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maxyedor mikelevy's article
Oct 13, 2018 at 21:17
Oct 13, 2018
2019 Racing Rumors: Gwin Off YT, Ratboy to Cannondale, & More
@iqbal-achieve: you’re not wrong about people blaming the bike if he switches and his results fall off, Specialized took another hell of a beating when Gwin singed on after the Trek years. However your other argument is self defeating. Why take less money so a team can keep you on longer? If he’s leaving YT, it’s probably for more money, so clearly his short term relationship with teams is t hurting his salary any, or at least not hurting it any more than sticking around would have. The Athertons also seeem to jump ship at the end of each contract, and they also seem to do pretty well for themselves. That said, rhompr is the Athertons are off Trek, which would free up some funding to put Gwin back on a Session, would be a better guess than Intense IMHO. IFR already has a pretty deep payroll and Intense is spending quite a bit to develop new ebikes, that doesn’t leave much money for Gwin, Trek has deep pockets and if the Athertons left, no notable DH talent.
maxyedor mikelevy's article
Sep 28, 2018 at 10:06
Sep 28, 2018
Bike Check: Brodie's 2002 8-Ball & the Case for Incremental Improvements
Give it time. nobody is looking at a 2002 Mustang with any kind of lust. They're after muscle cars much, much older than that. The Fox body Mustangs are just now starting to gain a following in the resto-mod circles, that's a 30+ year old car, sort of like the old Bridgestones and first generation Stumpjumpers that people actually are starting to buy, restore and collect. A few weeks ago I found myself staring at a Cannondale Super-V Raven some tweeker was riding with a bag of cans, I was very tempted to offer him a brand new Pacific from Target in trade, as that was my mid 90s dream bike, but alas, I didn't feel like talking to a tweeker. Had it had a Headshock Moto, I would have bought that sucker. I have an '03 Monster T and an '04 888 squirreled away for when people starting getting nostalgic about huck bikes and I can sell them for all the money.
maxyedor sarahmoore's article
Sep 27, 2018 at 11:58
Sep 27, 2018
Val di Sole, Les Gets & Andorra Awarded World Championships
Time to start a "UCI Bribery" Go Fund Me? Or maybe we could use those shiny new bicycle import tariff funds?
maxyedor mikelevy's article
Sep 20, 2018 at 8:45
Sep 20, 2018
The Mechanic's Special - Interbike 2018
@Mister-Lost-Bike-Shop: But what are they checking exactly? "Yep, feels less boingy" Without metrics it's just about random feel, and what does that accomplish?
maxyedor cotic-bikes's article
Sep 7, 2018 at 8:36
Sep 7, 2018
Trash Free Trails - Committed to Reducing Litter
Awesome program and good on Cotic for supporting it! I always try to grab as much litter as I can on rides, my local trails get a lot of weekend hikers just trying to get a good Instagram shot, and kids/bums drinking in the bushes. Neither group cleans up after themselves, so my Camelbak constantly stinks like Frapachinos and stale beer and stuffed to the brim with water bottles, it's nasty, but at least the trails are clean. Everybody talks about "No dig, no ride" but keeping existing trails clean and maintained is just as important as cutting new ones, maybe more important actually.
maxyedor JeffWeed's article
Jul 27, 2018 at 9:01
Jul 27, 2018
Video: Ripping Slick Jungle Trails in Costa Rica With Jeff Kendall-Weed & Surviving the Emergency Room
Doesn't surprise me at all that a Costa Rican would recommend their "competition" if they thought they might be able to help you out in a batter way. They're seriously the nicest people on the planet down there, which is probably why I don't know many people who have only gone once, everybody seems to plan their return trip in the airport on their way home. Definitely need to drop the wife off at a spa and get some riding in next trip, hero dirt everywhere!
maxyedor sarahmoore's article
Jul 19, 2018 at 21:31
Jul 19, 2018
Video: Exploring Coffee Trails in Colombia with Anita & Caro Gehrig
Costa Rica is weird in that there’s great coffee everywhere, the rest of the major coffee producing countries I’ve been to have very average coffee unless you seek it out. When I was in Chiapas Mexico, I ended up at Starbucks, at least they had actual Chiapas coffee. Best Espresso I’ve ever had was at a truck stop in Costa Rica, and it was like $0.25. Leave that country with the caffeine jitters every time @chezotron:
maxyedor RichardCunningham's article
Jul 8, 2018 at 22:14
Jul 8, 2018
Review: Hayes' New Dominion A4 Brake
If they don’t come in purple, what’s the point?
maxyedor mikelevy's article
Jul 6, 2018 at 11:46
Jul 6, 2018
Good Month / Bad Month: June 2018
@enrico650: "More like keep him from signing elsewhere, riding a decent bike, winning everything, and proving what garbage Specialized bike are" - Most PB commenters Really though, if that rumor is true, I hope whatever role he moves into keeps him racing and riding very publicly, like a slightly less cool version of Jill Kintner. I've run into him a couple times on the local trails, and have friends who ride with him now and then when he's in town and he's a solid character. Weird how bad luck strikes though, he, Graves, Rude, Gwin and Cody Kelly seem to be pretty good friends, they ride and train together a ton, and all of them seem to be on the struggle bus in one way or another at the moment.
maxyedor brianpark's article
Jun 22, 2018 at 8:23
Jun 22, 2018
Interview: Chris Ball, Director of the EWS - 'Why Would We Mess With A Good Thing?'
@eriksaun: The major difference is that other sports federations didn't put up the same facade as UCI. They had rampant doping and simply didn't care, UCI had rampant doping while enacting "strict anti doping measures". If you were presented opportunities to skirt doping regulations, then IMHO, there are no doping regulations. I have the same criticism when it comes to the IOC, when there are well known, and gaping holes in your anti doping protocols, you don't get to prattle on about clean sport and I don't recognize the federation's involvement as a good sign for anti doping. As for managing the races, okay, I guess you can count that as a win for UCI. However, hasn't EWS been pretty damn good at that all along? Hosting races that are arguably every bit as complex as anything on the UCI calendar, in Countries that are far more difficult to work in. I don't see what the addition of the UCI brings to the table. Local event organizers will always be the most important part of putting on an event, something EWS will still have to source outside of UCI. Not saying you have to agree with my opinion, I've been involved with and a fan of professional cycling for decades and have yet to see UCI bring much of anything to the table that couldn't be accomplished just as well without them.
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