Video: Third Time's a Charm in Green River with KC Deane

Jul 15, 2015
by KC Deane  

KC Deane returns to Green River after a 2 year hiatus to tick off a hit list that was previously not completed.

Filmed by Level 1 Productions

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 That was awesome! Freeride!!
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 Seems like wildcard recruitment for Rampage has begun.
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 haha yeah, all the "super unknown" edits are coming out Wink Good to see Berman getting in on the summer game!

That double drop at 1:38/1:40, that's the drop at the end of the line Zink sent years back for his NWD part, sending it as a single. Gives it a whole new perspective to how big that was and with the crooked trajectory how gnarly it is. Here it is, enjoy!
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 Crazy , Zink just sends it on the single crown.. On a diff level imo
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 yeah when you watch what can be done on a single crown 26", it sure makes me wonder if all the new standards really are anything of an improvement at all
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 just wonderful to behold!!!
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 No wonder Utah is part of the Bible Belt.....looks like mtb heaven!
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 This would be a great line if Utah were a part of the Bible Belt. I'm sure you know more about U.S. geography than I do Australian geography, though.
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 Everything but the larger cities in the north west and north east is pretty bibley compared to Australia. Just like everything outside of our major cities is probably "Out Back" to you.
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 Man! my geography teacher was right...I was going to need this info in the future..
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 Utah and Idaho are more of the Jello Belt than the Bible Belt.
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 Love my home state!! Cant wait to get back!!
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 Is it just me or are Enve's popping up more in freeride lately?
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 Super KC,you are really my MTB HEROES.I cannot forget the days we were together to build your last backflip jump in Flaming Mountains.And I hope we can meet each other again in the future!Ride on!
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 All of a sudden so many good stuffs showing up in a day
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 Best video since the Yoga video series! VOY!
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 Don't get me wrong, that was rad, but having seen a number of K.C.'s lines in person, the film never makes them look nearly as cool/gnarly/awesome as they are.

Somebody needs to do the kids riding real justice.
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 That was f*cking sweet.
Anyone know the song?
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 I did my homework. It's Monolith by Holograms.
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 Awesome to see Level 1 doing bike stuff. Every ski movie they make is amazing
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 level 1 that was sick. Keep the bike/ski movies rollin J.B!!!!!
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 Amazing camera...
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 First half gave me tinglebutt
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 Fuckin rad.
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 Very keen on dean................
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 And sooooooo much better than quadruple backflips!
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 he is stepping up his Game !
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 so rad, KC!
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 King lines! Awesome!
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 Yes, KC!

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