North Shore Triple Crown

Aug 13, 2013
by Shore-Play  
At Honey s Donuts
Three amigos, three mountains.

“We’ve got an embarrassment of riches!” Andreas Hestler sits on his patio, sipping a cappuchino, motioning to the striking backdrop of the North Shore mountains which dominate the horizon. Ask anyone who lives on the Shore and they’ll tell you flat out, we’ve got some of the world’s best riding out our back door. “With three mountains in our backyard, we’re spoiled with options!” brags Dre. But to connect all three mountains in a day is braved by an elite few. A badge of honour amongst locals, riding the Triple Crown is a veritable feat.

start of the Triple
The Triple Crown starts in the heart of Deep Cove.

Chow down
Load up on the calories and good spirit...you're gonna need it!

“There’s no easy way to do it,” Dre is often described as an animal in the saddle, “to do it under 6 hours is impressive.” For Hestler to be daunted is a testament to the formidable feat. The terrain is difficult at times, both up and down, and the logistical challenges are many. Depending on the route chosen, the distance is anywhere from 50-65km and the elevation includes approximately 3000m of climbing. A good day indeed!

start of the Triple
West Coast...3 mountains in one day.

Without local intel, it’s difficult connecting one mountain to the next. “There are a number of ways you can connect the dots so efficiency is key.” Simmons knows these mountains like the back of his chamois. Considering you are either climbing steep pitches or descending technical trails, you need to be not only physically prepared for the arduous journey, you also need to have the skills to handle the descents. Getting lost, back-tracking and running out of gas are all very real possibilities. Add to that mental fatigue or mechanical failure and success hangs in the balance on every peak. For some, the Triple Crown is biting off more than they can chew. For others, it’s the kind of epic adventure that’s irresistible. "Having a fully supported tour like this can make the difference between success and failure." Simmons speaks of the merits of attempting the Triple Crown with Shore Play.

Love muffins
Bite off more than you can chew...first stop is Honey's Donuts in Deep Cove.

Then it's time to burn off those donuts. Dr. Dre climbing Seymour.

Starting in the east, the arduous climb up Mount Seymour begins in Deep Cove, leading across the western flank eventually connecting to Mount Fromme by crossing the Seymour River and then traversing Lynn Valley. Pre ride fuelling at Honey’s Donuts in the Cove and food stops along the way including fresh fruit and coconut water makes the journey more palatable. “There’s no easy way up, and no easy way down.” Dre underlines the first leg of the journey.

Primo trails connect you from one mountain to the next.

Seymour amp Fromme
No better day than a day in the mountains.

Once you've conquered Seymour, “Then the real fun begins on Fromme!” Simmons has a big smile on his face. Climbing Mount Fromme is the easy part, but how you descend and then traverse to Cypress can be difficult route finding that takes you through challenging, rocky terrain. “Thankfully, the majority is ride-able,” Dre asserts with the smile of a billy goat. Before making your rocky traverse to Cypress, you’ll be blessed with a fast and flowy descent down Fromme, taking you through Capilano canyon and on to the final target. The Triple Crown will test you both physically and mentally, but if you’re successful, you’ll earn bragging rights amongst the locals and the satisfaction of completing something monumental.

Shore mountains
You'll climb from East to West: Seymour, Fromme & Cypress.

After another water crossing at Cleveland Dam, the final jewel in the Triple Crown awaits on Cypress. While each mountain has it’s own character, Cypress may be the most technically challenging of them all with a healthy mix of flowy loam, steep rock-faces and the odd ladder bridge for good measure. When reaching this final leg of the journey, your endurance and prior efficiency with route finding will determine your success. “A day like this begins to catch up with you.” Dre speaks of the drag you begin to feel on that last ascent, when your legs feel leaden and your cadence starts to wane. If you make it to the top of Cypress, you then need to battle the mental fatigue on that last technical descent: a mere 2500 feet to the water at Horseshoe Bay. “At this point, you’ve got it in the bag, it’s just a matter of keeping the rubber side down!”

This September 7th is your chance to ride the Triple Crown with Shore Play, hosted by Andreas Hestler & Wade Simmons. Space is limited so sign up now on this fully supported tour and come conquer the legend!

Triple Crown not your cup of tea? Ride All Mountain Enduro style with Andrew Shandro on Sept 28, DH with Tippie on Sept 20 & 21 or XC with Simmons on Aug 28.

Packed up ready to roll
Finish the Triple Crown and you've got bragging rights for ever more...

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 I guess if I bought a portable defibrillator I could manage it .... or six cans of redbull and a firecracker up my ass........
  • 1 0
 what makes it a legit triple crown - what elevations do you have to make on each ascent?

mushroom lot area on seymour / 7th on fromme / 3rd Cypress switchback?

or higher? DAMN!

we are sooo lucky here in vancouver!
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 OMG that looks so great. I really wish I were back home this summer. Nice read, pictures and adventure guys!
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 Tripple crown shuttles I have done. Riding to all three mountains in one go is truly epic!
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 I've done this
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 I don't get what they mean by space is limited? Can't ya just meet them by the start to from me and tag along? Not like there's an occupancy limit on the north shore lol
  • 3 0
 Because it is a guided tour, they is a charge to join the tour and it is easier to manage a small group as opposed to 50 people showing up. Plus with a small group, you actually get the chance to interact with the guys as get to know them.
  • 2 0
 We have limited spaces on the tour because it is a fully supported ride...
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 I must do this

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