Vinny T, Nico Vink & Makken Give Old Man Winter What For - Video

Apr 3, 2018
by Sam Needham  

bigquotesLike the dog that hunts the fox, these three amigos were onto the scent of something wild and raw. Something that would be under the watchful eye and firm grapple of he himself...

The steeps that flank Lake Geneva are the home turf of Vinny T and have been the proving ground for the Frenchman's effortless style

A glimpse of autumn through a thick covering of powder

Nico Vink and Makken, also no strangers to riding with effortless style in the snow.

What you can't see here is quite how steep this is. It was hard enough walking down a 200m plus 45deg slope in the snow and ice, let alone riding it.

Coming in hot cold

Sam Needham & Will Evans

Keith White Audio

Charlie Hopkinson


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 10+ years on pinkbike, this could be the sketchiest thing I have ever seen on video. Because I know from experience how hard it is. Made me uncomfortable. Mad props to both riders and filmmakers.
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 Blown away, best video I have seen in a very long time! Definitely pure talent from a rider and filmmaker perspective. In the words of Hans Landa "BRAVO!"
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 Very kind sir! It was a solid team effort that's for sure.
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 Mads having a mad orgasm there.
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 The absolute dream team of riders for an edit like this - the level of skill is unbelievable!
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 Some pencil pusher from IMBA is having a heart attack right now.
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 4mins 24sec well spent. Add to favourites...Click.
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 Thank you kindly @Scottybike36 !
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 @SamNeedham: Awesome job really, thank you!
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 Crazy skills!. These guys are Makken' it look easy!! Love the commentary " Whoooooo HAHA! Wholy $hit"!
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 @SamNeedham . I'm a "XC" kind of guy and not a huge gravity guy - but hot damn - that was really awesome. Well done you.
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 Thanks @mjc1973 . Glad you enjoyed it.
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 Riding isn't that bad on snow- if you have the right tires. I went in the snow with a buddy who's running Maxxis Minion DHF, and he had no grip. I have EThirteen TRS+ tires and gave pretty good grip.
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 Maybe not in normal conditions. Though I'd beg to differ on Vinny T's local trails, most of which are a sustained 45 degrees.
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 That is a chilling cool video. Pure art, with a track that sounds like it has been made for the clip. Happy to see Makken and the crew charge so hard, go Makken! One of the best clips I have seen on Pinkbike, period.
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 Such a good crew! Makken's onboard narration rules too. Thanks for the kind words @Rollminister !
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 I've used studded tires for moto for years... and it's not sketchy. You get more traction almost than dirt sometimes - those spikes really dig into frozen ground. Problem is... when you lock the brake completely and just slash the spikes aren't doing shit.
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 Good words to describe how Beautifully Cool that was..
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 Only missing thing is second angle of that crash, it must have been gnarly Big Grin
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 holy shit just looked at the photos after the vid and ye a snow tire alright theyve got huge screws in them i hope he didnt ride over him with his tire when he crashed in to him ????
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 Just wow!!!
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 Cheers for putting this together.
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 Mons pleasure @fatduke . It was a fun project. Hat's off to those guys for riding those wild slopes!
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 What a wild ride you guys!! Love the tire spikes!!
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 This is pure MADNESS ! I wonder how much does a custom tire like this weigh...
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 Very impressed by their speed on snow. Nice tracks above Lugrin...
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 Ohh man
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 So good!
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 Omar Ghod. insane riding and wicked edit!
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 WILD . would they be using a spike/snow tire ye?
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 Any chance of knowing what the music track is?
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 Dead Skeletons : Om Mani Peme Hung
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 @SamNeedham: Cheers Sam
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 That was fukken insane !! Surreal to watch ,, We dont get conditions anywhere near that where I'm from ..
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 MAAN, I could not do that. My brain just does not operate that quickly I'd have hit a tree in like the first 10-20 seconds
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 As said. Level of riding and also the editing job is outstanding. I like this formula. Go on guys and let's shred????
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 maaaddd steep!
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 Ha, love the response at the beginning, that looks intense.
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 Vinny T sweats style
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 anyone knows where this is?
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