Video: The World's Best MTB Birthday Party

Oct 7, 2019
by frankenpilot  

Cas asked for a shovel for his birthday, forget video games and sitting around. The PNW corridor has something in the water and soil that seems to grow groms wherever you look. After a trip to Lowes to pick out the perfect weapon, all we needed was place to dig some jumps with friends. Dad lost his mind and we cranked it up a notch. Friends Chris and Katrina volunteered their awesome Whatcom spread, including woods for digging, pool, goats, and BBQ deck. We rented a digger, & 40 friends showed up for digging, BBQ, riding and goat feeding good time. Starting from scratch, we wound up with a nice little track by the time the BBQ started!

When WMBC held the annual Shoot the Trails contest, we threw this edit into the mix - hope you enjoy!

Photos and Video by Rory Savatgy - Editing by Dave-O. Music by The Pogues.

NW Cup Shredder Grahame Shepherd testing out his creation

William putting the dirt right where Josh from Transition Bikes needs it

NW Cup Shredders Grahame and His brother Griffen tamping down the goods

Russel heaping up wit the machine started

Goats Flip and Elvis took care of all the leftovers keeping the party nice and green

Clare sends big jumps, helps little kids, feeds goats and is the award winner of best neighbor in the world!


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 Proper parenting lesson 1: Teach them young!
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 @Germanmike: Seriously? I think it's awesome he's able to do all that stuff at that age! I wish I was!
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 @Germanmike: Ah I see the parents are not nice people (according to the comments lol)
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 @Germanmike: Its crazy! Jealousy is shown in many ways.
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 @Germanmike: thats our blog and video. Just to say something to expand on that post. Our Instagram has been shut down by someone reporting it because Crosby is under 13. I am guessing it was by someone on Pinkbike because thats where the conversation about age and social media came from. So yeah, some people are so jealous and petty that they go and get accounts deleted.
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 @washingtonoutdoorfamily: That person who reported you probably has a kid that does nothing but play video games and sit on their ass.Screw anyone who has a bad opinion.As long as the kid is stoked who gives a shit!
Keep up the good parenting buddy.
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 @washingtonoutdoorfamily: Hi there, from the up and downvotes of my comments I understand that you can read it both ways. I was just trying to say that PBs have different opinions on "Teach them young" and found it funny that wo articles appeared in a very short time on the same topic.
Personally I have an almost three year old daughter that loves to ride her balance bike down trails with roots and so far everyone was always nothing but imperessed about her riding skills. But I guess then these people I meet in the forest are not registered on pinkbike

Enjoy the family life outdoors, best time you can have!
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 If this doesn't warm your feel goods... You are what is wrong with the world today.... No dig. No ride. Is the best mantra one can have.
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 Better than "I dig so everyone can ride"?
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 The video was a submission to Shoot the Trails for the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC).  The WMBC raises money each year with a local video and photo contest/party/raffle.  The photographers and videographers provide the content, sponsors donate prizes, breweries donate beer, and WMBC volunteers make an awesome night happen.  Pretty cool to see everyone together.  WMBC is trying to raise money for a parking lot on Samish.  If you ride from the South side on Galbraith Mountain, you know how harrowing the parking can be.  Riders can buy a brick for the new pathway being planned.  Seattle and Vancouver area riders that come to ride in Bellingham - we sure could use your help getting bricks to help put this project over the top.  No pressure, but if you can help a little, every little bit helps, you can find a link here:
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 Charge to park at the parking lot. Use the donations for the trails and maybe people would ride from home instead of driving a mile to the trail head! Traffic is terrible!
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 Dave sent us this video. We plan to come up to Bellingham at the end of the month. Lets get together for a ride.
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 If ya gonna play that music i expect to see empty beer bottles everywhere.
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 I love my father, but boy would he have been even more of a hero to me if he'd broken out a 360 excavator on my ninth birthday!
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 That' actually pretty dope
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 No dig no ride!
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 Them yanks really do love the Irish Beer

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