Hannes just loves rolling on the front wheel!
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Hannes just loves rolling on the front wheel!
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 Oh, you know, don't mind me as I freakin' endo these switchbacks!
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 Shredding corners has become too mainstream, better get on the front wheel
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 First though: Sick shot!
Second thought: Oh shit that guys going OTB!
Third thought: Oh duh, always read the description first!
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 Absolutely incredible shot! If I could get this in a larger size, it would definitely be my wall paper! Wink I hope people remember this photo when Photo of the Year comes round again!
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 shredding corners foot out flat out is cool on your local track, but this guy there behaves like a gentleman with a style! Smile
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 just noticed that little lake in the middle of the mountain..beautiful place..nice shot
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 eat shit mode
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 wow, that pond down there is lookin bluer than the sky.
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 "Personally I'd rather hit them as fast as possible, but everyone has their own style..."

After some endos we did just that, chasing rear wheels. We had so much fun that we pushed up again to repeat the best switchbacks.Smile

BTW, thx for the POD! Big Grin
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 Random deep thought nr 233453:

Such epic stuff is fun, it is an all mountain version of backflipping a 10ft gap or Danny Hart on Champery track. We all need inspiration like this but we should never think that our everyday stuff is something worse - because this is what we do 99% of the time, and if we think so, it will not take us anywhere. I assume it is embracing this everyday stuff that took those guys to that place Smile
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 Dos anybody else notice the sweet trail down the left side of the mountain?
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 yep that is definitely what you would call MOUNTAIN biking, epic photo looks huge up there.
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 mah... don't degrade what you do on your local trails either. As long as you earn your turns and jumps it's all proper MTB Smile
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 sorry, but id rather be doing that to be honest.....
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 what you'd rather do is one thing, what you actually can do is the other. You're from Scotland so you have almost the same thing within the reach of few hours drive. For me it's like 10h+ to get to such place, so I might either sit end emo myself imagining myself riding in great mountains towards the endless sunset or I can just appreciate what I have and rip it good, to be prepared when I finaly get to Alps.
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 Its ok....but i think it the back ground that's doing it for me....
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 Parc national du Queyras?? Es sieht voll cool aus !!!
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 Strike! Wink And it seems to be the only French national park in the Alps where you are allowed to ride your bike.
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 aha ich war fast sicher. Es sieht so wie den Col des Estronques aus Wink .
Ich habe dort ein einwochiges Wanderung in 2007 dort gemacht, es sind Moments dass du nicht vergessen kannst....
Wie lange seid ihr geblieben?
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 Sieht dort wohl überall ähnlich aus. *g*
Ja, tolles Revier und sehr gut geeignet für Enduro oder All Mountain. Wir waren 5 Tage dort, hatten jedoch auf der Hinfahrt bereits 5 Tage im Wallis verbracht. Smile

Du wohnt aber auch in einem schönen Land! Früher oder später möchte ich auch mal nach Slovenien. Steht zumindest schon auf meiner Todo-Liste! Wink
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 if my skills were as good as that background, i would roll on the trails with one wheel as well.
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 Oo ! Lac St Anne :-) !
Great performance just to have climbed up there !
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 vive le Queyras!
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 now THIS is a mountain biking POD
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 I would love to be riding there and just be like left turn and drop
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 Congrats dude! Didn't know PB features POD subscriptions Wink
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 shit it's a mouse better stop
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 intoxicating ripe mountains with no bush to wack
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 bunch of losers neg propping for no reason....lol god help you.
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 Asian mode [ON]
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 nice trails
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 WTF! So awesome Photo Wink
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 Lord of the Rings much?
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 No. Don't gay it up.
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 Sure thing bubba
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 style points
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 Awesome awesome pic!
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