Video: Kenny Belaey Rides Across Lebanon

May 3, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesRiding very technical terrain on the 470km long Lebanon Mountain (hiking) Trail which connects North to South. It was a very challenging journey but very grateful to have done this! Now I love Lebanon even more!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Big up to Belaey Wesley for riding with me, capturing all the shots and editing terra bytes of footage!
Thanks Steph and Guillaume Nallet for guiding us and the creative input!
Big up Red Bull Lebanon to make this all happen!
Kenny Belaey


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 Stunning. Really think the middle east could really benefit from mountain biking. Might help create jobs and reduce tension. Give them something other than religion to fall back on. Would be great to see.
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 There are a number of trails being developed / have been built across the Middle East. It's a fantastic area for mountain biking and cries out for further trail and infrastructure development. I've met some awesome people from across the region who are passionate about developing the sport.
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 @mark-mcclure: Thats really good to know!
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 @TreeBeak: sorry to be racist but this was as white as it gets
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 @WAKIdesigns: Explain please.
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 @TreeBeak: I think he's suggesting that you are generalizing about a very large, diverse population with your comment about religion being a sole focus. Personally, I think your comment may have been well-intentioned but naive. I hardly think that mountain biking is going the be the magic key to resolve a millenia of tension between Sunni and Shia, Jew and Muslim, etc, etc.

Its actually an odd time to see a video for Lebanon riding. Not that anyone is going to jump on a plane during the Covid crisis, but things are extremely difficult in Lebanon right now. Radical devaluation of their currency, hyper-inflation, estimates of 75% of the population below the poverty line, huge social unrest, etc. Its going to be a long while before a MTB trip to Lebanon is a reasonable thing to consider.
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 @TreeBeak: Mountain biking creating jobs in Syria or Lebanon or Palestine is a rather naive concept. This region of the world ravaged by conflicts, which come partly from the fact that Winston and Teddy drew some lines in the sand. It is something a naive pompous English Lord or General would say in a costume movie. You simplified it so much, you synthesized finest form of ignorance
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 @WAKIdesigns: Beirut used to be called "The Paris of the East" as recently as the 1970s. It's a beautiful, vibrant city, with landscapes to match as this video shows. Nobody is denying the instability there, but westerners acting like locals don't want to enjoy life, benefit from tourism and welcome people from around the world is its own form of ignorance. Just because its bad now, doesn't mean it should stay bad forever. Otherwise what's the point of even trying?

Before getting into MTBs, I was pretty heavy in the motorcycle scene and I remember coming across a video of cafe racers in Beirut and just thinking how similar their attitudes were and how they were all just looking for the same thing. Are the representative of the entirety of Lebanese society? Ofcourse not! But neither are we....
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 This is some “do yoga to cure your depression” type shit
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 @Inertiaman: want to resolve religious tension? The best cure is for everyone to actually read their ‘holy’ texts and realize what a shitty joke they are. Time for the world to move on from the plague of Abrahamic fantasy.
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flag RoadStain (May 3, 2020 at 19:23) (Below Threshold)
 @Inertiaman: Heh, sounds like Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago and quite a few other US cities that are left run.
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 Great point and so true but it’ll only happen in a perfect world.
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 @RoadStain: far right religious conservatism is actually leftism. I think this because I’m a f*cking idiot.
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 @roma258: I think it’s cool people do mountain biking in Lebanon just like they do in Austin Texas (although I am not sure what seems scarier for me) . As long as there is a trail pointing down and two wheels are rolling it’s all sweet anywhere. But an idea that There’s any virtue or world changing potential in Niche tourism is extremely naive. Especially when elitist activity like MTB is involved. Stay with bikes, it all looks like cool trails and scenery, change the world later.
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 @kleinblake: don’t feed him...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Austin's cool, great tacos, world famous music scene, F1/MotoGP track on the edge of town. It's when you get outside of town that you gotta start worrying Smile

Besides, I don't think OP's point MTB would instantly change middle east into a kumbaya drum circle. But every tiny little step in the right direction helps.
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 Hi my neighbor The area looks amazing and a great place to ride. I sincerely hope that there will come a day and peace in the region and the relationship between Lebanon and Israel will be such that riders from Israel can come and ride in Lebanon. And riders from Lebanon will be able to ride in Israel. If not we may be our children
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 well said.
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 So many countries get such a bad image, and they may well have issues, but in my experiences going to countries with negative media stigma always leads to amazing positive adventures
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 The only thing I can really relate to is the wobble in the rear wheel Smile
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 There was no intent to assume/suggest that mtb could eradicate the divide between these groups. I am not naive, rather hopeful and optomistic. Music can cross divides, art, science, literature are all proven expressions that can be shared by anyone and that can draw people together. I believe also that is the case for our chosen hobby. If people have a reason to work and play together, that will create bonds. That will give us a reason to care and think about each other. Well, thats what I think anyway. Waki, i really enjoy your content but on this occasion, you have misinterpreted. Im scottish btw, not English if that matters? Perhaps you should think about why you came to those conclusions? Anyway, stay safe and well.
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 In another world...
Looks amazing. I've heard it's a beautiful country. Just around the corner, but frustrating to think i'll probably never get to ride there. Thanks again, religion :/

And Kenny's riding. Hot damn, amazing as usual. So effortless, doing natural trials on a full suspension. Could watch that for hours.
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 Now that is a trip I would like to make. Awesome. Beautiful scenery, warm nice people. Am putting that on my bucket list. And Kenny, nice riding skills!
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 Beautiful land in that country, and I am sure some awesome people as well. Hopefully they can get rid of the religous fanatics, gain freedom and economic stability. After that, I am sure they would have the time for mountain biking and all its overpriced glory.
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 Amazing scenery and bike handling skills. This video made my day. Would love to visit Lebanon some day.
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 I would love a (much) longer version of this video!
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 love it
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 SHUKRAAN guys !!! ????
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 Red Bull fedora, 2:57. Sure, why not? ...........................
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 When was this footage taken? Is it recent?
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 Cool! This is next on the list! Post covid-19 that is!
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 Beautiful images.
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