Video: This Is A Stacked Team

Jul 7, 2015
by Royal Racing  

With so much focus placed on the bikes we ride and components bolted to them, sometimes the clothing pulled on for the ride needs to go unnoticed in its fit, feel and longevity.

Royal has been there from the start, our range of apparel has developed with the sport and over the years has been refined into what we believe is the best on the market. For 2015 and into 2016 we have placed our development emphasis on the marriage between clean styling and excellent technical features across the whole range.

This development brings together all the feedback we get from our pro team, we distill it all and then use it to inform new product development and progressing our existing lines. With that in mind we’ve been out filming our guys doing what they do best!

Here’s a rundown of what gear is featured in the video:
Weir and Osborne
– Stage Jersey & Stage Shorts
Peaty – Victory Race Kit
Alex Cure – Impact Jersey & Stage Shorts
Florian Nicolai – Drift Jersey & Turbulence Shorts
Jackson Goldstone – Youth Drift Jersey, SP247 Shorts and Core Gloves
Garett Buehler – Impact Jersey & Drift Shorts

Check out the range from Royal right here. @Royal-Racing

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 I F**KING LOVE ROYAL!!! All my kits are royal and wouldn't have it any other way
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 Stacked team indeed, and don't forget about Kurt Sorge!
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 Love the way their kits look, wish they made women's, so it would fit me. Strangely enough they sponsor a female rider named Britney White, who kicks butt. I think she wears the guys kit but she's much taller than me.
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 Will men smalls not fit?
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 @unclethunder Men and women clothing don't have the same cuts, and won't fit the same due to shape and morphology differences between men and women. Taller women can sometimes take a smaller men size and get away with it but even then, it doesn't always honor their curves too much. Now, if u take smaller women, most of the time even the smallest mens size looks baggy and can be uncomfortable. And between us guys, don't you think women look that much better when they do have womens outfits?
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 Exactly! Thanks for the education.
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 @sam1001 cool, just curious. My gf has ordered men smalls (only jerseys) and has been happy with it, Of course it doesn't mean everyone else is.
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 Sometimes you can get away with the jerseys.. But the shorts are harder. For me the shorts are too baggy and I have the saggy bum syndrome, plus the crotch is too long that it catches on my seat.
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 @lalena ahhh that sucks.
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 only marketing companies can somehow many going uphill look fun and desirable.
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 using Jackson in a video is like automatically makes the video great!
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 Cant wait to see Petty healthy on the new v10...He may not be the fastest but he is a Bad Ass!!! Enjoy him while he is still around guys...straight up legend
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 Looks way better than some of the recent clown suits by TLD.
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 geeze... that moss rub at the end... so sick.
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 what about Sorge ? Saw him a few Times in Royal Stuff !
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 I don't own a riding kit but when I do... It'll be a royal kit...
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 Sick video !!!!!
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 oula steve riding 26, this was shot a long time ago
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 that was pretty awesome

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