Video: Brendan Fairclough Pushing It on an eMTB

Jul 30, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesI finally got the Scott E Genius back on the road and she's better than ever. We have new TRP brakes and some super cool bike hacks going on the new controller. I took it down to MB Cyclery bike shop and got the boys to do some mad mods to it. I thought I could pop down and quickly swap the brakes over but that was not the case. 3 hours later and a lot of apologising on my side we had a fulling working ebike again. Stoked!

We then hit the woods. I use my ebike a lot in the winter but don't tend to ride it so much in the summer. I like to ride my normal mountain bike instead as the uphills don't seem so hard to manage in the summer months.

Loved ripping the E-bike around and learning its limits. Pretty sure we found them on the steeps but nowhere near on the jumps. This thing jumps so well. No wonder Sam Pilgrim rips them hard on dirt jumps.
Brendan Fairclough


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 *gets popcorn ready
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 Love for Brendog or hate for ebikes? Argh so hard to choose!
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 Having seen that 'rampage drop' with my own eyes, I can confirm that this video does not do it any justice whatsoever. It's sketchy AS HELL, waaaay steeper than the video leads you to believe, and the run out is horrendous. Massive props, and as always Brendog makes it all look so easy.
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 World class riders are going to make anything look good. I'm not ready for ebikes yet but I think there will be one in the future.... I guess you need to try one to really have an opinion that matters.
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 eBikes ftw. This tells how much skills Brendog has when he's nervous and says it's super sketchy, then sends it, and makes it look like the easiest thing in the world.
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 Ebikes on Pinkbike just seem like commercials. And then most all pro bike videos do, then i really start losing interest in all the videos. Not for or against ebikes either. Just saying
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 So fun to watch, Brendan has so much style and talent that it is ridiculous!! Honest analogy of ebike vs regular, i have experienced the same observations as well..
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 I'd smash an E-bike too if the company just gave em to me also... You think Danny Mac and the likes would buy one...? IDK, we are the marketing target suckas. BUT with that said, if you could jailbreak the speed limiter, well then that could be awesome!
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 Go Brendan! I love my eMTB.
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 I LOVE riding my ebike, I just wish the max speed before cut out was a tad faster. 20mph isn't that fast and I often find myself wanting more.
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 Replace ebike with vibrator.
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 Must suck having one that tops out at 15mph - lame.
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 Try living in Australia and being limited to 25km/h!
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 That was actually pretty fun to watch... but I'm waiting for the comments to fire up. They should be even better.
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 He gave a balanced review and thats important. An awesome rider.
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 "A balanced paid review".
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You could type that about any pro rider and their bikes. I do think he was honest about how hard he could push the bike and the limits of its capabilities.
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 That last POV shot is insane, woody rampage no doubt
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 I thought the point of eMTB is that you don't have to push it?
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 Brendon: „that step-up tree is impossible with a normal bike!“
Chris Akrigg: „hold my beer“
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 I had to turn up the brightness on my monitor
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 All of his recent videos have had this dumb Instagram filter layered over it for some reason.
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 Someone needs to tell everyone ND filters aren't necessary in the Welsh woods.
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 Imagine that... riding a bike... having a good time. F' the haters!!
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