Free Candy Tour E7: Broken Down in Oregon - Video

Nov 8, 2017
by Freehub Magazine  

The Free Radicals // Episode 7: Broken Down in Oregon

As the season wound down after Trans-Cascadia, the crew was a bit worn out from a long year on the road, including Elaine. When she ran out of steam shortly into the drive home, Will found himself with some unscheduled free time in Northern Oregon. The boys at Outside Van supplied the custom slab and local savage Daven Kuder supplied the tour.

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The Free Radicals are four guys who are just trying to ride some bikes. We live in vans, work seasonal jobs and eschew the comforts and constraints of traditional lives in order to ride our bikes as much as humanly possible. Racing is the impetus for our travels, but we live for the in-betweens: the hidden trails, local swimming holes and general mischief encountered while on the road.

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 Definite dead horse beat down but I just can't wrap my head around taking the erosion special at 2:45 and blasting into the world of public opinion... One of the most beloved trails in the area, on a corner that regularly struggles to maintain its hold against the gods of moving water and soil, and that's the kids line choice? At least we now know why the section from the gap to the drop is blown to sin. Thanks for that...
  • + 10
 Thanks for cutting that corner at 2:45. Really added to the rad factor of the video. That kind of thing won't get you a return invite.
  • + 3
 Very cool to see OV in the mix here on PB. I used to live in HR and would always wish I owned one of their vans. Cool to see that market explode! I had a Sprinter but never got anywhere close to what their shop is putting out. Great riding, great looking van, great location......perfect trio!
  • + 14
 As a local it’s fun to see our own trails on PB. However, I think it’s pretty lame when the riders are skidding every corner, and cutting the trail in high erosion areas. Especially when you’ve done zero to build/maintain the trail you’re riding.
  • + 2
 @wda1wustl: You said it sister
  • + 1
 @wda1wustl: I would like to think these were the only people who rode these trails but never put any time in. Color inside the lines.
  • + 1
 ^This times 1000. If everybody rode like that there would be no loam for anybody. The cut on 2:45 is just blatantly clueless.
  • + 3
 It was great to run into Will and Mark just before the van broke down. Great to see it's back up, running and that some Hood River shredding was had.
  • + 1
 Music on this one? I missed it in the credits somewhere?
  • + 2
 Nice Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 I like it!

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