Video: Flat Out and Raw Shredding on Vancouver Island

Oct 11, 2020
by Connor Hallas  
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Tacky dirt is back! It's all-time fall-time in Sooke, BC and the trails are running mint.

Rider: Connor Hallas
Filmed By: Max McCulloch


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 LOVED that! Quiet, peaceful setting juxtaposed with some really quick and active riding. No product endorsement. No dramatic slo mo. Just a beautiful little video that makes me want to ride.
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 Agreed! Super clean edit, nice work Max and Connor
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 Thank you man! I really appreciate it!
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 Wow! The rider in this video made difficult trail features look effortless. He looks like one of those guys that has the ability to somehow "float" over features that lesser riders clod through like clumsy cows. Great edit - It's peaceful and inspires me to ride smoother.
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 Thank you!
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 That last gap is insane in person. You crushed it Connor!!
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 Thanks again! Your filming and editing blow me away!
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 Anyone else think narrower bars here would unlock what seems like a ton of potential with this riders style. Once you notice the limitations in his movement due to bar width it’s hard to unsee.
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 Wholeheartedly agree. I get wide bars for flat out racing, but for this kind of riding I think narrower is better.

I went from 800 to 760 with a 35 length stem (I'm 6'3”) and while it took a bit to get used to going straight through rough stuff my cornering is way better.
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 I am big into racing and have tried out more narrow and wider bars and I have found that this setup is what’s most comfortable for me, I like the stability and control. Thanks for checking out the video and for your suggestion!!
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 @DasProfessor: that’s exactly my experience.
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 Sick vid both of you. Love your work Max, and Connor, you absolutely killed it! Looking forward to more like it in the future?
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 The ole Trek Slash took it like a champ!!
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 And an alloy one, #rideFinmetal lol
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 Another beautiful video by Max McCulloch. And sick riding, Conner. Island Envy.
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 So sick Connor! Love the freeride bits sprinkled throughout the video, flat out riding dude!
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 Thanks bro!
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 I would love to check out those trails! the island is just so fun
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 Thanks Connor / Max, well done. Love the look of the trails in that area (and haven't ridden any out there).
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 Viva la Sooke!
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 the Goods !
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 That was awesome! Great riding, great trails, great video!
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 Very nice!! The riding and photo was really good. Makes me want to go out and ride my bike. Thumbs up!
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 So clean !
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 good stuff x 10
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 Great video guys!

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