Video: Reece Wallace & KC Deane Cruising in Deer Valley, Utah

Nov 14, 2018
by ShredOptics  
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Few things compare to a day spent riding with friends. For proof, look no further than Reece Wallace and KC Deane cruising Deer Valley, Utah. With no shortage of style—or flow—they stacked some laps while simply having fun. After all, that’s what it’s all about...

KC Deane and Reece Wallace Explore Deer Valley Utah

Filming: Tim DaCosta and Caleb Weaver
Editing: Tim DaCosta
Sounds: The Quantum Orchestra
Location: Deer Valley, Utah

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 I wish they stayed open later than 5pm.
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 There open quite a bit later, but only on Wednesday.
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 As a local it sucks seeing riders in videos blowing out corners like this. Tidal Wave is already a mess without people skidding through the corners. Next year I'll try this and see how the trail crew reacts Smile . I'll just tell them it's going on the pinkbikes or youtubes.
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 Hah there's no trial crew at DV. They just hang out on the picnic tables in the meadow and then go ride themselves.
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 @weezyb: Exactly! Before the missed Canyons closed, they actually had a trail crew watering berms! My friends visiting from Oregon loved Canyons, meh on DV. There were actually trees growing well over the trail on some lower singletrack last year. I'm all, "I paid to ride here?"
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 @pdxkid: $450 for a season pass to ride 2 trails that they cant even maintain......Canyons was legit. Could tell they actually cared over there. Lift situation no ideal but they made up for it big time.
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 @weezyb: Sorry boys, we were building the new trail down by NCS. Should be open next season!
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 @brownpowproductions: Honestly, thats a piss poor excuse. Why build a new trail when the TWO flow trails on the mountain can't even be properly maintained, in the least bit? Not a single f*cking rake touched that trail in two years. Give me a f*cking rake and a flat shovel (and a water-buffalo) and I'll get both trails running considerably better BY MYSELF in a few weeks time. There was plenty of time pre-season to get this taken care of. If you're going to continue to ask consumers to shell out $450 (one of the more expensive bike park passes in the country), then we will continue to hold you to a high standard.. f*ck, any standard at this point.
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 @pbraunstein: Sorry to hear that man, I just do what I'm told by the higher ups.
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 @brownpowproductions: Not your fault, just frustrating. I used to dig for Mountain Creek Bike Park, and we took a lot of pride in our dirt work and the upkeep on our trails. Frustrating to see a park with so much potential as DV has and have it all go to shit. Give me a pass and I'll come dig with you guys pre-season, I just want it to be better for me and everyone else that rides those trails.

A rake and a shovel can go a long way.
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 @pbraunstein: to be fair to DV, it is pretty tough to maintain trails when we get no rain. Whistler trails get blown out when they turn into dustbowls too.
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 @drboudreaux: hence why I mentioned a water buffalo in my original reply. We commonly carried 5 gallon water cooler jugs into trails, making multiple trips back and forth to refill, just to get some water in the dirt when we dug. I'm sure DV has enough money to buy, or already have a buffalo at their disposal to use. I'm not saying that it doesn't take some solid effort to keep trails in good condition, but not trying at all isn't acceptable.

$309 for a Trestle season pass. $379 for a Highland pass. $350 for Mountain Creek.. $450 and climbing for DV.. but one of these things is not like the other..
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 @pbraunstein: I don't disagree with you at all. I didn't ride there once this year because it is so blown out. Screw em.

I guess I was more just commenting on how awful our summers have been lately. No monsoon moisture in late summer. No late spring rain. Bummer. Trails were blown out almost everywhere in the Wasatch this year.
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 Isn't snowboarding still banned in that resort?
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 4 resorts left, 2 of them in Utah
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 @gdnorm: alta, deer valley, mad river...what's the fourth?
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 @underhawk: It used to be Taos but they ended that a few years ago.
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 @weezyb: ah cheers man
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 What about freedom tho?
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 @colincolin: You have the freedom to snowboard anywhere you want, as long as the landowner says it's ok. The landowners here say no.
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 Would be hard to bike at a resort that bans snowboarding...I'm only good enough for one of their seasons.
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 @underhawk: What's wacky about Mad River is that it's a skier-owned co-op after Betsy sold it as such in the 90's. Snowboarders have the option to purchase a large enough minority share and instate boarding there. I guess folks just aren't motivated enough to make it happen. Or they r protesting by not buying in.
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 @BmanInBigD: They don't own the land, they lease it. And they're simply being elitist pricks about it. At this point it's not about anything other than being able to say they only allow skiers.
As if we aren't divided enough, let's find some other stupid reason to keep "others" out.
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 @Abacall: deer valley owns their land I believe.
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 @Abacall: which is why they can build a bike park
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 I’ve only been to deer valley once, and it was awesome! I still have dreams of going back and hitting tsunami. Drool
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 Nice job Tim and Caleb!!!
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 Much appreciated!!
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 Parkcity only brings back good memories, such a nice place to ride.
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 Zig Zag was sick af and KC's part (especially that backflip) was so heavy.
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 Gets me excited to move to Utah next month!
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 Pure Funk!

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