Sam Hill to race on SRAM, RockShox, Avid & Truvativ components

Dec 15, 2008
by Luc 'Acadian' Albert  
News Source: Eric Schutt
After much anticipation, the dynamic duo of Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough recently announced their new ride with Specialized. While this will be a new frame partner, the two time World Cup DH Champion Sam Hill chose to remain on SRAM. Both Hill and Fairclough will compete on SRAM drivetrain, RockShox suspension forks and rear shocks and Avid brakes. New starting in 2009, the team will also ride Truvativ cranksets. The agreement is for the next three yearsHill has been part of the SRAM racing family for the past six years. Since 2003, he’s been a part of the elite BlackBox® program. Once BlackBox riders become part of SRAM’s racing development program, they provide feedback that is imperative to industry leading product development. Recently, Hill was instrumental in testing the newest RockShox BoXXer®, which will start shipping early 2009. Sam says, “I’m really excited to be back on SRAM, RockShox and Avid for the next 3 years. It’s important for me to have confidence in the products I use. I’ve won World Championships with these components on my bike in the past and feel that they are the best. It’s going to be great using Truvativ cranks. They make a great product and seem to keep coming up with cool new ideas, so I look forward to working with them.”

BlackBox Racing program manager, Jon Cancellier works hand-in-hand with the athletes. Cancellier said, “Working with Sam is extremely valuable. Sam knows what he needs to win, and I enjoy delivering what he needs to be fast.” Jon went on to say, “Sam is able to provide thorough feedback that our product teams can apply. He can articulate details that in the end, improve the performance of products the consumers can ride.”

Brendon Fairclough knows how to go fast, and has posted excellent results, too. Not only has Fairclough achieved the British National Championship top spot, he’s done it five times! Fairclough has also earned the Junior World Cup DH Champion title. Fairclough said, “I’m really happy to be back on SRAM again. They’ve been good to me from a young age and its great to have people around you that you can trust. I feel good knowing I have the best product on my bike. It’s been good working with RockShox this year, helping me out with all the fine little things that we change throughout the year and getting everything 100% sorted. I’m looking forward to 2009, and to get dialed in as well!”

Team Monster Energy Manager, Sean Heimdal, said, “I’m very pleased to continue working with SRAM. As a team, we enjoy the support that’s come from the long term relationship. Moving forward and growing the relationship with SRAM allows us to focus on racing and in turn, winning.” Heimdal also said, “The choice of the Monster Energy team to ride Truvativ cranks is an exciting one. With a variety of light and stiff cranksets, the team looks forward to the new addition.”


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 the bikes look sick! saw brendog up caersws yesterday. look out for him next year
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 seen fairclough up in fort bill at the worlds and he looked on fire , love his hardcore ridin style eh . hope he does the buisness 09 stylee
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 sam hill this, sam hill that. i hope fairclough or just anyone new can take the title. we need an underdog!
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 agree Smile
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 to be honest i reckon sam hill is a bit of an underdog. He kind of fits the picture aswell. THats the impression i got. And its not like he wins everything.... Smile but he does win a lot Wink
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flag timlake (Dec 16, 2008 at 12:35) (Below Threshold)
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 tim lake wtf?

hills a bit of a robot but a damn good rider, i swear hes just bionic, and theyv forgotten to add a personality.. its peatys time befor he retires Frown Frown
he just needs to then his life as a racer will be forfilled, plus itl be nice to see a yorkshireman take the title =]
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 doubtful, the truvativ holzfeller range is the dh stuff. Confused
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flag TheBikeNurse (Dec 16, 2008 at 14:22) (Below Threshold)
 Sam will probably be running the new Hammerschmidt
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 yeah, the lower gearing will help him loads on the pedalling up. Somebody give this guy a medal for the biggest retard ever.
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 haha , nice comment cheif
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 lol ouch. There would be no point in running the hammerschmidt. its just gona be unwanted extra weight.
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 *slaps forehead*
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 Haha got laugh at all the folk that rushed out and bought FSA Gravity cranks, big surprise pro riders! riding kit their paid to ride.
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 why does that make you laugh?
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 hammersmidt overpriced and useless for downhill , throw on a 42 tooth on the front a road cassette on the back , pedal like a mad man and bobs yer uncle
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 i don't get it. if he was on sram for the last couple years wouldn't he have ridden truvativs? what was he cranking on before?
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 wait. never-mind. after doing pretty much no research i see he was riding gravity's. that's weird.
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 o.o yeah xD
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 I predict that SRAM stocks will soar in the coming months as all the Sam Hill fanboys start buying up their components.
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 so i thought as well...but evs
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 very true dingus.... haha, i think hes still on funn.....
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 Sounds awesome. Gonna be a great race season
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 Fsa as far as i know
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 Sram Rocks. So does Sam Hill.
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