera  
Colombian National Champs 2011

"Marcelo Gutierrez", the CG Santacruz Bikes' Rider is the fastest Pro rider in Colombia with an amazing time (4:10), followed by his brother "Rafael Gutierrez" (4:11), the fastest Junior rider who had the second best time at the race track this weekend in Ubaté, a small town in the center of the country.

Photo by my iPhone

Marcelo Gutierrez

After a very hard competitive race, with lots of rain, 85 riders did the best they could in Ubaté Colombia.

The race track was sick and long, the first section was very deep and muddy, then there was a long rocky section with some medium size jumps and lots of steps, and finally some nice woods and more mud, finishing with a nice ramp jump where the crowd was waiting for the riders.

Photo by Lorenzo Mazuera

Pablo Mazuera

The second best Pro rider was "Mauricio Estrada" (4:20), who raced with a bike he borrowed because someone stole his bike a day before the race, then Juan Fernando Franco got third (4:23).

Photo by Lorenzo Mazuera

Photo by Lorenzo Mazuera
Photos by Lorenzo Mazuera

  • Official Results:

  • Pro Men DH
  • 1-Marcelo Gutiérrez (Caldas) 4:10
  • 2-Maurcio Estrada (Cundinamarca) 4:20
  • 3-Juan Fernando Franco (Valle) 4:23

  • Junior DH
  • 1-Rafael Gutiérrez (Caldas) 4:11
  • 2-Carlos Duque (Antioquia) 5:25
  • 3-Juan Manuel Orrego (Caldas) 6:26

  • Senior DH
  • 1-Julián Salazar (Antioquia) 5:01
  • 2-José Ramírez (Nariño) 5:02
  • 3-Esteban Zuluaga (Caldas) 5:13

  • Máster DH
  • 1-Oscar Rodríguez (Cundinamarca) 5:17
  • 2-Joaquín Rodríguez (Cundinamarca) 5:22
  • 3-Leandro Carvajal (Antioquia) 5:24

  • Youth DH
  • 1-Cristian Vásquez (Antioquia) 6:16
  • 2-Santiago Amaya (Cundinamarca) 6:38
  • 3-Juan Salazar (Antioquia) 6:42

  • Hard tail DH
  • 1-Julián Yépes (Antioquia) 4:58
  • 2-Camilo Mora (Nte Santander) 5:30
  • 3-Miguel Ortega (Cauca) 6:08


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 The racing scene in colombia is more about having fun and enjoying yourself, which is why i'll be heading down there to Manizales, escape the cold ny winter and participate in january's urban DH race. also just happens to be the annual festival. cant f*cking wait =),
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flag Waldon83 (Nov 17, 2011 at 20:48) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks Grant, but we don't want to hear your whole life story. All I took away from your comment was "I'm going to Columbia, everyone else can suck it"

And on that note, I'll get back to my shitty office work
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 I think he's just stoked. Relax.
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 shut the hell up Waldon. the guy is heading to colombia and is trying to share his stoke. why don't you save up and head out on a trip yourself, it'll do you some good.
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 Didnt have to look for that Waldo he came spitting right to your face (whatever the 'n' is for).
This is a website for sharing about bike related stuff and more, he was sharing his trip with us because he's happy about it, i was glad to hear about it too, even if i cant go on any trip because im poor, i dont see what your problem is, jerk.
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 ^ +1 Smile
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 Sounds like a fun trip.
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 trust me you will never wana come back
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 Congrats Marcelo! Marcelo was ripping some very fast times at Crankworx last year and will be faster than ever next year I bet! Seemed like a really cool dude.
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 Arrogance? Most people hate being in the cold when they can be somewhere sunny and warm. It's not arrogance at all when he says he's escaping the cold NY winter and headin to Manizales. U mad bro?
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 Wet?.. Are they taking the piss?
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 Awsome! Where are the women? Don't they race down there too?
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 1-Marcelo Gutiérrez (Caldas) 4:10
1-Rafael Gutiérrez (Caldas) 4:11

Racing family, well done!
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 felicidades parce !
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 how can I find out more about the mtb scene in colombia? my wife is from there and it may give me something to do on my next visit. she is from Bucaramanga in Santander.
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 Dope! Haha
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