Trek's C3 Project

Aug 16, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
What is the Trek C3 Project?

Some of you might be wondering, what is the Trek C3 Project? It's simple: C3 stands for: competition, cinematics and creativity - the 3 things that drive these four core athletes to do what they do. Check it out as Rene Wildhaber, Andrew Shandro, Cam McCaul and Brandon Semenuk go out to show you what C3 is all about...

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bigquotesTo me, C3 means so much. I enjoy the idea that we can show the world that we are more than just Mega riders, or slopestyle riders. But at the core of it, we're all connected because of our desire to take riding mountain bikes to new places, in new ways, all over the world. -- Rene Wildhaber

Brandon Semenuk's C3 video from Fall 2010:

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bigquotesC3 is taking what our lives revolve around and sharing it with the world. -- Brandon Semenuk

C3 Project in Maui:

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bigquotesWe needed something more than just the term "freeride" to explain to the world what we do. Riding has progressed in so many ways over the past 5-10 years, and the reason it's progressed is because of those 3 critical elements, "competition. Cinematics. creativity." -- Andrew Shandro

Trek C3 Project: Cam Front Flip How-To

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Ever wondered how Cam perfectly executes that front flip? Walk through the process with him step by step to learn exactly how he does it. WARNING: Don't try this yourself. Seriously.

bigquotesCalling our team "The C3 Project" gives equal credit to all of the elements that drive what we do. We Compete and we film, but without creativity and an open mind, there would be no progression of either. The C3 Project is our platform to progress all aspects of Freeride by designing the best bikes in the world for our chosen disciplines and coming up with the craziest ideas to put them to the test. -- Cam McCaul

Title image by Devon Balet.

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 "just warming up my shoulder" on 20 foot drops.....
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 In the last few years, Trek have made it a point to create special one-off paint schemes for their sponsored riders. Everybody from the C3 boys, Anneke, and Rad Ross to Armstrong, Lieto, and Leipheimer have custom graphics for their rides. They all look fantastic (and in most cases, way better than stock), and none are made available to the market. The consumer is also unable to get a respray without voiding the factory warranty.

Michael, if you're reading this; please bring back P1 for the mountain bike line, or certify an independent painter to be able to do work on Trek bikes without voiding the warranty.
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 Project one would still only offer a select number of colours and only to like the Top fuel session 9.9 and few other bikes. The painting idea will get you much further.
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 Does anyone else notice how many typos are in this?
"C3 is taking what ARE lives revolve around and sharing it with the world. -- Brandon Semenuk" 'are' should be 'our'
"Brandon Semenuk's C3 video from Fall 2011" should be 2010 because we haven't hit fall in 2011 yet.
Where was the editor on this one?
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 Simple mistakes happen. Fixed now.
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 Those tricks come with the purchase of a new trek, right?
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 i remember when i first started riding, i thought trek was just XC and old people bikes, but since they started teaming up with these pros they have completely turned their image around in my view. now all they have to do is make their bikes more affordable.. Smile
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 semenuk vid just got me so STOKED! wish i didnt break my hand so i could ride :/
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 fall 2010*
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 yes fall 2010 , i was stoked about it but its old Frown , anyway it's a rad edit!
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 lol my exact thought (HOLY SHIT NEW SEMENUK C3 VIDEO) awww lol ,they changed it now tho
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 WoW! LEGENDS. What a talented crew.
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 loved the scorpion at the end of SemenukĀ“s vid!
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 "WARNING: Don't try this yourself. Seriously." ---> For reals Eek
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 Fall vid was sick. Enough said.
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 Anyone know the song on cam mccaul's maui video?
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 Meeting Place-Kooii
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 In the Semenuk fall edit, what shoulder brace is he using?
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