Video: Commencal Launches New Freeride Project for Up and Coming Riders

Sep 23, 2023

Words: Commencal


This is our new program that focuses on talented and dedicated riders and which aims to help them push the boundaries. The main goals? To help the young guns improve their skills, to travel, and to educate them about content production and the marketing game. For the first camp we invited everyone to meet with freeride legend, Andreu Lacondeguy at the one of the best spots in France, Royal Hills. This was purely mind blowing but even more is yet to come! Stay tuned.

Style for miles by Andreu Lacondeguy

Young riders prove why they were there. Fin Davies with huge flips.

Nothing could beat Andreu's signature move.



Andreu Lacondeguy
Finley Davies
Ihan Patino
Tom Guillo
Brice Broquart

Film & edit: Dorian Jouvenal
Photos: Elias Michalon

Location: Royal Hills, France

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 The best thing about Direct Sales brands is that they offer such good value for money compared to the big brands.
Checks Commencal website- "Oh no what happened?"
  • 6 0
 Yeah, but have you seen how much the other brands are charging these days?
  • 3 1
 might be uk pricing honestly, in canada still a decent deal.
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 well at least they support lots of riders in gravity riding, i don't see other brands doing as much
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 Potentially a hot take, but I see Commencal as one of the direct sales brands that is actually putting in r&d. Sure you can get a yt capra for a phenomenal price, but it’s been the same frame for years. They ride fine, but a meta v5 rides significantly better. Now obviously there’s modern bikes for better deals probably, but as long as you don’t get a cracked frame, the ride quality of the bike is worth it.
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 @iridedj: UK pricing is out of control. See also; everything.
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 @iridedj: YEP f*ck brexshit
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 Why not creating an event for down & outgoing old farts like me who have been dreaming their entire life of doing a backflip (pushing my boundary) in front of my kids and grand kids.
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 I hope that their criteria to select athletes is better than Orbeas in Pinkbike academy.
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 Commencal is becoming the coolest bike brand.
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Max and Co. have been at the leading of edge of rider development for decades. Anyone remember CG and his young guns? Howie is still with the brand!
Considering their World Cup team has 3 top five athletes as well as several other UCI teams riding their frames I would find it difficult to find a brand that has even close to the impact on gravity MTB they have.

Kudos to Commencal. STILL doing all the right things.
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 @sunshinetalus: It was just my opinion haha.
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 I fookin love my SX mullet
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 Pretty sure we're going to love the one that we ordered on the weekend, also.
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 That was a rad video! The slo mo superman and the train where they all did different tricks got me stoked to ride! It looks like an awesome project. Well done commencal.
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 Didn't they just drop all their freeride athletes to favor racing in 2023?
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 Corporate strategy 101: fire one seasoned veteran, hire several young guys to do his job and then some for lower combined wage.
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 So hitting dirt jumps on DH bikes is now called Freedride?
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 Please, go ride royal hills tracks with a dirt bike. Send me your vidéo !
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 Always has been
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 Yes and it always has been
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 @NoahJ: Yep, just with all the settings turned up to ELEVEN!
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 video editing giving me goosebumps bro. holy shit.
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 sick ridin
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 Ah shit. They didn't get the memo. Karen's gonna need the phone number of the Manager at Commencal to complain about lack of ladies.
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