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Feb 24, 2015
by Veget  
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During the 2014 season in Moscow, Russia we proudly announced our new video and we've really put a lot of work in it. The main idea was to show the riding here from different angels, by using stories of 6 different riders, with different riding levels, ages and styles. We really hope that you will enjoy it and that it will motivate you to get up and go ride, right now.

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 I was expecting this to resemble those crazy Russian vodka drunk traffic cam type vids....wasn't disappointed
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 I am really ashamed for my russian mates above. That's sad that some people don't know about politeness and don't separate bullshit like politics from diamonds like bike community. Anyway, thatis a very nice video, but I was hoping to see some mtb riders as far as we do have talanted ones.
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 Russia's way cooler than I thought
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 But politicians and mass media want us to think differently.
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 fools who express insults towards Russian, you just do not understand nothing you idiots! sport should unites rather than be an occasion for another offense. Ukraine is at war with itself! Great movie guys !!!!
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 They are f*cking crazy.

That's so cool
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 f*ck redbull from now on I driink only Vodka =D
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 "I never get injuries"

You just cursed yourself bro.
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flag Rumpleforskin (Feb 25, 2015 at 0:18) (Below Threshold)
 Suck a Fat chode. Curses don't exist.
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 Glad to See there is still people Riding on 24" out there... was beginning to think i was the only one left on 24".
everyone seems to be on 26" these days and 24" rims seem to be impossibly hard to get a hold of... To me 24" its the true dirt jump/ Street size wheel, light & chuck-able
But the likes of NS bikes, Spank, and many others have stopped production of 24" this year =[ ...following trends i guess?
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 Silly companies. 24" rule.
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 Totally agree with You! 24" is the best!
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 We should start a club. D-Mac can be our leader. Big Grin
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 Nothin' like big 3's on big bikes & a flat drop front? Word?!!!! Smile FYI that wheel woulda still been straight if it were a 26". :/

And f*ck me that 24" guy!!! Bar to bar back tap & that big 180 bar. Yeah son. Wanna join our club? Wink
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 Looks like the FMB Tour needs to start making some Russian stops. With how big Russia is, I'm surprised it seemed so "quiet". These mofo's straight up LOUD!
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 Отличное кино! Душевно. Прямо цепляет. Лыжная вставка очень в тему. Молодцы!
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 That was a LOT better than I thought it might be! Also can't believe they used "Fine Again" by Seether. Music to my ears an riding for my soul.
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 maaaan this is so cool!!! i reeeeaaaally enjoyied this !!!!! GO RUSSIA !!!
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flag Rumpleforskin (Feb 25, 2015 at 0:19) (Below Threshold)
 One day, the world will drink from the fountains of the Russian Empire.
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 @ Rumpleforskin
Yeah, Eastern Ukraine already does that, but those waters are a bit bitter, and gun shots makes you drink in a hurry, which is rather unhealthy.
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 I hope that Rumpleforskin is a kid and he doesn't understand what is he talking about. I apologize about war in my country caused by russian innruption. Freankly speaking russian riders are great guys but they should me more tolerant to other nationalities.
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 never said anything about war. It was just a joke referring to Russias future domination of slopestyle. Remove the stick from your ass not everything is political.
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 LOL! Big Grin So that's it! So, all was ok Smile
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 Somebody writes go Russia, but the russian cannot be proud of his own country? We are not all warmongers just because putin is a douchecanoe.
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 Rumple, just stop it Wink
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 Oh, dudes! Thanks for video. I hope will see the same good video about russian mtb.
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 Uh did anybody notice the flip bar to whip at 6:25
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 Id ride with you guys anytime. Couldnt care less where your from, bikes cross all barriers. Cool video as well.
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 I knew a lot abaut russian riders, but I could't imagine, that their riding is so nice!
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 SICK tricks !!! Big Grin Well done movie. Love You Comrade's
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 great video. i really enjoyed the interviews as well.. apparently the good riders are scared as well
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 хорошее видео !
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 Awesome...just fucking awesome......
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 Fuck yeah. Killer.
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 Wow. I actually watched the whole thing.
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 Damn Benderoni's 360 was so fast and sick.
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 GOGOGO!!!Молодцы!Опладирую стоя!
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 Ололоев разлогинься.
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 sooo sick!
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 Just look at 4'11
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