Start Lists: Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Champs 2019

Aug 31, 2019
by Sarah Moore  
Junior Women

Junior Men

Elite Women

Elite Men

Junior Women start at 9:30am EST, Junior Men start at 10:05am EST, Elite Women start at 12:55pm EST and Elite Men start at 2pm EST.

You can check out the full schedule in the Pinkbike Primer for the DH World Champs in Mont-Sainte-Anne and find out how to watch the races here.


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 Good to see the denim destroyer made it to Canada, too. Way to go for a privateer getting backed by the Italian cycling association. Same for D Trummer. Hope it goes well for them!
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 Seriously, "the PB privateer" should be one of those guys!!
  • 8 5
 so, Gwin "qualified" at 37th, but starting at 21st. Moir "qualifies" in top 10, but is starting way back. What was the point of qualification?
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 you see the last row? ring any bells?
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 There's no point to it. They just roll down the hill, record a time, then seed them by their world cup standing anyway.
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 @benpinnick: there is a point.. if they try to pin it and crash then they don't make the show and the next guy gets into the final. No reason to hang it out. Just get to the bottom. The pros all know the game
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 Pay attention everyone, this is not a world cup. People are clearly not spending enough time on PB.
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 @benpinnick: wrong: UCI points not wc standing
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 Well, that seems to explain why some didn't seem to care about placement in qualification....only that they qualified (if they were not protected)
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 @fracasnoxteam: So you're suggesting that Loic has 1 point and Lanferdi has 586 points???
Just can't believe how stupid people are...
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 Its UCi standings not points@fracasnoxteam:
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 Is this your all's First time watching the World Champs race? This has to be explained every single year. I think every year there needs to be a story in how this all works.
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 What happened to Nic Nesteroff @loganbinggeli ?
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 @ictus: ahahah awesome
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 Deekaballes, what an unfortunate name with us childish English speakers.
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 "So Mr. Sanchez, what will we be waxing today?"
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 Hopefully Myriam can pass Vipavee without loss of time..
Sick to see the 2m gap in the start list, but +3min gap in quali results..
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 Love looking at the year of birth list for the top 20. Minaar 9 years clear of anyone else. Give them hell Greg, do it for the 80s children.
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 Seeing This...Shit! just got real! Smile
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 How do they decide the start order? Looks to have no link with qualifying?
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 UCI standings... duuuh...
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 Are those start times right in EST?
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 Yup eastern time
  • 1 0
 technically EDT since Canada observes daylight savings time
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 Is it on today or tomorrow??!
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 It was yesterday
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 for you, tomorrow, 6pm ladies 7pm mens. bbc red button
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 @tobiusmaximum: apparently Redbull does have shared rights now in the with the BBC. Sorted it out in the last couple of days
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 Why does Loic win all the time lmao
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 NBC Olympic channel
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