Getting to Know Steffi Marth

Jul 23, 2016
by Olly Forster  
Getting to Know Steffi Marth. Credit Nathan Hughes.


With a background on two wheels that started in BMX racing some sixteen years ago, Steffi's career as a professional cyclist has taken many twists and turns over the years. After graduating to mountain bikes, Steffi soon found her BMX roots coming to the fore as she battled it out on the 4X World Cup circuit. With 4X somewhat fading from the limelight, Steffi soon turned her attention to the greater world of mountain biking, racing both enduro and downhill, at the highest level. But there's far more to Steffi than just racing and as a rider with the creativity and rounded skills to turn her hand to any challenge, she now mixes things up. But above all else, Steffi's contagious enthusiasm sends a positive message to anyone who wants to get into this great sport and experience the thrills and spills of what riding bicycles off-road has to offer...

Steffi portrait.

Who is Steffi Marth?
A professional female freeracer!

Where are you from and where do you live?
The flat east of Germany is where I was born and still go back to in-between travels. Life is mostly on the road, but the last few off-seasons, I spent a bit more time in Saalbach, Chamonix, and Squamish.

Who do you ride for?
I ride for the love of it and I am supported by Trek, Schwalbe, Dakine, iXS, Shimano, Adidas Sports Eyewear, Fox Shox, SDG, HT-Components, Renthal, Muc-Off, DT-Swiss, Atlas, Jaybird, and Lifefood.

Shredding some freshly shaped berms at Steffi s home spot in East Germany.
Shredding some freshly shaped berms at Steffi's home spot in East Germany.

Where are you happiest?
Playing at home with my little nephews or on the road travelling through amazing landscapes. Or wherever I happen to be after an awesome race.

What’s been your favourite race venue?
Fort William because World Champs in 2007 was my first international MTB race and since then I've been back almost every year.

Where are your favourite trails?
There is nowhere I’ve found that compares to the diversity of the trails on La Palma in the Canaries. You can ride about 2500m down from the top of exposed calderas, through rainforest and banana plantations before finishing at the beach. The trails are all very rugged and natural. Recently though I was blown away by the massive trail network of Squamish with all those amazing features to be found deep in the forest. Thanks, Trailforks!

Steffi with her father at her home BMX track after winning a bronze 4x World Champs medal in 2014.
Steffi with her father after winning a bronze medal at the 4X World Champs in 2014.
Living the Utah lifestyle out in the desert.
Living the Utah lifestyle out in the desert.

What are your strengths?
Organisation! Haha, it’s true I do like to make a good plan. Maybe ambition and willpower? In terms of riding it is probably my BMX background - it taught me a lot about bike riding.

What are your weaknesses?
Decision-making is always a problem, especially when it comes to food... I always end up ordering what I don´t want! I would say I have also struggled to really let go and ‘YOLO’ in my DH race runs lately.

What’s been your worst crash over the years?
It happened on my first practice run on finals day at the Lourdes WC last year. The track was really slippery early in the morning and I got thrown off on the nasty steep chute section and injured my shoulder badly. I went to the hospital and nobody even knew I was gone, so had to take a taxi back to the track later that day. The not-so-happy life of a privateer!

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What’s been your luckiest escape?
Not becoming an architect after finishing my master's degree... I don’t think my poor friends I studied alongside have left their desks since!

Which bike from over the years, conjures up the best memories?
It has to be my Trek Ticket hardtail. I’ve had so many awesome sessions over the years on my home BMX track and also a couple of great races with it, especially back in the 4X World Cup days.

What bikes are you riding right now?
The Trek Session 9.9, Trek Slash 9, Trek Ticket, Trek Ticket S and a Trek Madone road bike.

Anonymous mirror mode for some DH training at the Leogang bikepark.
Anonymous mirror mode for some DH training at the Leogang bike park.

Who’s your favourite rider?
Greg Minnaar simply because he’s the GOAT, Bernardo Cruz for his massive whips and style and Stevie Smith for his attitude to life and dedication. Also Caroline Buchanan and ACC for their insane power and the ability to win big at BMX, Fourcross, and Downhill Races!

Who or what inspires you?
My little 3-year-old nephew and his care-free lifestyle. Amazing artwork, beautiful sunrises in the high alpine and Shiva Rae Yoga DVDs. And sick bike and ski movies of course!

What do you enjoy doing away from bikes?
It´s super nerdy, but I enjoy crosswords, sudoku, drawing, analysing the supermarket bill and lately I have enjoyed making my own dream-catchers.

Riding a little-known wall on the outskirts of Beijing.
Yes, that is the Great Wall of China...
Up on the Highlands racing Fort William world cup.
Up on the Highlands of Scotland, racing Fort William World Cup.

What are you listening to right now?
Lorde and a lot of mainstream stuff that I didn´t realize were mainstream until I switched on the radio the other day haha! Mash-Up Germany for training days!

What’s your favourite movie/ TV show?
The O.C. (I'm still in shock that it ended ten years ago) and Germany´s Next Topmodel.

What’s your favourite non-bike website?
Does my own website count? It was a lot of work....

What’s your favourite motto or saying?
"Shreaddy!" as in "Ready to shred".… I must admit to also being a big fan of "YOLO" too...

Letting the dirt fly in Hood River for a Dakine advert shoot.
Letting the dirt fly in Hood River for a Dakine advert shoot.

What grinds your gears?
When people stand too close to the belt at baggage reclaim... Sometimes I feel like stepping up and giving everybody a speech that it’s not helping anyone! Definitely German taxes and ungrateful people as well.

What makes you happy?
Sports, Sushi and Sunshine.

If you weren’t a pro mountain biker, what would you be doing?
Probably being a hippie living in a beach hut, handcrafting bracelets and selling them to pay for my hippie lifestyle. Or locked up in a high-rise being an architect.

Sending the biggest gap of her career after watching Redbull Rampage for inspiration.
Sending the biggest gap of her career after watching Redbull Rampage for inspiration.

If you were in charge of the sport, what changes would you make?
I'd bring back a sicker version of 4X and make it an Olympic discipline.

When you hang up your racing shoes, how do you want to be remembered?
Once I stop racing I’m sure I will still be around the bike scene working in the industry or with the media, so I hope there is no need for memories as I’ll be just living in the present.

What does the future hold for Steffi Marth?
Better style, faster racing and a whole lot of adventures!

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 can I marry that berm?
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 A few lines in I'm thinking, "this chick is a real free spirit... And a hippie"...a few lines later I'm like, she's smart too. Then I read she is a Master of Architecture but would rather be selling bracelets out of a beach hut Lol...Dig it, to thine own self stay true sister!
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 Who do you ride for? "I ride for love..."
Best answer to that question I've seen!
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 I it were.
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 That's a pretty nice line up of sponsors.
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 Plus up on the baggage reclaim peev...fn stand 3 ft back so everyone can step in and grab their bag rather than standing right up against the thing then acting like your being rude when you jump in to get your bag. Grrrrrr
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 Steffi Marth. Professional free rider. Free ride is here to stay. Wunderbar!
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 I like her, except that Germany's Next Topmodel thing
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 aaay, another North Korean!! Welcome, theres too few of us on this site (or on the internet in general)
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 Would have been cool to see her with Rachel at the bike clinic, she really seems like a nice girl.
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 don't even mention steffi's name in the same paragraph as the multi world champ/multi world cup winner/one of he greatest mtb racers of all time.

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 She is a truly smart and sympathetic rider. Big thumps up. And heal well after her big crash while leading the pack at German 4X championships.
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 She has it all :-)
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 She's so cool. Wonder if she'll insist on being called Stephanie after retirement like a certain tennis player did...
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 She's my spirit animal. 'Cept I'm a) a planner, not an architect and b) a weekend warrior. Yeah Steffi!
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 That hood river shot was staged as F***
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 An advertising shot was staged? Tell me it ain't so!
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 yeah right, like Nathan Hughes is gonna make "staged" pics...
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 And YOLO means...?
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 You Obviously Love Oreos
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