Video: Bas van Steenbergen Rips Down a Flow Trail in Duncan, BC

Mar 7, 2021 at 17:31
by BasvSteenbergen  

A lap down Double D in Duncan BC


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 What is going on with the frame rate?
It's like i am watching an ancient black and white movie.
Feels like it was sped up, which i am pretty sure it wasn't.
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 That was choppy as fuck!
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 Lots of zooming
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 .75x playback speed on youtube fell perfect
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 It was shot at too high a shutter speed. If they were at 24fps they should have been using around 1/50th shutter speed for a realistic amount of motion blur, it looks as if it was shot at a much higher shutter speed
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 No music. No distracting graphics. No backstory of anything. No complaints here.
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 And no fake freehub noise!
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 For those who don't know, it was recorded in 24 frames at a high shutter speed, no Neutral Density filter was applied and the footage was bright, so it looks choppy.
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 Steeze van beanburger! Even casing the hump jumping over the path looked stylish.
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 I really appreciate watching a video where the rider is going properly fast but doesn't feel the need to roost every turn. Refreshing!
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 Perfect timing on this edit. I'll be riding that very trail in about 5 hours time. Of course, I'll be going about half that speed. Tzou FTW.
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 Bas Van Smoothbergen.
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 The Tzou!
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 Is it me or did he hit the tree @ 35 seconds, sounded like he clipped the pedal?
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 Definitely looks like it has been sped up. When he gets airborne he sinks to the ground unnaturally quick, same thing with some of the roost he flicked up, it fell to the ground a little too quick.
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 I think you're just used to seeing too many slow-mo clips that it's hard to understand what's happening when you watch a normal speed video ????
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 hahahaha. No speeding up videos in this hood sir. And for everyone complaining about the filming, welp that was my bad. I'm a pro biker, not a pro filmer Razz But we took the nicer camera out instead of taking iPhone clips. Tough crowd haha.
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 @vaea: Reading my comment back I realize now I sounded like a dick. Sorry. I should have first stated that the video was good and the riding top-notch but that something seemed up with the speed. Keep shredding (and filming).
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 This is a testament to good suspension setup. SO many times he woulda been bucked outta the saddle without the right ramp-up and moderate rebound.
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 Shout out to the trail builders in Duncan. Rode this for the first time this season earlier today. That mid to bottom section of DD is just dialed. Many thanks
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 Rad, I think he did tyre tap the tree, had some pace happening.
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 Silent bike
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 Still mach-ing in play mode. Skills to pay Porsche style bills
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 Love this trail. Possibly my favourite.
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 Was that a tree bonk at ~35s!?!? Awesoooome!
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 Hey kid, my video team couldn't make it today. Take my iPhone and film me ok?
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 That video team is me man, thanks. I don't get why people still complain about free content. So what if Pinkbike pulled his instagram shredit and put it on here? It's winter, we can all use a bit of primo trails dirt on our screens.
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 @vaea: because people like to bitch about everything.
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 What frame was that?
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 Hyper.. And no.. You can't buy a frame or complete bike. The DH also looks very sweet.. Hyper sells €500,- euro bikes. Pretty crazy that they don'st sell the bikes Bas is riding.. I would be very interested.
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 @Freedazed: Is it a mullet?
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 @Freedazed: their slope / slalom bikes look mint too

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