Video: Urban Mountain Bike Riding in Ensenada, Mexico

Mar 27, 2020
by Spencer Rathkamp  

Ensenada is one of the most popular places off the coast of Baja California for tourism, but it isn’t so much known for mountain biking (yet.)

Spencer Rathkamp called his friend Angel Toro and asked him to show off the best that his town to offer. From tacos and margaritas to staircases and manual pads, Ensenada boasts a wide variety of terrain and culture. What better way to take it all in than on two wheels, with some urban mountain bike riding in Ensenada, Mexico?

Video: Austin White / USA Sport INC

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 Nice music. Video is entertaining, Still, @mudmandhbrazil has a point here.
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 Unless that point is mountain bikers are a bunch of whiners I'm not sure I agree
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 I personally thought the video was pretty sick. Showed a beautiful part of the world and its beautiful people. Song anyone?
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 I think because we all watch Fabio videos where he does the most ridiculous shit, that we’ve been desensitised to anything less than that.
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 Really nice video guys, enjoyed it! Something different from what we normally see! It reminded me a bit of @charleysmith video, check it out:
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 Why should I travel to Mexico to ride urban? To ride bikes fast inside an old building, do wheelies inside a market and skid in the sidewalk to answer a public phone? The message I get is that you if want to do shit in the streets and don't want to get fined you can go to Mexico. What a pointless video. What a disappointment this Specialized video.
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 It’s called cinematography. They were trying to capture the culture and atmosphere as the cyclist rides. How much stuff haven’t you watched in movies that’s absolutely pointless and they also don’t get in trouble. But hey haters gonna hate I guess.
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 @lalientoxc: sorry I just think it was boring, urban riding without any gap jump or something really fast and exiting to watch. The cinematography is very nice, Mexico is a beautiful country and I would love to go ride trails there one day I herd there is a lot of long downhill singe tracks there with shuttle and guide. Maybe I didn't liked because it looks like Brazil so nothing new. And yes tons of pointless movies in the internet.
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 well, it's very unfortunate that that's the only message you got from the video, the message I got was that the Mexican people are well spirited, all good for a laugh of bailing out of a sketchy slid down the market, down to just be a little different out of the ordinary. The message I got was that in Mexico, the mundane doesn't have to be boring, and that's rad!

If you want to have an educational video, go to school, there is plenty of good education, I hope it is that for you as well, its a privilege to be able to go to school, I don't think people are actually that naive to think that you can just go to Mexico to do shit, act like it as well and go back home without consequence.

nobody did anyone harm in the video, it was all joy and fun and that's what Mountain biking is about, that's what the video was about; why ride if you aren't having fun, why do something that is not fun, work can be fun as well as you can see at 2:40, also something that the first rider embodies and understands as well: he can ride down the stairs, or he can steeze it down the stairs scrubbing, drifting and manualing, he has the skills why not use them to spice it up, just like the guy at 2:40, he got the feet for that, why not use it, all in healthy proportions without any ill intentions.

thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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all that blablabla to say you liked? good for you!
Shame there is no one single Like in this article but anyway. Educacional video? What? Have a nice day!
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 I'll go get me some milk
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 and a cookie
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 La gente de Mx y la tierra de Mx son mis favoritos del Planeta. He visto China y Europa, pero Mx tenga lo mas alma.
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 no lo entiendo
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 Cool edit . I liked it although usually I’m a hater
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 What is that song Please?? It made the video!
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Hoping this works. It’s rad!
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 Great production overall!
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 Hell yeah Angel!!
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 Pretty flippin sick

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