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AgrAde MTB-Strength-Factory's article
Jun 20, 2020 at 15:51
Jun 20, 2020
Video: In-Depth Analysis of Flat Pedal Efficiency with the Strength Factory
@MTB-Strength-Factory: Your problems with sprinting isn't because the crank length is different to your MTB is it? Whenever I've changed crank length on my MTB I've lost a bit of stability in a sprint until my muscle memory re-configures itself. It's never a problem on the clipped-in roadie.
AgrAde dan-roberts's article
Jun 19, 2020 at 3:20
Jun 19, 2020
Behind the Numbers: Yeti SB140
It absolutely does do that. I've had it on a Banshee Rune where it would bob in higher gears on the road, and you could damn near top-out the suspension on the older Norco Sight/Ranges by giving them a good stamp on the pedals.
AgrAde mikekazimer's article
Jun 8, 2020 at 17:55
Jun 8, 2020
Review: Cane Creek's New Helm MKII Fork - The Extra-Adjustable Alternative
@privateer-wheels: I've had failures and used warranties from both Fox and Rockshox, and have had failures of every Rockshox product I've owned or spent considerable time on bar a stalwart vivid coil, so wouldn't consider them a good benchmark, but I've never seen a clusterf**k like these Helms. Unfortunately, this review kinda shows the problem with reviews. Mine were a review set too, and within the review period of around two months, I had the damper issue which I said was small and was repaired quickly. Just like this one. I otherwise gave them a great review because I REALLY liked the performance. I bought the review set, pulled it apart for a lowers service to find the destroyed stanchion thanks to the air spring, and then proceeded to have either a broken fork or no fork for a while after that, with the fork either being DOA or developing the damper issue within a small handful of rides. I'm very aware of my personal bias towards Fox, because their stuff has been considerably less of a pain in my arse than anything else I've owned. Luck? I dunno. I do just kinda wish that stuff was more reliable so that when my stuff doesn't break it's not called "luck".
AgrAde mikekazimer's article
Jun 8, 2020 at 16:14
Jun 8, 2020
Review: Cane Creek's New Helm MKII Fork - The Extra-Adjustable Alternative
@privateer-wheels: I wouldn't say CC's reliability problems are a "blip". I had to send a first gen air Helm back 6 (!) times to be repaired and have parts replaced, and four of those times was a clunk on compression which made it feel worse. And now Kaz has got the familiar clunk and failure on the second gen fork. The other two failures were the threaded air spring seal head flaring the stanchion. There's a big warning in the manual about not overtightening it, however the first fork that failed hadn't been touched since leaving the factory and the second had such severe expansion of the stanchion with the correct torque that it was difficult to assemble and needed to be pulled HARD to get it to move to full extension. This was solved by.... getting the coil version of the fork instead.
AgrAde Crosby-Zoomerman's article
May 24, 2020 at 18:44
May 24, 2020
Video: 7 Year Old Crosby Zoomerman Hits a 24 Foot Double For the First Time
Yeah this was horrible. At 7 years old the kid has not developed a way to assess risk in any way and is overshooting and landing jumps sketch as f**k, yet he's being pushed to hit even bigger ones in the line. The fact that he was landing that sketch and the father didn't even pull the plug, or even session smaller jumps until he was comfy with them, means the father isn't correctly assessing risk either. Whenever I see someone hitting jumps like that, I'm reminded of the guy I saw jumping similarly sketchy. He had a huge OTB right in front of me and knocked himself out and broke his neck, and I was waiting with him for half an hour for EMS while he kept asking me where he was and why he couldn't breathe properly. I don't want Crosby to break his neck because his dad is a f**kwit.
AgrAde nzmountainbikermag's article
May 2, 2020 at 3:56
May 2, 2020
NZ Mountain Biker Magazine Releases Free Digital Copy of Issue 98
Nice Cam! An unashamed plug: this has my review for the Craftworks ENR high pivot enduro frame in it. It's the most stoked I've been on a bike ever, so I kinda want people to check it out!
AgrAde konaworld's article
Apr 28, 2020 at 6:46
Apr 28, 2020
Video: Trail Building, Rock Music & Graphic Design with Aaron Hogg in the Latest 'My Kona'
Fuck yeah Aaron! The guy is a GC, and the value of the work he has volunteered to local trail building can't be overstated.
AgrAde sebas1's article
Apr 26, 2020 at 5:07
Apr 26, 2020
Senior Engineering Taken to the Trails: Home Built Hardtail
@Luniz82: He's using solidworks which has a bearing load feature so wouldn't even need to use bearing races and contact etc if just doing a quick and dirty, though you'd need to work out the direct loads. And it would be ignoring any steerer tube stiffness but I don't think that would make a massive difference. As it is, you're right, it's a remote load applied to the bottom of the head tube only, via rigid elements. I'd like to see a proper FEA with and without the gussets. Apart from that it's an awesome job.
AgrAde mikekazimer's article
Apr 11, 2020 at 2:37
Apr 11, 2020
More Randoms: Flat Pedal Shoes, Less Expensive Brakes, Camera Packs, Sunglasses - Pond Beaver 2020
@Velocipedestrian: The Codes were never concurrent to the Juicys though were they? @nskerb: No they weren't. They were underpowered and unreliable. I'll never forget dropping anchor with a well bled, bedded in pair of guides with 203 rotors front and rear, and feeling like I was still accelerating down the hill.
AgrAde mikekazimer's article
Apr 10, 2020 at 16:44
Apr 10, 2020
More Randoms: Flat Pedal Shoes, Less Expensive Brakes, Camera Packs, Sunglasses - Pond Beaver 2020
I think it's telling when their trail brakes keep getting renamed. It's not like they rename the DH brakes. Elixir/Code Guide/Code G2/Code If they didn't continually earn a bad reputation then they'd probably still be called Elixirs.
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