2:1Racing is a UK based mountain biking team. We’ve been running since 2014 but it’s about time we got all over this social media thing. Go check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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2-1RacingUK brianpark's article
Apr 17, 2023 at 12:47
Apr 17, 2023
The Pinkbike Podcast: What Should Bike Warranties Look Like?
Ideally it should be on the bike over the purchaser but it’s all very different in every claim on warranty. What we seem to forget is that the products we purchase, have a lifespan that can’t be compared to any motor vehicle or building etc. The stresses and strains that go through any bicycle component or frame is huge compared to a vehicle for instance. Just think what the equivalent stresses of terrain you’d put through your 4x4, van or car to match the strains and stresses you out your bike through?!……. A simple park run would likely be the equivalent of driving your motor down Mt Everest! Personally, I’ve only really suffered one major warranty claim. It was the dreaded XO carbon cranks on a Specialized Demo back in 2015. Two pairs of cranks in 24hrs in Malaga Spain (whilst on a riding holiday at the end of a season). What I did do that clearly helps was NOT POSTING A SARCY COMMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! That only drives a steel wall up against you and the company involved. I contacted Specialized Uk initially as the bike was a complete build when purchased. They couldn’t replace anything but did give me a direct email to Sram Europe to email. They did give a call ahead of this which I found out about afterwards which they didn’t need to do. The PoC at Sram couldn’t have been anymore helpful and genuinely concerned for my well-being after reading about the two sets of cranks failing on me. Long story short, I gained a full bike replacement due to cosmetic damage caused to the frame by the cranks and subsequent crashes in the Spanish mountains. Remember folks: even if you are fully in the right and justified to be annoyed about a product failing on you- manners and curtesy will always support your complaint. ALWAYS be thankful and appreciate any interaction you get from a company and more importantly, never post about something until you’ve fully explored all avenues of the warranty.
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Mar 24, 2023 at 4:39
Mar 24, 2023
Mar 24, 2023 at 4:29
Mar 24, 2023

Custom Specialized Demo 29er S4

$2600 GBP
Thanks for clicking on my Buysell for the following: This is my custom finished Specialized Demo 29er. I have personally carried out the work on the frame & forks (taking back to raw) customisation and design. This bike has been raced and always gets attention and discussions started on the finish and well, it’s a beautiful looking bike. This has been loved and wanted to nothing (all the care it’s needed) from the day it has come out the box to now. Details about the spec are as follows: Frame S4- fully stripped back to raw Alloy (light sandblasted) and all markings have been hand polished onto the metal before a clear powder-coating sealed it in. Frame currently has a full Invisiframe protection kit applied. Thompson elite Sestpost with Burgtec saddle. Burgtec 12mm rear axle. (Original also with purchase). Forks- rockshox boxxer ultimate WC’s custom tuned by Sprung suspension for 100kg rider. Aircoil with 3 tokens and a Charger2 High and low speed adjustment on compression and rebound. Lowers also taken back to the metal to match up with frameset , clear coated with custom gold vinyl decals. Currently has a Rockgaurdz front fender fitted which can be slid with the bike. Rear shock- rockshox super deluxe rear coil, again custom tuned for 100kg rider by spring suspension. Headset- Works Components 7mm rear adjust system. Drivetrain- SRAM setup: GX 10sp shifter, shortcage rear mech with gold jockey wheels; KMC gold chain; SRAM alloy cranks stripped back and clear powder coated with Burgtec 34T chainring; MRP chain guide system. Brakes- Sram Codes with 200mm rotors front and rear. Cockpit- Burgtec DH integrated stem with 40mm reach and Burgtec DH ratboy 38mm bars. 35mm diameter for bars and stem, Greg Minnar fat it grips. Wheel set are Roval traverse with a standard shimano free body. SRAM DH 7sp cassette is fitted and a second cassette will also be within the sale (formally on second set of wheels). Tyres are Specialized Butcher DH tyres 2.3’s front and rear. This is an amazing bike that needs a new home as I’m not using this anywhere as much as it should. So, if you’re interested please get in touch. More than happy to have viewings and if you aren’t in a position to travel to view- I am more than happy to conduct a FaceTime/zoom call to show and tell the bike. Thanks again for looking and I am happy to answer any questions. If you don’t fancy this bike, no worries and happy hunting on that next bike.

2-1RacingUK edspratt's article
Feb 25, 2023 at 1:51
Feb 25, 2023
[Updated] Revenue Round Up: Shimano Breaks Sales Records & More from Q4 Reports
@netracer-enduro: what’s happened is that the bike industry has assumed that the uptake on bike sales through international lockdowns and countries have kept folk indoors (locked down social locations but still allowed exercise outside). They have seen huge uptake from new riders to the sport as well as others upgrading (not travelling to work, being furloughed and minimal output financially and loads of time on their hands) to ride 5 days a week. Covid ceased to exist once there was a different global potential apocalypse for the media to jump in on and the world went back to normal. The industry assumed that that new yearly unit sales statistic was the new normal and -boom! The near global recession is on us after countries paid for everything and earned nothing in taxes in return. This here is the final completion of the back orders from brands to component companies for what would be the perceived new norm’. Brands will be scaling back as they’ve so much surplus units that they can’t shift (hence all the 30-40% off bikes in the shops already!).
2-1RacingUK mikelevy's article
Jun 10, 2022 at 23:18
Jun 10, 2022
The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 126 - "One More Run" and Other MTB Superstitions
My pre ride ritual is where I tell the wife it’s only a few hours ride. “I’ll be back by 2pm”…………. When I return home at 5pm the gods always wish me luck……..
2-1RacingUK TheRideCompanion's article
May 26, 2022 at 11:05
May 26, 2022
Details Announced for Freedom Ride July 9th & 10th
It would be if the TCC had their way……
2-1RacingUK edspratt's article
Apr 26, 2022 at 12:09
Apr 26, 2022
Slack Randoms: Roubaix Carnage, Shipping Delays, Exploding Drill Bits & More
@pourquoispasecho: I get it. Passion and support are a big thing for you and your family members to embark on. People are pack animals- you walk into a room or Community and start throwing punches, expect them back! I get you’re trying to set an example of self-worth and positive projection to your child. This is great but the context and effect of this aren’t being used on the correct forum. You know that generic movie scene where a loving parent drops off their kids and over expresses the love in a public domaine- the kid recoils and is overly embarrassed. I’m not your kid/s but I’m feeling that way for you now. This is emulating the extreme feminist, hardcore right or left political view holder. Your overall reaction and literal aggression has lost you the audience, that frankly would have supported you against a very small minority of ignorant people. I’m a 40 year old man with 24 years military service that’s coming to an end soon. I’ve seen discrimination, I’ve witnessed atrocities in foreign lands that completely go against all of what we in the west perceive as Basic humanity. I get your vocal point and I generally support the mindset of “I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you do, as long as it’s legal, morally correct and you’re not ramming it down the throats of people who either disagree or don’t have a full understanding of your perspective YET”. If you want to educate people- speak to people don’t SHOUT at people. Your weapon is your ability to fight the fight with articulate content and conversation. If you want to pacify a bully in a public forum, factual, educated discussion Is the way. Anything more is just sticking your face in a fire pit. Good luck to your daughter and whatever path she walks along. From my perspective; whatever she decides to do in life, love or the persist of happiness, be fully aware and acceptant that life is shit at times. It isn’t a fairytale and you’re not always happy. Just love to try and find those happy times and make as many of them, in your own little way. Love to you and whatever letter of the alphabet you decide to identify as.
2-1RacingUK edspratt's article
Apr 24, 2022 at 13:05
Apr 24, 2022
Slack Randoms: Roubaix Carnage, Shipping Delays, Exploding Drill Bits & More
@mick06: sorry dude/Duddettle/dudicale and any other denomination you see fit to give yourself.
2-1RacingUK edspratt's article
Apr 24, 2022 at 11:02
Apr 24, 2022
Slack Randoms: Roubaix Carnage, Shipping Delays, Exploding Drill Bits & More
@pourquois-pas: I get the anger and built up aggressive post about the situation. The realities are though that society has created a pathway (via the internet) that allows all voices to be heard. “Now in the realities of it all, about 95% of voices, views and opinions need not be heard ( and that very likely includes mine as well). The powers that be, have formulated the requirements of the world to need constant gratification form as many people as possible and we are now suffering for it. There are a select few that don’t entertain the modern world way of thinking and well, they seem to be pretty happy no matter what’s going on around them. This maybe something you and your child need to adopt. “Give Zero fucks what someone thinks of you or your beliefs and opinions. Just think; will they be laying in bed mulling over what you effect they’ve had upon you today? No they won’t- so don’t waste your time thinking about them”. We are here for a sole collective reason. Bicycles. Some with front bouncy bits, some with lots of bouncy bits! Some with skinny tyres, some with fat tyres- some go up fast, some go down faster. Some have pedal assisted motors built into them- some are only purchased by ‘Dentists’…. Some are small wheels, some are mixed and some are massive. Who actually gives a fuck so much about it all that they would stand there and fight to the death about it?!!!!! I would say 0.001% would be like that. If that is the case, let natural selection enjoy the taking of them and focus on what makes you smile. BIKES PEOPLE- BBBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIKKES
2-1RacingUK Mandownmedia's article
Apr 22, 2022 at 5:17
Apr 22, 2022
Race Report: British National DH Series 2022 - Round 1 Rheola
Ah, well that’s where the phenomenon that is Dave and the team from Pearce Cycles come into the equation. That man loves his Landie’s and keeps the fleet better than anyone.
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