Brendan Howey Throwing His Infectious Style All Over the Sunshine Coast - Raw 100

Sep 14, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

No effects, no slo-mo. Just 100 seconds of raw action from the Canadian freerider Brendan Howey. Rupert Walker is back with another mind-blowing Raw 100 edit. Just riding captured at its most natural.

Twenty-five-year-old Brendan Howey is a Canadian freerider who rides for Andorran firm, Commencal Bikes. Right from its opening, the Sunshine Coast native has been one of the driving trail-building forces behind the Coast Gravity Park in British Columbia.

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 Im sorry but this guy might need slow mo...dude is fast.
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 Sooooo that's how you ride a bike.... I've been doing it wrong this whole time.
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 The sound of this particular RAW 100 was some of the nicest I've ever heard. That semi muted softer hub sound was incredible and his tires hooking up with that dirt just adds the touches to this edit. The finest quality, hats off to Howey
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 Now that you mention it, the muted hub did make it a better watch.
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 Those shark fins fucked me up. I need to get back to coast and get my revenge on em.
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 Man, I miss the rainy day vibes... hopefully soon.
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 make him wear a redbull helmet and i will confuse him with brandon semenuk, such similar styles
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 Man I just wanna know where these awesome trails are at, super flowy...I mean I certainly cant ride them that fast...but ill take a whack at it...
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 I believe they're all at Coast Gravity Park. Great folks and trails - worth the trip!
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 @imabus: Awesome, thanks for that, definitely adding it to the list of places to eventually go!
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 BC boys do it best!
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 "But YO, that's my manz and dem!"
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 Henceforth please don't call it ripping a berm unless this is what you're referring to.
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 Love the lack of music. Hubs clicking make me want to ride even more!
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 I love the raw vid. Fantastic. I would LOVE to see a bunch more of this footage archived online so that a bunch of us can have a go at editing our own versions of this. I would love to do a remix of this to an audio overlay with music. Man, that would be fun.
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 Awesome riding and a few camera angles to match. The one for the back-lip caught me unawares. Brilliant.
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 Matty Miles and Howey edit would be amazing!!
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 And Semenuk
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 Best be clicking when it says Howey and Raw100
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 I'm getting on my bike .
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 I hope Mollow doesn't read this one. He'd be thowing a fit I'd imagine.
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 Straight up Fire!
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 Dat trail tho.
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 Nothing but riding, just the way I like it! Beautiful video.
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 Brandon, Brendan... I should have named my daughter Branda
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 Is it just me, or does CGP look even funner to ride than Whistler?
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 Back on the v3 interesting
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 please release all the raw 100 films in a collection, they're so good
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 They actually have them here:
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 Bet he says take that berm on every berm.. Take it!!
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 Bloody Ripper Mate !!
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 I like thowing style too.
no proofreading on the pinkbike these days?
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 Stop being petty and enjoy the video ya weapon
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 I am just glad is not another ebike post
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 Wohoo killing it bud!
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 Incredible !
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 1:00... buzzing the lens much? Nice
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