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May 7, 2009
by Tyler Maine  
Tom Carroll tells us about NiteRider lights:
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MiNewt USB




Nite Rider Lights


Cherry Bomb

Made right here in North America, if you are looking for a new or your first light set up, check out NiteRider.

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 Mountain biking is not a cheap sport. If you want to ride at night, or atleast ride fast at night, you need a good light, and yes they are expensive. I've had my Niterider Digital Nightowl for 12 years, and it still works. When HID was introduced nearly 8 years ago, I bought the Niterider Storm HID, and it still surpasses some of the newer technology from the competitors with it's power and nearly 4 HOUR BURN TIME! My lil'lady just got a Niterider Trinewt and it is impressively bright for it's compact size. I'm sure there are lots of other great manufacturers out there, but from my experience Niterider is hands down the best.
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 Agreed... 100%

Nightrider is the bomb! I've got the MiNewt duals on my bars and I TriNewt on my helmet and it's like riding at high noon! Cheaper lights might 'seem' as good in the parking lot but, get 'em out on the trails and up to speed, and you can see the difference immediately between a cheap light and a good nightrider.
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 If Brad says its good, then its Walton Certified Advise. WCA!
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 they'll be more expensive than car headlamps!
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 This is true, bike lights are ridiculously priced. I mean, you do get what you pay for ... but $300 for a tri-LED light is way over-priced. This is local prices by the way, online it might be a bit less.. and i stress the "bit less" part. Razz
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 I have the niterider Minewt and I'm really happy with it.
Really light weight set (238gram for battery with light) and it just works really good. It makes me go nightriding even more Razz

Really word it's money.
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 damn expensive lights though! I have a set of 3 LED front and 2 LED back, weighs like 100g, more than bright enough, easy to mount ANYWHERE, comes in a plethora of colours, and best of all $25 for the pair.
Oh well, if I had the cash i would buy these Smile
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 i'm sure you do not get twice the brightness with double lamps, it makes no sense to me, the bulbs aren't going to burn any hotter.
you know what i mean?
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 you wont get twice the brightness but it will double the intensity.. so it would seem brighter at further distances.. but maybe I'm wrong haha.
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 You dont get twice the brightness but you do get twice the beam... You get 150 lumens pointed this way and another 150 lumens pointed that way, as it were. Plus, being able to 'tune' the beam is a huge advantage since you can stack the beams up however you need to for your trails.
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 so does thiis mean Niterider no longer makes HID's ? Are the LED's as bright as HID ?
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 Nighttime DH anyone? Sounds like a fun Summer Night idea. Racing starts at MIDNIGHT! The Vampire Cup........
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 I'll build the lights. Been wanting to do some night time DH, just need to get off my butt and build some lights for it.
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 I think we should have a torchlit DH with Tiki's...and you have to be blindfolded...with no shoes...and hockey gloves
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 pretty cool lights there
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 yeah, I really like the one they made for the front of the Trans-Am...(someone was bound to make a poor Hasslehoff joke at some point. May as well be now Wink ) - be safe not scene.
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 Im liking the cherry bomb!

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