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Nuff said.


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 wow, isn't it obama that wants to cut corporate handouts, increase healthcare funding and tax the super rich and wealthy the same way lower and middle class people get taxed? I think its funny that some americans i've talked to just hate obama but they dont even know's a hint, the news and tv corporations are super rich and they don't want to pay taxes like the rest of us regular jackoffs!
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 Here's a hint... if you think the super-rich pay taxes the same way as the middle-class, you're as dumb as Obama. Increasing income tax for those who make over $250k a year does nothing but stiffle the people who drive small business growth. If you want to increase the taxes on the super-rich, come talk to me about capital gains taxes and closing some loopholes there... but that's not what Obama's talking about now is it??? So now why don't you just shut the f*ck up from across the fence since clearly all you listen to is the liberal media who perpetrates the same lies that got Obama elected.
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 i'm not talking about people who make 250k a year...ass! more like the people that make more than a million a year and pay little to no taxes. Aside from that 250k a year does not a poor man make, and maybe that person should pay more taxes a year. my point was that the super rich do NOT pay taxes the same way as everyone else and that you would benefit from them doing so.
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 Although capital income tax is a large part of the $250k+ bracket, I would still say that increasing income tax for that bracket would be beneficial.
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flag badbadleroybrown (Sep 29, 2011 at 18:52) (Below Threshold)
 @EasyKillah... and my point was that you're an idiot and don't understand the things you're talking about.

@Carpy... that's cool, you could say that all you want. You're still wrong. It's not a debateable opinion, it's a simple fact of economics.
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 I said that wrong. In the beginning, I meant capital gains. Please explain why increasing at least income tax for the $250K bracket wouldn't be beneficial in some way...
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 Did you not read my post... people making $250k a year aren' the ones out buying Bentley's living in mansions. The huge majority of people in that income tax bracket are small business owners who, instead of buying a Bentley, are driving the economy by employing a bunch of dumbasses like you all. Increasing the tax on them does nothing but mean that instead of some bike shop employing ten people, they can only afford to employ eight... and instead of hooking up deals, they've got to stick to their margins. Er go, you're left with more out of work people and goods and services that are less affordable to the remaining employed population with the exception of the exceptionally wealthy who remain entirely unaffected by this jackass income tax increase. Most surefire way to ensure the death of the American economic system is to cut the legs out of the upper-middle class small business owner who makes up the backbone of capitalism.

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First off, equality and egalitarianism is a joke.. from the moment you're born you're both blessed and f*cked in some area. Some people will be smarter, some people will be born in better regions, wealthier families, blah, blah, blah...whatever... So the whole idea that just because it makes people feel happy and gives a leg up to sorry f*cks who can't help themselves we should all strive to balance the field is as assanine premiss to begin with.

Now, that being said... if Obama actually gave a f*ck about improving the economic balance rather than just destabilizing the economy, he'd know (as I'm sure at least one advisor has pointed out) that the only way to correct the imbalance is to eliminate it at its source... which damn sure isn't income. No one has ever become a millionaire from their income. You become wealthy through gains made on capital, period... you sell your startup for $10 billion, that's "captial gains"... your stock splits and then increases 300% on news of a merger... capital gains. Earning $500k a year in interest from that fatty nest egg grandpa left you.. capital gains. If Obama wasn't a crooked socialist puppet trying to bring down capitalism, he'd know that setting a capital gains "ceiling" above which gains are taxed at 100% and redistributed to lower income citizens thereby acheiving equalization would be the best way to do so... Instead he's steadily choosen to repeat proven mistakes from the Great Depression even in the eye of staunch opposition, ram-rod his useless bullshit agenda driven proposals like his healthcare plan down our throats, and now proposes literally cutting the legs out from under the capitalist system. f*ck OBAMA... Worst, most pathetic excuse for a president ever... Sarah Palin's easy daughter couldn't have f*cked us worse.
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 I do realize that people who earn $250k a year are not ultra rich. Rich, yes. (if they manage their money correctly). But they aren't the type who doesn't really think much about their spending. I see it as the $250k bracket could afford a few percent increase in income tax and come out unscathed. If they really end up not being able to invest and support the economy (and themselves) because of that, I would question their ability to successfully invest the economy in the first place. But I completely agree with a capital gain tax increase. Right now, if someone is in the $250k tax bracket, the Long-Term Capital gain rate is 15% which is crazy low!
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 LMAO... dude you're so far off it's actually funny. I'm gonna guess you're like 16 or 17 with a VERY limited view of the world and understanding of the economy cause you really just dont seem to get that $250k a year is not rich at all and the additiona revenue from taxing that group would be an insignificant amount. Either way, I'm not gonna keep going back and forth when you're not listening to facts.
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 $250k is a sizeable income. It's nothing crazy, but how you define rich varies from person to person.
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 No, it doesn't... that you would consider $250k a year "rich" or "wealthy" only shows your youth and ignorance.
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 actually doctors make less than 250k a year as well most lawyers. people who bring in more than 250k a year should be taxed more. if it were a small business then that would be revenue and not wages. what exactly do you do for a living besides act like an a*shole online (unless that IS actually what you do, some people get paid quite well doing so)? Also, don't flatter yourself dude, your economy doesn't hurt us at all, only your politicians.
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 Serious question??? Are you retarded? Revenue is business income you f*cking moron... Last I checked doctors and lawyers weren't typically small business owners so pulling that out of your ass was pretty neat... but ultimately pointless. That you think Canada actually has any safety in its own economy shows that you're flat f*cking stupid which means it's not even worth me trying to explain anymore. If you still don't get it by now, you're never going to... can't teach physics to a dog.

I work in IT... being an a*shole online is strictly a personal endeavor in response to the vast number of inbred f*cking morons like yourself who confuse a bucket full of shit strapped to your shoulders for brains. Seriously... I piss more intelligence by 7am than an idiot like you has ever come by in your lifetime and you f*cking ignorant retards still comment like you have a clue when the only thing you can really be counted upon to know is the exact layout of your own a*shole... you know, being that you've apparently spent decades with your head rammed up there looking around.
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 you sure talk about a*sholes and inbreeding a lot, you do know that obama supports gay marriage right?
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 So that clears up why you're so pro-Obama... Good for you.
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 he doesn't support inbreeding tho, too bad for you....and your sister!
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 Yes, by my educaton, intellect, income, and political wisdow, I'm obviously an inbred hick... lmao. Is it hard to be that stupid or does it just come naturally to you?

You're really doing Obama supporters proud... whatever the original reason for voting for him, every time you reply you further prove that the only people left still supporting him are, as the billboard says, IDIOTS. I really appreciate you stoping by to drive the point home. Salute
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 and by your arrogance, trolling, and ignorance your obviously doing all americans proud! with so much hate and angst i'd say you listened to waay too much rap music as a child. If IT guys are so damn smart then why is most of your work outsourced to india i wonder? One thing i really love about Canada is that everybody up here is entitled to their own opinion. If someone disagrees with you then you would have a discussion and leave the name calling to the children. When i read your comments I picture an angry fat dude, white as milk sitting at his computer every day venting his own frustrations on the world.
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 I think what you're mistaking for hate and angst is simply contempt for your ignorance... see, where I come from, we typically don't speak up when we don't have a clue what we're talking about... On something like say, I dunno, maybe Canadian politics or something like that I'm man enough to admit that chances are a Canadian probably has a better idea of the reality of the situation that I would. Apparently, where you come from actually possesing knowledge related to the topic of discussion isn't valued... just keep saying the same dumb shit long enough and it must be true. See, if you'd just learn the depths of your ignorance and repsect them, I wouldn't have any issue with you at all... Instead you mistake your confused ramblings about another nations politics for intelligent thought and proceed to make an ass out of yourself debating actual facts with your ignorance... Thankfully, I'm intelligent enough to know that doesn't make you representative of Canadians as a whole... it just makes you a worthless sack individually, and one who's clearly very susceptible to propaganda so long as its spoke eloquently.

In any case, since your intellect is clearly outmatched and you've nothing worthwhile to add to any further discussion, I'm done with this... There's really nothing left for you and I to exchange but insults and I can assure you, as history can likewise prove, that I'm far superior to you in that arena as well.

Cheers though, have a nice life... Beer
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 WOW! easykillah JUST GOT OWNED!!!!, somehow I get the feeling that happens alot to this guy. You say you picture BBLEROYBROWN as an....ANGRY FAT DUDE, WHITE AS MILK? ....your profile pic shows you as a...COWARDLY SKINNY DUDE, WHITE AS MILK! Just put the pipe down, and log off. It's true what they say, when entering into a battle of witt's......don't come unarmed.
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 Ooo, Victoria's Secret has free shipping on orders of $100 or more!
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 are you kidding with my hips I can't wear that stuff
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 Then you're in luck, its a Roots ad now!
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 now that shit I can pull off
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 Vote Ron Paul in 2012, or Chris Christie if he runs. Then you Americans might be able to salvage your future, and that of the rest of the civilized world on your updraft.
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 at least when the economy compleatly crashes and we are all poor as fuck we will still have our bikes to get aroung...
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 Amen to that... I'm going to be sure to stock up on tires & chains & lube and such in November of 2012, lmao!
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 Haa Bush F@#$%ED you guys real good for 8 long years and now you think Obama is an idiot for trying to fix Bushes f@#k up. Your country is in big trouble and I love how you guys call it a just a "recession" it should be called the " next great depression"!
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 ^^^^REALLY! Your comment is so far out of left field, do your self a favor, cut your losses now and just LOG OFF!!
You, very much like carpy and easykillah speak from EMOTION, and not FACT!! please, please, put the pipe down, and learn SOMETHING about what is really going on. Know the facts before you open your pie hole. And know this.....People like badbadleroybrown are the one's not afraid to speak out...INTELLIGENTLY MIND YOU, about how they feel, and what they feel is right, and I applaud them for it and support it in every way. A word to the wise carpy, turnerrmx, and easykillah, stoned and stupid is not the way to go through life!!
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 I love that you seem completely oblivious to the fact that, if the US economy goes down... it takes the rest of the world (including Canada) down with it. That you think Obama has 'fixed' anything is such a joke it pretty clearly shows that you're either just trolling or you actually have your head so far up your own ass that you're getting news broadcast through your prostate. Either way, I'm honestly thankful that you live in Canada and thus cannot vote...
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 Guys, trust me I am no Obama fan at all. Turner, you are wrong. Everyone just loves to go "Bush ruined (insert America's failures)". When in fact it's just not fully true at all. Was he a good president? No. Did he cause ALL of America's problems? NO, WE did that. People think the President pretty much decides what goes on in America, when in my mind the citizens can choose what kind of economy we live in. If you want to go buy houses you cannot afford, then expect to go bankrupt and I don't want to hear a single word of complaint. That (as in people buying on credit which they don't have), banks allowing this to happen, and deregulation sealed it in my mind.
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 I have to say that B.C. is the nicest places that I have ever traveled to.... however I can't see working my ass off to get a doctorate degree, just to give 60% of my money back to the government. Awesome place, but your hard work never seems to pay off. Socialism can stay north of the border. f*ck Obama and his shenanigans.
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 forgot to hit reply, cut and pasted.
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 A round of applause to you fine sir! Badboyleroybrown gets it.
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 Mitt Romney is a f*cking idiot, why would you vote for him?
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 First off, since you're in GB I doubt you actually have a well formed opinion of what any of our politicians actually is or isn't... But since you ask... Because ANYONE will do better than Obama is doing... My preference is for Paul but he doesn't stand a chance and has essentially pulled out at this point so Romney it is.
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I'm sorry but still maintaining the completely retarded mindset of banning gay marriage in this day and age is archaic. He pretty much said on Jay Leno that if someone has a pre-existing condition and they don't have insurance then they should be refused treatment, thats a f*cking death sentence. This guy is ice cold, if you stuck a popsicle up his ass you could pull it out a week later, still frozen. I'm so glad our politicians here aren't this blind. I'ld vote Paul if I were you, at least demonstrate your views.
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 That's retarded... there's way larger issues in the world than gay marriage and you're taking his Leno quote out of context. Marriage isn't a political institution, it's a religious institution... period. I'm not a big fan of marriage or religion so I could really give a fuck less particularly since the bottom line is that gay marriage isn't the Presidents call and shouldn't even be on his agenda except that douchebag Obama went against his stated opposition for gay marriage to try and 'buy' the LGBT vote just like he's done with his naturalization act to try to buy the latino vote. Romney is at least honest about his views, Obama's views are up for auction. Dude's the dirtiest President ever... extending Executive Privledge to Holder over the fast and the furious scam less than five years after he heavily criticised Bush for using Executive Privledge is just the most recent example of how two-faced that asshole is. As for voting for Paul, that's flat out retarded... Splintering votes to 'demonstrate your views' does nothing but ensure that Obama will be reelected and continue to fuck up this country more than ANY President ever has. When he was elected, I honestly didn't think it would be possible for someone to do worse than Bush but Obama's proved that wrong. At this point, people need to unify behind Romney and hope for the best cause Obama's already shown he's the worst yet.
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 Amen brotta!
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 Good stuff bro, good true.
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