Video: Track Walk & Course Cutting with CathroVision

Aug 8, 2019
by Ben Cathro  

Ben Cathro takes a look at some of the changes on the revised Lenzerheide course and chats with Amaury Pierron about course cutting.

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Lenzerheide Bikepark


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 Sometimes it just drives me bonkers the shoes these guys and gals wear for trackwalks. Rain or shine the tracks are even hard to walk. I feel the majority of sponsored racers are with 5.10 (could be way wrong) and I know that 5.10 makes some awesome trekking shoes, go get a free pair out of the race rig, haha. Cathro sneaks some shots of tons of top racers in flippy floppys, nikes, slippers, clogs like every race.
Rant over
Pumped for the race!
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flag Hogfly (Aug 8, 2019 at 2:20) (Below Threshold)
 Was just thinking that yesterday watching the @scsyndicate instagram stories. Loris, Luca, and Greg were all just wearing like flimsy trainers. Greg, who should really know better, was wearing what looked like some minimalist high dollar kicks in a disgusting muddy, sloppy mess. Peaty at least had on some bulkier 5.10 looking shoes.
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 Greg will spend hours and hours honing the mm's on the bike then blows his chances of winning the track walk with suboptimal foot cladding
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 Best way to test the traction of a section of trail is to wear sketchy shoes. Your shoes are going to do the exact same thing as your tires in any given situation since they are both made of similar rubber compounds. Minnar has been wearing sketchy shoes for track walks for years and he has the most world cup wins so you don't mess with success. He takes his track walk more seriously than his shoes might indicate to the casual observer.
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 @Laymo: yeah your understanding of a sneaker behaving in the same exact manner as a mtb tire makes zero cents
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 @ace9: I'm not trying to make cents, I'm trying to make sense.
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 I agree with Amaury as long as you are on the inside of the pole you are fine.
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 put the pole in straight and this wouldn’t be a question. But yes must pass the pole on the inside.
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 I think Kerr had an incident with the taping in Leogang 2014, here is what he said:

So I think the tape defines the course
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 @Germanmike: It did in 2014, but they changed the rule since then (partly because of that). The text of the regs now clearly states that the rider must return to the course between the same two markers (poles) where they exited the course. So if Bernard Kerr did the exact same thing this year that he did in 2014 he would absolutely not be DQ'd. Tape doesn't matter anymore, only poles matter.

Which doesn't help at all with the question about bendy poles :p
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 Despite the irony of asking a Frenchman about where you are and aren't allowed to be on the course, cough, cough, French lines, he is right. On that particular corner, anywhere to the right of the pole is legal, and should be legal. They need to stop this whole crooked pole nonsense. If you want to block riders from taking an inside line, start the taping further up the hill to force them to the outside, don't jam a pole in the ground at a 45 degree angle.
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 Rach: Rides faster than most men, still screams like a girl. All is well in the world.
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 Ha, I think she yelled "Get out!"
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 I thought the course was defined by the tape, not the poles. Cross the tape and you have to rejoin before the next pole. If they hop that pole to the right of where the lower tape is attached they havent left the track. Hop a bit higher up and cross the tape, and theyve obviously missed the pole and automatically DQ'd themselves.
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 I agree with you, partially. Isn't the higher tape defining in that case the extreme limit of the track? If you look at the picture Cathro has put to illustrate the debate, for me the rider is good and should not get DQ'd as he did not cross the plane defined by the higher and lower tapes (at least that is how I imagine it works...). However, if you are to the left of the higher tape, then you're outside.
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 Damn you Ben, I've got that counting song stuck in my head now!! Next time can we have an 'Earworm Alert!!' somewhere beforehand? Made me giggle though...
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 I’m with the Frenchman on this. Inside the marker is fair game.
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 Gonna be interesting if many riders opt for flat pedals first up tomorrow particularly when having to tackle the lenzerslide section while it’s still fresh and wet!!
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 I remember Danny Hart sending the gap in the live feed
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 It was Minnaar that sent that gap last year, no?
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