Video: Jack Moir's Winning Stage 1 POV from EWS Loudenvielle 2021 Race 1

Sep 4, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesHere is My winning run from Stage 1 EWS Loudenvielle. Memory card sh*t itself about 30 seconds before the end.... But that’s pretty much the whole track. Jack Moir


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 Good one man. But that track looks boring as shit.
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 This is the top part of the mountain mostly. It’s all flatout for these guys. I can’t believe it’s “difficult” for these riders.
I rode parts of this track a few weeks ago on my 130mm Stumpjumper and even that worked pretty well.
There’s waaay crazier stuff to be found in this area.
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 I know GoPro + image stabilization flattens everything, but I'd be pretty grumpy if I'd had to pedal all the way up to ride down that...
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 @mountainsofsussex: Hopefully they got a lift at least part of the way! That looks like really enjoyable track to have as a chill lap at the bike park. That being said the speed they carry is insane. Trying to ride that fast would still end up with me in the hospital lol.
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 @friendlyfoe: Lift 100% of the climb for this one.

They canceled the hardest special because a pro girl complained it was to difficult with the rain.
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 @friendlyfoe: for us mortals, you're right, it would probably be a nice way to get down the mountain for a lunchtime beer after a hard morning!
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 I can understand why he won this one, he was eager to to get it done....
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 Not to be a smart ass, but I’m pretty sure the video says Stage 1
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 I want to see Dolmen or BlackSheep , real fucking Tracks !!
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 Yeah man, Dolmen would be cool to see ridden by Moir. The other side of the valley.
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 Yea.. that was painful to watch, would be fun to ride I'm sure but for EWS? Doesn't seem challenging enough
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 he is insane!
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 Looked like he went through the fence. Had to watch that section twice.
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 Jack what was your top speed? 40 plus?
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 Love this content, the sound of racing! Mr Moir is on it this season.
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 Boring, looks a tour de France stage not an Enduro
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 What a crap track!!!
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 Great stuff!

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